Doctor Who News Peter Davison and David Tennant as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors

Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Davison Has Copy Of 50th Script: Why?

Now here’s something interesting – Peter Davison has admitted on TV that he has a copy of the 50th anniversary script. The question that must be asked to this, of course, is “why?”

Peter Davison and David Tennant as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors

After all, as far as we’re aware the Fifth Doctor actor isn’t involved in The Day of the Doctor; indeed, no classic Doctors are believed to be connected to the 75 minute special.

Chatting briefly on the ITV morning show Daybreak this week, Davison was asked about 50th anniversary. This is where it gets even more interesting:

I’ve heard lots of rumours, none of which I’m allowed to tell you anything about. I’m privy to them actually.

It goes further than that, however. He’s not only privy to them – he’s got his own copy of the script!

I have got a copy of the script which has got my name embossed across it. So it’s top secret, but there’s other stuff, lots of other things that are going on that people should keep their eye open for around the 50th anniversary special!

Let’s just appreciate that for a moment: “I have got a copy of the script which has got my name embossed across it.” This is his own copy, printed specifically for Peter Davison; not a knock-off Christopher Eccleston reject or one left around the family home by son-in-law David Tennant, but a copy that presumably features dialogue for the Fifth Doctor.

So what do you think of that, Kasterborites?


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38 Responses to Davison Has Copy Of 50th Script: Why?

  1. avatar TonyS says:

    I think the 50th Special becomes more exciting with each day that passes.

  2. avatar vortexter says:

    Agreed Tony. As I said, strong rumours persist that McGann is in the special and now Davison has a copy of the hottest script in town with his name on. Conclusion? Looks like Dr Who fans are gonna get the story we’ve all dreamed of.

    • avatar Francis Cave says:

      Are these “strong rumours” re McGann actually based on anything new anyone has seen or heard or is the same Prequel/Regeneration rumour/hope bouncing round the internet several months ago?

      A new rumour based on a old rumour is hardly anything..

  3. avatar Ian says:

    I would like to see Tom back! But if 5 & 8 are in it that is cool!

    • avatar vortexter says:

      I would be amazed if Tom were not included along with Colin Ian. And maybe even the elusive Christopher E…

      • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

        What about McCoy??? He needs to be there too!!!

  4. avatar Tommo says:

    They will all be in it, but not in “full character”.
    The key is that spoiler that Matt gave out about paintings, I think anyway.
    I reckon they will use the Harry Potter-esque “Living Protraits” and all the ex Doctors will get a line or two, the living actors, (maybe not Chris) will have new dialogue (hence the need for a script) while the others might rely on old episode dialogue or voice actors playing their part. If they can recast Hurndall for the 20th, then some good voice actors aren’t exactly going to cause the earth to stop turning…

    • avatar Mr Sneaky says:

      They could actually use dialogue cut up and rearranged from other movies or tv that the late Doctors were involved with. It was done in a movie that featured Bill Clinton in it. Every word that came out of his mouth, he said just not in that order. This would mean we could actually have NEW DW dialogue from deceased Doctors. Just a thought :)

    • avatar Lynda B says:

      Tommo, i agree with you. I really can’t see a 50th without the rest of them somehow represented. The paintings would be better than old clips. I’m sure the other Doctors will show up somewhere….

  5. avatar vortexter says:

    Talking Paintings? That’s good enough for me. The whole point of lobbying for the involvement of the past Doctors is that they play a part in what will be a landmark in sci-fi history and story telling. It wont be the same without them. If they’re not in it I’ll survive but I need the Doctor I grew up with (Davison) to be there. We all do. And now I’m thinking that It may be a little more than paintings as well.

  6. Or it’s just possible that all the former Doctors were given a copy of the script with their names on it as a keepsake/souvenir of some sort. Just because PD has a copy doesn’t mean he has any part in the it.

    • avatar vortexter says:

      If so that’s the biggest kick in the teeth I can imagine getting. ‘Sorry fellas, your services are not required in the 50th. I know you were in it in the past but that’s history. You gotta look to the future! Here, we got you a script, just for you. It’s got your name on the front see! Now, dont take it personally, your son-in-law David will fill you in on it when he brings the kid over for you to babysit. Oh and send Sylvester in and close the door on the way out would you? There’s a sport.’

      • avatar David F says:

        They’re all actors. They know the game. You get hired for jobs and then the jobs finish. I doubt any of them take it personally if they’re not in the episode. They understand that they’re older and aren’t the same Doctors anymore, and that if they were all in the special, it would turn into a parade rather than a story. They’re all getting loads of extra work this year. They’re all very, very involved in the celebrations and are in no doubt of the affection in which they’re held. They’ll be fine with it.

        • avatar Mark Lenton says:

          Hmmm, some of them were pretty miffed about plans for a Tom dominant 30th Anniversary. Yes I think a copy of a script you’re not it would count as insensitive when they were put out by receiving scripts that they were in for the 30th

          • avatar TonyS says:

            I can’t say I blame them. There are Doctors apart from the 4th and they all deserve an equal standing.

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      This is what I was thinking – just a nice gesture for the old Doctors (or at any rate, Moffat’s favourite…)

  7. avatar Matt1701d says:

    I’m still standing by my idea that John Hurt is an aged 8th Doctor. If we have one aged Doctor, could that be a good excuse to get the previous Doctors involved in a smaller way? Also, Davison has been quite prominant in Dr Who this year. Look at The Proms, and the 12th Doctor announcement. Perhaps BBC are trying to get his face out there, so that newer fans will become familiar with him before they see him in the 50th special…..?

  8. avatar John Shandler says:

    Pictures. Must be. But then again, I knew Ben Daniels was the 12th, so there you go!

  9. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    For some time, I’ve thought that not only Steven Moffat but all these guys were lieing through their teeth. All bold face lies, just to surprise us. Good on them, I say! In any event, I’m sure it will be just their voices combined with some other Cgi magic, and we do have an all new effects shop who want to make their first impression more than excellent…

  10. avatar Darren says:

    Curiouser and curiouser…!

  11. avatar Tongmaster5 says:

    5 x 5 minute mini-episodes featuring 5 previous Doctors broadcast on BBC One Monday 18th November 2013 to Friday 22nd November 2013 before or after The One Show, I would like to see that. Dubious if previous Doctors will be in the special.

  12. avatar Paul Blume says:

    I think this may be a matter of corporate professional courtesy; a keepsake, if you will. One that will be worth a not inconsiderable amount of money in 10 to 20 years’ time should the actor(s) hold on to it.

  13. avatar Peter Thomas says:

    I think if we get a few Doctors from the past I will be happy, but if we don’t, I think it will be time to take a close look at Steven Moffat for S8 & maybe if the need arises, force him to leave Doctor Whoi

  14. avatar Endy says:

    I an not sure how you get 11 Doctors into I hour and 15 minutes and still have a story worthy of the special. I suppose If anyone can do it Steven Moffat can. Nobody is going to force Moffat to leave because of the lack of classic Doctors that is just silly.
    As for me, well I have argued positively about the 50th for months and months and I confess to feeling a little less than positive when I heard the length of the special.
    First I was expecting a mini series, then a film length episode and now just 75 minutes!
    However I am still hoping there is stuff we don’t yet know about like a few five minute pre episodes featuring classic Doctors as someone else suggested or perhaps even the live episode once talked about.
    As far as I know Peter does not say what script his name is on does he? It could be a live episode could it not, or a mini episode. And Tom Baker is in town on the 23rd.
    Both Matt and Peter have hinted there is more yet to come.
    Still excited but I feel we need a little bit more.

  15. avatar Endy says:

    I also wondered if they were remaking an Unearthly Child?? Perhaps with added bits?

  16. OBVIOUSLY 5 is in the episode and I imagine most, if not all, of the others are as well. Eccleston is the only question mark in my mind.

  17. avatar drewboynton says:

    Isn’t it possible that Peter DAVISON got Peter CAPALDI’s script–they accidentally put the wrong last name on it?? If it’s not possible, well, …I guess I’ll just try to start that rumor!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Good one :)

  18. avatar Al says:

    I side with those who think it’s a keepsake, probably arranged by his son-in-law. That, or he may have been given a copy due to his image being used (just because they say no classic Doctors doesn’t mean we won’t see them do something similar to what was done in Nightmare in Silver or The Name of the Doctor or The Next Doctor and The Eleventh Hour.).

  19. avatar dr jon says:

    I’m sure peter davison will turn up in the 50th at some point,and I think most of the other doctors will too. Perhaps near the end of the story just to give a respected nod to the show. I don’t think the moff will tell all before the 50th is shown. I think just a few hints here and there to keep interest. For all we know tom baker may not be happy with what the script had lined up for him like chris was and declined to take part. As he has done in the past .That would leave peter davison as the most senior doctor in line. He also turned up in a mini episode with david tennants dr and has been on the proms and on a programme when the new dr was reveiled. And also the moff is a big 5th doctor I think to the general public who watch the show he will be known.

  20. avatar Geoff says:

    They are all a bunch of lying bastards! Moffat, Davidson, Tennant, Smith… the whole lot…..and I bloody love them all because it’s going to be all the more awesome for it.

  21. avatar Misty Neidig says:

    I am jus waiting to see what happens. enough of the speculation!

  22. avatar vortexter says:

    ‘STOP THE PRESS!!!’ Tom baker in full fourth Dr get up spotted fiming today next to Matt Smiths Tardis! Either its a very convincing look-a-like or Mr Teeth and Curls is back in the hat and scarf! Check out Dr Who TV.

    I think I’ve had a whogasm!….

    • It’s not Tom…

      • avatar vortexter says:

        looks like him. Albeit a bit blurry…

    • avatar Darren says:

      Where can i see this???

      • avatar dr jon says:

        Just had a look on dr who tv at the two pictures. I don’t think it is tom baker he looks to slim and not tall enough for him. I think its a bunch of students filming their own project by the look of it with a bloke in a curly wig.

  23. avatar paybaragon says:

    This Davison script reveal has really got me excited. On the other hand, I’d hate to get my hopes up and then be disappointed…

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