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Published on August 24th, 2013 | by Elton Townend Jones

Reviewed: The Ice Warriors DVD

Elton Townend Jones reviews the new reconstructed DVD release of classic Doctor Who serial The Ice Warriors, out this week…

Let’s get a few things cleared up from the outset.  All Doctor Who is brilliant.  All Doctor Who deserves to be loved and enjoyed and adored.  Any new Doctor Who needs to be embraced, and any old Doctor Who that we once thought lost deserves to be given a new lease of life that we might enjoy it all over again, praising it and covering it with petals of joy.  Doctor Who is the best thing on telly, the best thing in the world, the most amazing thing ever; that a randomly formed universe could come up with Doctor Who and then come up with me so that I could enjoy it in my own lifetime still astonishes me.

The Ice Warriors reconstructed for DVD

So we’re agreed?  Doctor Who is ace.  I say all this because it gets boring when people respond to a critical view of a bit of Doctor Who with uncritical reasoning.  This is going to happen with this DVD review.  You’re dying to see The Ice Warriors, you see, and you’re dying to enjoy those two ‘lost’ episodes that have been turned into cartoons to make your enjoyment of them much easier.  I am, too.  Thing is, though, relative to the rest of Doctor Who, I don’t really like The Ice Warriors much.

I never saw it on first transmission – too young – but when I had the Target book, I found it dull, plodding and laborious (in spite of an amazing Chris Achilleos cover).  I always guiltily felt that I should like it – it is after all the first ‘Martian’ story – but it just didn’t grip me.  As the years passed by, I finally saw the Peladon stories and then The Seeds of Death – all quite enjoyable, but I realised I wasn’t that thrilled by the scaly green men from Mars.  Eventually, they came to life for me in the New Adventures books, so I found myself re-appraising them and hoping one day to see their debut story.

When the VHS of The Ice Warriors finally arrived in 1998 (in a lovely box with a book, and a CD of the missing episodes), I was delighted.  I loved that video and watched it several times in one sitting.  It seemed like a great story, Peter Sallis was fab, the linking telesnap edit for the ‘lost in all but audio’ Two and Three was beautifully done (I still tingle when Victoria stops being a photograph and starts to move at the end of Three) but most of all the eponymous villains looked amazing.  The Ice Warriors became my favourite Patrick Troughton story for many years.

The Ice Warriors threaten Victoria....

Hm.  Well, I watched The Ice Warriors again last year and felt very disappointed.  The novelty of seeing the original Martians with their weird mouths and their tendency to cogitate whilst huddling their heads into their carapaces had worn off.  Peter Sallis was still good, and there was still some lovely filmed stuff with Victoria (Deborah Watling) trapped by Martians in the ice tunnels, but the story really did plod.

Brian Hayles was responsible for the equally plot-thin The Celestial Toymaker and his second script for the series, while full of great characters and innovative ideas (a plant museum, a city in a dome, a science base in an Edwardian mansion) isn’t a patch on his later, much funnier, warm and genuinely thrilling The Seeds of Death.  Though that might simply be that Seeds’ director Michael Ferguson is one of the series’ best and stands head and shoulders above even this tale’s director, Derek Martinus.

It did occur to me that because I was re-watching the whole series in transmission order that maybe the ‘base-under-siege’ formula was already wearing thin by the time we got to The Ice Warriors, but this story actually comes early in that era, and none of the other stories around it had bored me quite so much.  And I felt the same watching this preview DVD – I felt impatient.

What it boils down to is that The Ice Warriors has too many episodes for the amount of story at its disposal.  It’s just too long.  Some stories, whether you watch them episodically or in one sitting – like The War Games or The Ambassadors of Death – have enough story and, perhaps more importantly, enough lightness of touch to carry you smiling to the end without undue pain.  The Ice Warriors is, undoubtedly lovely in places – in acting and design if not in atmosphere – but it outstays its welcome.

Classic Doctor Who The Ice Warriors animated reconstruction

The addition of animated episodes Two and Three to this release is a lovely and welcome thing that shouldn’t be scoffed at.  But while the artwork is an improvement on The Reign of Terror, this is not The Invasion.  In fairness, the budget on these DVD cartoons is tiny, but they are, quite simply and unavoidably, the Thunderbirds equivalent of animation – puppet-like bodies and puppet-like mouths and eyes that jig about awkwardly and pay very little courtesy to the original production.  A telesnap reconstruction would have been the more effective way of delivering these episodes. And then there’s that issue of story length.  Do the cartoons add anything to the DVD that the VHS didn’t have?  Well, yes, they add about 35 minutes – to something that already seemed too long.

[pullquote align=right]What it boils down to is that The Ice Warriors is just too long.  Some stories have enough to carry you smiling to the end. The Ice Warriors outstays its welcome.[/pullquote]But there’s lots to enjoy in The Ice Warriors if you’ve never seen it before, as I should know: stylish set and costume design, great acting, ice warriors with hair, Troughton being silly (and fluffing his lines), some eerie music, and even a polystyrene computer.

In terms of DVD Extras, there’s a lively commentary featuring Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines – who is always good value and thoroughly entertaining.  The second episode features a fascinating mix of archive recordings from various ‘lost’ voices, and the third features a commentary from Patrick’s son, Michael Troughton.  These are the real highlights of these discs.

For those like me who might want to speed up the viewing experience, the lovingly crafted VHS telesnap links are also included.  The documentaries ‘Cold Fusion’ and ‘Beneath the Ice’ are enjoyable if a little thin.  Best of all is a delightful selection of Blue Peter clips detailing various stages of their Design-A-Monster competition, and the second part of Frazer Hines’ ‘Doctor Who Stories’ interview – which twinkles and sparkles throughout.

The Ice Warriors is probably over-rated, and clearly not my favourite Doctor Who story, but I’ll keep on watching it, because all Doctor Who is brilliant.  This double-disc set is a ‘must-have’ for any serious fan of the Troughton years.

Out on Monday, August 26, 2013, The Ice Warriors double disc DVD can be ordered from Amazon for just £13.97!


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Elton Townend-Jones is a journalist, playwright, actor, theatre producer and philosopher. He does ‘80s zeitgeist at

34 Responses to Reviewed: The Ice Warriors DVD

  1. avatar Derek Watson says:

    Well-written, balanced review as ever. I, too, am not a fan of this storyline, but I still want to see the cartoons and the Frazer Hines extra. And you’re right: ALL Doctor Who is brilliant!

    • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Even Dimensions In Time? :)

      • avatar Derek Watson says:

        ALL :-) I mean, consider the alternatives…

        • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          But seriously, I mean, Dimensions In Time?

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I find telesnaps unwatchable. No thanks.

  3. avatar Robert Booth says:

    Well. I must say that this is one of the worst reviews I have ever read!
    It is totally bias with no thought to plot, sub plot, lead actors performance sets etc.
    I was lucky (and old!) enough to remember this first time round and I only managed to watch episode 1 and part of episode two because I was so frightened! My Dad had to explain that the lead Ice Warrior was played by the Carry On Star Bernard Breslaw! I managed to watch a bit of episode 4 but was still too frightened.
    I was so pleased therefore when it came out on Video and was able to watch it all for the first time in over 30 years.
    This story has one of Patrick Troughtons best performances and to watch him up against another fantastic actors in Peter Barkworth and Peter Sallis.
    There are plot lines taken from “The Thing from another world” which are obvious and also the paranoia of working in a highly stressed environment.
    The recent rise of the Computer in the modern world if foreshadowed by the complete reliance on their computer at the Base and their lack of common sense when it comes to making decisions.
    Add to this you introduce a fantastic new monster in the guise of a single Ice Warrior – Large and fairly cumbersome but played with great character (for the only time) by said Breslaw.
    Its a fantastic story with a slow build that invests time on each of the main characters and even some on the periphery . That’s the beauty of more episodes, we can get to know our character and therefore when one dies the impact is all the more hard hitting.
    I enjoyed the recent Cold War episode but was disappointed when we got to see the monster inside the suit. I watched it a few times and got used to it and it is one of my favourite stories. But new Who hasn’t the time to flesh out many characters and is worse off for it.

  4. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    I don’t normally respond to reviews of my reviews, but on this occasion, I shall. You seem to be making a category mistake that I am reviewing ‘The Ice Warriors’ as a TV production. I’m not. I’m reviewing the DVD release, and such a review is not primarily concerned with an in-depth examination of the TV production; it is a generic round-up of what you get for your money. It’s a broad strokes piece. I have tried to enliven the piece with the observations and anecdotes of a professional journalist’s life-long engagement with the story, knowing full well’s ‘Who@50′ series of articles will better engage with ‘The Ice Warriors’ in production terms and cover, as you suggest, ‘plot, sub plot, lead actors performance sets etc.’. I see no reason to cover the same ground or step on it’s reviewers toes by saying something that might well look like your post above. We can be more interesting and provocative than that – either we are or we end up like Troughton’s ‘string of sausages’. I believe I have done my job in making clear my own – not your – observations as to what works with this DVD release and what does not, having at the outset made plain my bias that all Doctor Who is brilliant (including ‘Dimensions In Time’). I hope I’ve gone some way toward clarifying the distinction between to kinds of review. May I also applaud your love of the story.

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      Thank you for replying personally to my comments which I have read and taken on board.
      I understand, as a “critic”, you see your job to give a fair view of the product on sale, taking into account, in this case, the main programme and the extras.
      I must say though, given your initial “disclaimer” that you think all WHO is brilliant, I found it a bit disingenuous to then attempt to put off any potential purchasers of the DVD by intimating it is boring and too long!
      There are an awful lot of new fans just finding out about the 60′s Doctor Who stories (those still remaining!) and reviews like this could undermine their confidence in purchasing such stories.
      This modern trend for instant thrills and spills is having an effect on New Who already with more fans calling out for two and even three part stories.
      I’m sorry my post wasn’t Interesting or provocative – however these are MY views and not yours – to miss quote you.
      I enjoy a nice friendly debate about something I am passionate about,and despite the fact I am not a journalist, playwright, actor, theatre producer and philosopher I still think my views are equally valid as yours.
      You must also excuse my tenacity but since I had my third stroke I find I get rather pedantic about things.
      Like your inability to use the cardinal number TWO in your sentence ” between to kinds of review”.
      Good luck in your next review!

    • avatar Mark P says:

      If reviewing the DVD release and not the TV transmission as you say where is the review of the restored image and sound quality. The menus, the subtitle/audio options, the chapter placings, the disc cover etc… You only seem to be reviewing the story.

      • avatar Robert Booth says:

        Well said.
        It also seems absurd to say that the review is of the DVD overall when it is obvious that the main feature IS the story and its contents! That’s why we get a commentary and a “making of” included in the extras.

  5. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    Robert – thanks for aiming low and noting I skipped a key on spelling ‘two’. Let’s be clear, I didn’t get to be a professional writer (yes, I earn my full-time living from this) by not knowing how to spell. You wound me, sir (but do check your spelling on ‘miss quote’ if you’re going to attempt that sort of jibe). Your points are valid, full stop. That’s not in contention, Robert. But what it boils down to is a difference of opinion on the job at hand; that and your obvious proprietorial view of any Who-related content. For my part, I still completely stand by the review. In your initial response you showed clearly that you knew exactly what The Ice Warriors was about – most of us do; there’s no essential reason to detail the plot points in this kind of review – if you want that, please allow me yet again to refer you to’s ‘Who@50′ strand – what you want should be there (not that you don’t already know it all anyway). New fans can find their way around just as I did in the ’70s (but more easily) so please don’t worry about them. As to Mark P – hello. Fair point. I was so amused by your pedantic parry that I have vowed to focus merely on ‘restored image and sound quality. The menus, the subtitle/audio options, the chapter placings, the disc cover etc…’ Seriously, I am going to have a BALL with that. Thank you – what a gift. As to restored image and sound on this release, it seemed barely different to the VHS – which itself was fine and lovely – so wasn’t worth comment. Good day, gents.

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      I hadn’t intended to hurt your professional pride in any way. However you don’t miss an opportunity to let people know you make your money as a professional writer, and when you add the “playwright, actor, theatre producer and philosopher” to that you sound like a very impressive man. But what are reputations if you fail to do your job properly?
      Before my health deteriorated and my memory started to fail me I had three articles published by the age of 12. My last contribution in print was in a book about fandom in 2008.I didn’t make a penny for these but just took pleasure that others enjoyed them. I was a Civil Servant in a legal capacity at the time.
      I have enjoyed reading your reposts to my comments and it is good to see you stand by your review. I wouldn’t have expected anything less as my comments were not intended to have that effect.
      I just happen to think that it was a poor review and you cherry picked the parts you wanted to hold up to pan the DVD. After all the DVD wouldn’t be released if it wasn’t for the six part story now would it? So your intimation about it not being of much relevance is nonsense.
      I hope my comments have you thinking about the review you next produce, no doubt giving “Dimensions In Time” a glowing thumbs up whilst discussing the merits of East Enders!

  6. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    Thanks for that, Robert. No, I’m not hurt, so please – don’t worry. This is because I know I haven’t failed to do my job properly. What an odd world you must live in if you genuinely think that, sir. As to my credentials, they are just a simple fact. I detect some bitterness in your use of them against me, which has left me disappointed that I ever engaged with you on this matter. Hey! You may be interested to know that I write articles for the pleasure of others also. For nowt. See? We have commonality after all. As to nonsense? Hm. Quite probably. Quite probably, Robert. But read the review properly. I didn’t ‘pan’ the DVD. I said many good things: ‘The Ice Warriors is, undoubtedly lovely in places – in acting and design if not in atmosphere’; ‘The addition of animated episodes Two and Three to this release is a lovely and welcome thing that shouldn’t be scoffed at’; ‘there’s lots to enjoy in The Ice Warriors … stylish set and costume design, great acting, ice warriors with hair, Troughton being silly (and fluffing his lines), some eerie music, and even a polystyrene computer…’; ‘there’s a lively commentary featuring Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines – who is always good value and thoroughly entertaining. The second episode features a fascinating mix of archive recordings from various ‘lost’ voices, and the third features a commentary from Patrick’s son, Michael Troughton. These are the real highlights of these discs.’; ‘The documentaries … are enjoyable if a little thin. Best of all is a delightful selection of Blue Peter clips detailing various stages of their Design-A-Monster competition, and the second part of Frazer Hines’ ‘Doctor Who Stories’ interview – which twinkles and sparkles throughout’; ‘The Ice Warriors is probably over-rated, and clearly not my favourite Doctor Who story, but I’ll keep on watching it, because all Doctor Who is brilliant. This double-disc set is a ‘must-have’ for any serious fan of the Troughton years.’ Yeah, I really burnt that one at the stake, didn’t I?

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      Gosh! I really seem to have upset you!
      For someone with all your vast learning and expertise, turning on someone who disagrees with you and who is physically and mentally impaired is a bit desperate!
      Just look and learn is all I’m asking!
      You did try to say some nice things but there was always a touch of your undisputed loathing for the story creeping in i.e. ‘The Ice Warriors is, undoubtedly lovely IN PLACES – in acting and design if NOT IN ATMOSPHERE” (my capitals).
      I wont comment again as you obviously cant take constructive criticism and are far too egotistical to accept anything I say with any grace.
      Have a nice Bank Holiday!

      • avatar Philip Bates says:

        Okay, so I read this review with great interest, mainly as I’ve been dying to see The Ice Warriors. I’ve only seen a clip of those creepy mouths before and am suitably intrigued!

        But y’know, I was also looking forward to seeing The Green Death and, whilst great, it was just too long for my liking. I agree with Elton though: I still love it. It’s Doctor Who! It’s still better than 90% of TV!

        I can’t comment on The Ice Warriors in particular as I haven’t seen it yet, but this is certainly an interesting point about what to cover in the review. I really enjoyed this review, even if I found the notion of not enjoyed Ice Warriors unsettling, and I think, whilst it used to be the point of K’s reviews to analyse the story (I did so with Day of the Daleks a few years ago), I’m not sure that’s the place of the DVD reviews now. Simply because Doctor Who @ 50 now exists. This review covered the story enough for my liking without throwing spoilers in the mix, like many other sites.

        Also, yes, typos happen. And previous experiences also affect seeing stories again. It’s only natural. But this review was fair, in my opinion.

  7. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    I reiterate, I’m not upset – look :) smiley-face – I am having an amazing day today in a run of amazing days, so please don’t worry. I am in fact thoroughly enjoying the saner aspects of this debate; but I am concerned that you think it is acceptable behaviour to persist in traducing the good name and intentions of those who think differently to you. I have engaging with you, Robert, in good faith and sincerity. I have only been honest with you, in both the article and this continued debate, which I entered into because I respected your opinion and vainly hoped I could convince you to at least comprehend mine. The folly was mine, it seems. I have acknowledged your opinions of Doctor Who and The Ice Warriors and endorsed them. But holding up the ‘physically and mentally impaired’ card, is a little low after you’ve waded in with personal attacks on me because my opinion isn’t yours. Funnily enough, I wrote my opening paragraph for fans such as yourself, because I knew you would be waiting in the wings to defend a sacred cow. It seems to me, however, that only by losing our idols can we find our true voice. ‘Undisputed loathing’? Not at all. I love The Ice Warriors. I just love about a hundred other Doctor Who stories much more. Still, you’ve stooped once again to underhand jibes, petty attacks and egotistical bullying, simply because I continue to engage with you. Grace would seem to be a virtue you struggling with, sir, not me. I wish you well, with all sincerity.

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      I’ve come out of retirement after saying wouldn’t comment any further . I do this in the spirit of agreeing to disagree with your review in this case.
      I did mention my mental condition in an earlier post, maybe you didn’t see it?
      Personal attacks on you? I’m afraid you (or the web site) set yourself up in their mini bio of you included on the page. I don’t see how listing someone’s achievements (no mater how laudable) makes their views more valid than anyone else! Smacks of elitism to me.
      As for bullying? I’m hardly in your league to attempt to bully you! I reiterate that I am just very set in my views and find it very annoying when I perceive someone chiselling away at the early foundations of this particular series. Its something that I struggle with at the moment as I find myself transforming into “Mr Angry of Thurrock”. It’s not something I like about the affects of my strokes.
      I have actually enjoyed your other contributions to this site and I believe that your opening paragraph that angered me more than anything because I just knew it was a pre-cursor to a poor review!
      To quote Philip Bates ” I really enjoyed this review, even if I found the notion of not enjoyed Ice Warriors unsettling, “. This would seem to bear out (in part at least) my view that your comments would make people apprehensive and also shoots down your assertion that all fans have seen The Ice Warriors.
      I thought that I had upset you because of your continuing dialogue attempting to justify your review. If you really stand by your review it seems a little churlish a) to add the opening paragraph and b) to continue to defend it at the expense of losing credibility.
      However – as I said – I will have to accept that we differ on this particular review and I don’t think their is anything to add other than to ask you to excuse my truculence, its another aspect of my new personality I find difficult to control.
      Robert Booth

      • avatar Moffatfan says:

        I don’t know either Elton T-J or Robert Booth, but really, I’ve seldom seen so unpleasant a display of passive agrression as displayed by Robert Booth in this comments’ section. Multiple personal attacks aimed at the author and then retreating behind ‘you can’t say that – I’m disabled’ the second he tries – extremely patiently – to explain his position.

        This really does leave a sour taste in the mouth, buthopefully Mr Booth will realise how unpleasant he comes across once he steps away from the keyboard. After all, we all act foolsihly on the internet at times.

        • Mr Booth replied to this comment, but sadly the grace that he adopted earlier was not on display.

          As such I have removed his post.

          I do not enjoy being put in the position of having to remove posts. Elton Townend Jones did not deserve the veiled abuse in Mr Booth’s comments; his review was not up for review.

          Mr Booth: I don’t know how long you have been reading Kasterborous, but even if it was just a few days it should be quite clear that we don’t tolerate your sort of nonsense. Please feel free to go away and find another website to haunt.

  8. avatar Howard Railton says:

    For my money, there isn’t enough Troughton, good or bad, but Ice Warriors is one of the best.

  9. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    I like you, Howard. I’m a big fan of some of the more quirky ones: The Underwater Menace, The Krotons, The Mind Robber. But here’s to getting them all back some day.

  10. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    There you go, Robert Booth – here’s a cracking in-depth review of The Ice Warriors from our Who@50 strand. This is perhaps more in line with what you want to read. I hope you enjoy it.

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      Thanks for the link – I found this review more to my taste :-)

    • avatar castellanspandrel says:

      Erm….. I’d just like to thank Elton for his kind plug of my Ice Warriors review, and Robert for his kind words!

      The Ice Warriors seems to be getting a lot of flak from various quarters on the web at the moment, some of which is unjustified IMO though I know it’s hardly a story to set the pulses racing,but it’s good that there’s room for two reviews giving contrasting opinions of the same story on Kasterborous.

  11. avatar dailypop says:

    ” Well, yes, they add about 35 minutes – to something that already seemed too long.”

    I admire that you stick to the ‘if you’re going to say something negative, at least be funny’ rule.

    I adore this story but freely admit that it is a snoozer that might have been entertaining back in the day but challenges the will today. Even so, it’s a lovely snoozer,

  12. avatar Elton Townend Jones says:

    Thanks for ‘getting it’, dailypop. It is a very lovely snoozer. The best kind.

  13. avatar barnabyej says:

    I’m rather loving this review! And the lively debate that follows it. I may end up reviewing the debate, as some bits are a tad boring but – due to a love of ‘Doctor Who’ – we all are discussing the merits and non-merits of the same thing. We all love ‘Who’ and it’s that passion that invokes passionate debates and criticisms and responses and pride and… well… you just have to read the thread to see that.

    If I’m reading a DVD review, I like to know what the reviewer thinks. I may not agree with it but I like hearing person thoughts and taste when someone’s reviewing, otherwise you get a by-the-book dull retread of what is listed on the contents of the DVD instead of what’s actually *in* the contents of the DVD. As Elton said, if you want a review of the story from a TV perspective, then Kasterborus are running those artilces too. They are celebratory more than critical. However, when reviewing a ‘product’, you’ve got to stand up and be critical in your appraisal. I’m not sure how a few words in an author’s biography has to be brought into play, though? If you’re listing your achievements, then I’m probably going to listen to your opinion more if I know you’re a published author and not something like a professional mud-wrestler.

    Mind you, I think this thread has something of a mud-wrestling feel to it!

    All in all, it’s a good review because – and this is the important bit – it starts by saying that ALL ‘Doctor Who’ should be celebrated and loved (and nicely comes back to this point at the end). It’s only a personal opinion during the middles section. I’m not sure it would put any potential child off buying it as, hey, it’s got cartoons on it! Ahem.

    I’m not an Ice Warriors fan either but I’m very much looking forward to it being pushed through my letterbox, so I can struggle to enjoy it again. For we, as ‘Doctor Who’ fans, embrace every story; be it brilliant, mediocre or downright poor. Plus, the ‘Extras’ are always worth the price of the DVD alone, even if you don’t like the story.

    Good review and, it has to be said, a good debate in this comments thread!

  14. avatar Mark P says:

    Hello back Elton. No pedantic parry was intended.

    Your comment outside of the review itself saying the restored image and sound on this release seemed barely different to the VHS which was fine and lovely IS exactly the type of review comment I personally do want in these reviews. Not the storyline, not the pacing, not the costume/set design, not the acting or ‘of the time’ TV production values. As you say the DW@50 reviews probably cover most of these points now. Also I don’t own nor have ever owned any Doctor Who on VHS (or Laser Disc, Betamax, SVHS, HD DVD or UMD etc…) so the review of the picture quality you omitted is new to me as perhaps with others.

    I gave up reading these reviews a while ago until now because they weren’t a review of the DVD release or restoration (I know preview copies sometimes are incomplete without the extras) just seemingly a review of the story and production values of 50 or so year old episodes based on modern production values which is like comparing in the ‘modern age’ a c18th painting to a c21st century photo and saying it’s not pin sharp, you can see the brush strokes and the paint is flaking which is to be expected considering what was available at the time and the age of the painting.

    Along with the review of the DVD/Blu-ray a line or two about how, when, where the episodes were recovered would also be appreciated.

    Whilst this may be slightly contradictory I personally dislike it when the releases have updated CGI effects or original B&W episodes are colourised e.g. first two series of Bewitched but I don’t mind onscreen credits being recreated or the 405 line picture being improved for modern TVs or the original colour episodes being chroma dot colourised. Restoration not reimagination.

    With reference to VHS tapes it may be useful to say if an extra on the VHS is omitted on the DVD likewise between an original DVD release and a newer Special edition version e.g. the Spearhead From Space Blu-ray release doesn’t replicate the extras on the latest DVD release so don’t dispose of it.

    These are the reviews I normally read

    Along with

    as the Special Editions and box sets are getting confusing as to which is the latest updated release succeeding previous releases.

  15. avatar krumstets says:

    Well I liked the review and thoroughly enjoyed reading the discussion that followed.
    Congratulations to all who posted. You certainly brightened up my morning :)

  16. avatar Robert Booth says:

    Having re-read my own comments I appear to have come across as an ass at times. That was not my intention and in the cold light of day, and having received said DVD I am a much happier soul :-) .
    That doesn’t change my views on the story and I hope, anger aside, I have added some useful comments.
    With regard to “If you’re listing your achievements, then I’m probably going to listen to your opinion more if I know you’re a published author and not something like a professional mud-wrestler.” I must add, it depends on what your books cover and the possibility that a Mud Wrestler is intelligent ;-) .

  17. Robert – I’m liking your last comment there. I’m off to find an intelligent mud wrestler now and see if we can get him to join in the debate for and against ‘The Ice Warroirs’!

    • avatar Robert Booth says:

      LOL :-)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      How do we know an intelligent mud wrestler hasn’t already given his/her opinion…?

  18. avatar Hoosier Whovian says:

    When I saw over 30 comments I thought “Wow!, something interesting is being discussed”, then I saw it was just two people bitching at each other back and forth :( ( And no, I did not read any of them past the initial ones.)

    I first discovered the Ice Warriors frozen between the covers of a Target novelization back in the 1980′s, and although I haven’t read that in literally decades, I will say I was disappointed when I finally saw it on VHS. It plods along and is one big ‘run back and forth’ with the Doctor and company. I really do miss episode two as this is the introduction to the Martian Menace for viewers. Even when I only watched two episodes at a time and did that over three days I was still bored stiff for the most part. My opinion is tempered with the knowledge that it was necessary to pad these narratives out because of budget restrictions, but it still does not help.

    As to DVD reviews, since many of the die hard fans have watched the actual episodes numerous times, the real interest for I expect many of us is in a discussion of the value added material. Not merely the documentaries but also the commentaries, both textual and spoken that are now able to be included. That is how I watch the discs when I first get them, with the commentaries on.
    Here in the states the price for the DVDs at amazon have jumped considerably, so I have to decide whether or not it is worth getting right away or waiting until they have one of the slash sales and drop the prices by at least 30%. Unfortunately, The Ice Warriors is a case of wait and see. I have it on a burned DVD and if I really want to watch it again can pop that in.
    Maybe I will just unseal my box of Target novels and give that a good read instead.

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