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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat Discusses Capaldi Casting [VIDEO]

It seems there was only really one name on the list for the Twelfth Doctor – Malcolm Tucker Peter Capaldi!

Chatting to BBC America’s Anglophenia blog after the hypefest that was Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, Steven Moffat revealed that Capaldi’s was a name that he, Mark Gatiss, Brian Minchin and others kept coming back to…


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20 Responses to Moffat Discusses Capaldi Casting [VIDEO]

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    They’re shooting the Christmas episode in September—–I though they weren’t doing that until November—and so Mr. Smith is probably going to be wearing a wig because he still has no hair.

    • avatar David F says:

      It seems that the main character periodically changing his whole body is something we’ll swallow, but we draw the line at believing he’d have a haircut.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Never seemed to be a problem with Perwtee – five years and his hairdo got more bouffant every season!

        • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          There may be an explanation for his short hair given in the 50th Anniversary special.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      No, always been stated that the special will be shot in September – I remember Jenna Coleman mentioning it in an interview months ago. You may be thinking of the new series – as it is a 9 month shoot, and scheduled for Autumn 2014 (if the leaked BBC email is anything to go by) then they will need to start shooting this side of Christmas, so November is a good bet (they may even go straight into it after the Xmas special is finished).

      MS seems under no hurry to grow his hair back – he has obviously decided to abandon the look (lets face it, the poor man has had to keep the same style for three years due to Who). Maybe they’ll use a wig, maybe at the end of the 50th special all his hair will fall out…

      (That’s a joke!)

      • avatar Bob James says:

        Steven Moffat has already stated that however they effect it (perhaps a wig? Hair Extentions?), that Matt’s Doctor will go out with his trademark hairstyle. Hartnell wore a wig the whole time, and McGann (famously hating it, just ask him about it if you ever meet him at a convention) wore a wig for the TV Movie, so it would be no big thing for Matt to follow suit for his final story.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      Ever think they could write the haircut into the story? They do it when actresses become pregnant, either writing them out for a while or writing the baby in.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Personally, after three years, think he should go out with the same hair cut as he came in with – if he was going to have another series then yes, I’d say why not, but pointless for his last story.

  2. avatar paradoxRemnant says:

    I think it’s very good to know that they knew from the start, and then got, exactly who they wanted.
    Much better than having to cast someone last minute who they didn’t have much of a vision for because Capaldi turned it down or something.

  3. avatar Noel Gibbons says:

    “We’ve got an arc for the series… shows age in different ways… we knew we wanted to push the Doctor into a particular place…”

    From Moffat’s words, it looks as though Capaldi’s casting was made to fit the already-decided plans for the show’s overall storyline. So his real-life age might be particularly relevant to his incarnation of the Doctor and the arc that’s been set up for him. Add to that the speculation about the 50th/John Hurt and you have a tired, weary, mortal hero… it doesn’t sound totally implausible that the Xmas special could be called The Last Doctor…

  4. avatar Colin says:

    I wonder why people assume the Doctor won’t have short hair by the end of the 50th? Maybe Matt cut his hair for the final scenes of the Anniversary Special, and has kept it cut for continuity (though hair is easier to cut than grow)? We’ll know in good time. :)

    So every time Moff said “We haven’t started auditions yet!”–was he actually telling a half-truth? Were there ever any auditions in the first place? It sounds as if Peter Capaldi was asked to try for the part.

    And for what it’s worth, I think he’s a great choice, and it’ll be interesting to see where he goes with the part.

    • avatar nibby says:

      I think everyone is missing the obvious. Matt doesn’t need the Doctor’s hair style because he ain’t going to be in the Christmas Special. Why else would they announce Capaldi in time for the Christmas shooting schedule?

      • That’s the very theory we’ve been positing here for months…

        • avatar Geoff says:

          And didn’t one of the press releases yesterday say something along the lines of showcasing Peter Capaldis take on the Doctor in the Christmas special? Suggesting he does a bit more than just sits up and looks surprised!

        • avatar TonyS says:

          ‘The Doctor regenerates at Christmas’ does not have to mean at the end of the Christmas Special. The Eleventh Doctor could begin to regenerate at the end of the Anniversary Special and finish it at the beginning of the Christmas Special. We have seen how Mr. Moff likes these technicalities.

  5. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    The hair’s not the end of the world an they’ve hooked him up with wigs before–it’s just that crazy hair was a big part of his persona when he started. To be fair, he has shortened it considerably as the series has gone on. I’d be happy with him just showing up as he is.

    The reason he cut his hair was to appear in the Ryan Gosling movie a few months ago and I *thought* I heard somewhere before that the special was to be filmed in November but I misheard.

  6. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    It’s funny though. I didn’t mind when Eccleston left a I was just glad the show was back and at the very least, it got audiences accustomed to regeneration in a hurry. When Tennant left, I was good with that too. (he really was whining at the very end there, though). But with Smith—I do feel like he had more to do with the role. A shame the BBC wasted so much time, as we should have had 4 series with him by now instead of 3 but ah well. I look forward to seeing with Capaldi will do with the role. I think he’s an excellent choice.

  7. avatar Scott says:

    I do think Smith was sad in the footage as well when they introduced the new Doctor. I think Moffat made the decision to make a change as he’s the showrunner and he wanted a new doctor for the 50th. I wish Smith had stayed for another season as he was my favorite, but I think the days of someone really staying in the role are gone now. It seems to be 3 series (with Christmas Specials) and a couple extra specials and you’re out the door as people want change nowadays more often.

    In the end, Smith will have done just as much as Tennant did (Tennant did like 2 or 3 specials more as I recall). This could be the way the BBC wants it now, as if the actor stays they would have to pay them more over the years and the BBC is overall cheap with how they run things. They spent little money and little scheduled time (shot in 20 days) to make the “An Adventure In Space And Time” TV movie that will air this fall.

    I also feel that Moffat moved Smith out as Moffat has said that his time on DW is closer to the end and this could be a vanity thing for Moffat as his character of River Song has met the 12th Doctor in her timeline, so it would be better for Moffat to have those meetings happen now with him still as showrunner. A new showrunner may just not want to deal with the River Song character at all and do what they want now that they are in charge. So this may be the way of Moffat servicing his original character’s history in the end.

    Smith was awesome! I hope Big Finish get the 11th Doctor license at some point so Smith can carry on in audio!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Matt did seem subdued in his footage. I am sure that he was sad. He has said himself that he has loved playing the Doctor. David Tennant was close to tears filming his final scenes. That is not the same thing as saying that the Moff made the decision that he was going. I am not sure what evidence there is to back up that assertion. I suspect that there is none. The BBC has always looked at how money is spent. I believe (because I have heard it on dvd documentaries) that Jon Pertwee left in part because he tried to bluff the producer into paying him more and the producer called his bluff. I think something similar may have happened with Tom Baker. So, if it is happening at all, it is nothing new.

      I do not know Steven Moffat except through his work and so I certainly have no foundation to accuse him of arrogance or vanity.

  8. avatar drewboynton says:

    I still think this is a Sherlock-style ruse and John Hurt is the real Twelfth Doctor!

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