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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Drew Boynton

Coleman’s Christmas: Mostly Missing Matt

To know Matt Smith is to love Matt Smith. Indeed, it is arguably the actor’s greatest superpower when it comes to his time as the Eleventh Doctor. No matter how a person feels about these last few “Grand Moff” years, it can’t be denied that Smith has brought a personal air of friendship and comraderie to both fandom and the show itself, possibly even on a world-wide scale.

Nice view for a cybercafe

Whether it’s fans or co-stars, men or women, or people young and old, Smith effortlessly piles up new friends wherever he goes.

And that, of course, includes Ms. Clara Oswin Oswald herself, Jenna (“Hey, where’d Louise go!?”) Coleman. It seems that her friendship with Smith isn’t just limited to the Doctor-companion relationship we see on our TV screens. Speaking recently to, she talked about Smith’s impending departure and what it will mean to lose her co-star and friend:

I will miss him. I will so miss him. We don’t say things like that to each other. But I just can’t imagine it yet.

And the actress had nothing but praise for Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor:

The Eleventh Hour’ is one of my favorite episodes, and it’s one of Matt’s as well. I think he’s been such an incredible, amazing Doctor.

What do you think, fans and friends? Will you feel just as Ms. Coleman does, and have a Matt Smith-shaped hole in your heart come Christmas? Or will the looming Mr. Peter Capaldi be your new biggest bestest mate in the whole wide universe?

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23 Responses to Coleman’s Christmas: Mostly Missing Matt

  1. avatar lee moone says:

    Nope, glad he is going. One of my lease favourite realisations of the timelord. Hoping that the change of leading man will also create a change in the style of Moffat’s writing of the Dr. Fingers crossed!

    • avatar Migmac says:

      I couldn’t possibly disagree more with you.
      But, it’s your own opinion and I respect it. ^^
      Fortunetaly, that doesn’t make a truth.

      • avatar lee moone says:

        You know what, I dunno why I haven’t enjoyed his interpretation of The Dr. He’s no means the worst for me, (& I’ve been watching since Troughton’s 2nd season) but just don’t get him and it’s so annoying. Maybe because Moffat’s writing of the character? Loved the 11 Hour, but then on found the show, on the whole, quite irritating with too much schoolboy humour that didn’t aid the younger looking Dr. Don’t think the pairing of him with Amy helped and with River it seemed she was like Mrs Robinson, never a convincing romance. Clara works better, and I an genuinely sorry that, for whatever reason, we didn’t see a 4th season for the 11th Dr as I think Matt & Jenna are a compatible and realistic pairing. It was a huge mistake to have 2 split seasons to fill in a gap year, especially as matt was still under contract… even 4 or 5 specials, as with DT, would have helped.

        Yep, on reflection style and wrong companion probably killed it for me!

  2. avatar peacockpete says:

    Will completely miss him. I loved Eccleston, couldn’t really get on the Tenth Doctor (that’s not a reflection on Tennant as an actor at all, just the way he was written), but Matt Smith’s portrayal was absolutely perfect. All awkwardness, yet with incredible depth. That said, I’m very excited to see what Peter Capaldi brings to the role.

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    Will probably miss him for about five minutes asnd then get totally caught up in Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of Doccie 12.

  4. avatar Caity says:

    Nope, couldn’t stand him as the Doctor, so excited to see what Peter Capaldi can do (if only Moffatt will write a more serious, dignified Doctor for him).

  5. avatar callinton says:

    One of the greatest Doctors of all time.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      One of the 13 greatest Doctors

      • avatar Simon Magellan says:

        Easily within the top 11

        • avatar TonyS says:

          I’d forgotten John Hurt- 14. But then there are all the “also Doctors”. The numbering is getting very confusing.

  6. avatar Angel says:

    Of course I will miss him, don’t know how anyone can say they couldn’t stand him, hes a phenomenal actor, all 11 have been fantastic and so will 12 be.The part is all about change it literally isn’t possible to do it wrong. People do tend to miss the whole concept of the show in that way. We all have our favourite, but to say you couldn’t stand him, to think he was that bad…..well frankly I don’t know what you’ve been watching, do wonder what planet some people are on some times:p Will agree the writing hasn’t been brilliant in 11th Doctors reign there have been moments when Matt and other cast members have carried the show.

  7. avatar authorman94 says:

    Matt’s so far my favourite new series Doc, even if the writing for him was shaky at times, he always turned in a brilliant performance and brought 110% to the part. I hope he goes onto bigger and better things because the guy’s got the acting talent for it. Despite that, I’m looking forward to Peter Capaldi and I’m sure he’ll be just as good as Matt, if not better!

  8. avatar tejaboocock says:

    Matt is my doctor, and he’ll be missed.

  9. avatar Neu 75 says:

    Matt was fine but his parting was due and Capaldi is an excellent choice. I’ve seen enough Doctor’s come and go not to get to fussed when a change happens…

  10. avatar TonyS says:

    For me the moment when 11 really became the real McCoy was in The Name of the Doctor. The scene over a cup of tea when the Doctor realises that he has to go to Trenzalore. I agree that Matt Smith’s acting has always been brilliant. But at that point, never mind the Doctor, there were tears in MY eyes.

    Incidentally, if the Fall of the Eleventh is on the fields of Trenzalore, maybe the regeneration has already been put in motion…

  11. avatar heather nicklinson says:

    I absolutely adore Matt’s Doctor. I have loved many of them over the 50 years, but Matt is my favourite and his understated humour is wonderful. I will miss him SO SO much, his acting has been a magical surprise.

  12. avatar simon says:

    Smith ran with what Tennant had already established, just as it was gaining popularity world wide. Not to say Matt wasn’t excellent, he was Tom Baker and Troughton in a 21st century package! My favourite had to be Tom Baker, seconded by Pertwee, then Tennant, then Smith.

  13. avatar Al says:

    It’ depressing to see so many people piling on Matt now that a new guy is coming. People did the same with David and I know there were those who were very happy to see the backside of Tom Baker, so he’s in good company. No Doctor is universally popular; there are no exceptions to this. Me, I’ve never disliked any Doctor, though of course I like some more than others, and as such the BBC has a 100 track record with me in terms of choosing the actor to play the Doctor. I don’t expect that winning streak to end with Peter Capaldi.

  14. avatar Stlshawn says:

    I liked Matt’s portrayal , but (as i began feeling about tennant ) I thought it was getting a bit samey. Rtd and tennant left as the new car smell wore off, and it began leaking oil a bit,,, but moff and smith seemed to do well with what they had to work with. I don’t think smith was there too long, as much as I feel rory and Amy were there too long.

    Hopefully, with capaldi coming in, they’ll rebuild the doctor who bus with some fine walnut trim and rich Corinthian leather.

    Looks like a reboot :-)

  15. avatar CatPiper says:

    As far as I am concerned Matt Smith could have stayed for ever – I think he has been brilliant. However, I am sure I will warm to Peter Capaldi, and it is good to have an older actor for a change. Not wanting to be ageist (I am nearly as old as Capaldi), but I hope it may put paid to love scenes for the Doctor…….

    • avatar lee moone says:

      Totally agree!, The love scenes need axing now as they would look odd I think with Capaldi as the Dr. Its great to have a Dr older than myself again, just!

      So this is the 4th new Dr since the show returned, I wonder if Mr will be as role defying as the classic No.4? I do hope so :)

  16. avatar lee moone says:

    I can honestly say I’m as excited of the forthcoming new series with Capaldi, as I was when the beeb announced that the show was returning in 2005. What a great feeling! That’s the beauty of the concept, the series is always being refreshed :)

  17. avatar Bec says:

    i’m depressed about him leaving. I didn’t really get into the show before he came along. This would’ve been my favourite show had he been in more seasons. Because he is the best. Having said that, I’m going to give this new guy a chance. But I’m gonna be crying ALOT when the christmas special comes along!!! I wish he could’ve at least done one more series!! I’ll Miss u Matt Smith. You’ll always be my perfect Doctor.

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