Doctor Who News Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

Published on July 2nd, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Smith & Tennant Compete for Best Actor Award!

It was always bound to happen and now finally, the time has come…

Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

The TV Choice award nominations have been announced and it looks like David Tennant and Matt Smith will be in direct competition for the title of Best Actor for their roles in Broadchurch and Doctor Who respectively.

In a similar scenario, Olivia Coleman (The Eleventh Hour) is up for Best Actress for her role in Broadchurch and she faces competition from Jenna-Louise Coleman for her performance as Clara in Doctor Who.

Meanwhile in the Best Drama category, Doctor Who is nominated for an award and is up against it from the likes of Waterloo Road, Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife.

Obviously Doctor Who should win in every category but the voting comes down to the people, this is a democracy after all, so get your vote in now and make sure that Doctor Who comes out on top!

Voting closes at midnight on July 12th and can be done by visiting .

This is Matt Smith’s final six months as the Doctor, so let’s remember all those magical moments where he’s entertained us, especially in Series 7 of Doctor Who and make sure that he, Coleman and the series in general get the recognition that they deserve!


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3 Responses to Smith & Tennant Compete for Best Actor Award!

  1. avatar Steve Chapman says:

    How is the Olivia Coleman/Jenna Coleman scenario similar? One is a lead actress in a series, the other is a supporting actress in an edition of the same show from a totally different season! Yes, they were both in Doctor Who but that’s it.

    • Similar as in not the same. As in having a general likeness or resemblance, having some or all of the same characteristics.

      As in “not identical”

      As in… similar. ;)

  2. avatar laura says:

    Thank you for suggestion, but as a vote for best actor, mine is for David Tennant.He was in three wonderful projects this year on tv, Broadchurch was one of them and he showed all his versatility an great talent. I put however my vote for best series on DW..

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