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Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Will Alex Have Answers?

She’s unlikely to let anything slip about the Twelfth Doctor, but Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston is a guest on The One Show tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm.

River Song

If you’re capable of penetrating Alex Jones’ and Matt Baker’s dual-pronged assault on BBC English, Ms Kingston may well offer her own suggestions as to who might take over from Matt Smith – or bellow “SPOILERS, M***********S! right in the faces of the clueless presenters.

Seriously though, the River Song actress once revealed that she knew how her character’s story would play out while Matt Smith didn’t, so it’s entirely possible that she not only knew that the Doctor was set for a regeneration before the chap who plays him, but that she also knows the identity of the Twelfth Doctor (we are, of course, joking here. River Song would never spill the beans).

(Via Radio Times.)


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4 Responses to Will Alex Have Answers?

  1. avatar Miss T Fy says:

    It’s ‘as to whom’. Now who were you accusing of an attack on bbc english? ;-)

    • avatar Patti says:

      It’s “whom were you accusing”

  2. avatar Geoff says:

    Well of course River Song knows, remember that comment she made to 10 about him being younger than her Doctor? Undoubtably 10 was more of a pretty boy in his day than 11 is (and I feel bad saying that because of 11s chiselled distinctive looks!) but you certainly couldn’t say 11 looks older. So she’s obviously met an older incarnation at some point. Of course all that really happened was that Moffat felt sure whoever the next Doctor was he was going to be an older man. Then he himself went and cast the youngest Doctor ever!

  3. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    If we ever see River Song again and she says SPOILERS once more I will have to slap her. Lets hope she stays in the library.

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