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Published on June 2nd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

So: Who Do You Want for Number 12?

We’re here again, speculating on the identity of the actor who will succeed Matt Smith in Doctor Who.


And let’s just qualify that: actor. It won’t be a woman, not unless Moffat and the Beeb are planning to rip the soul out of Doctor Who.

So, the following names have been thrown out there by the bookies, the press and the actors themselves over the past few years.

Stephen Mangan (Dirk Gently, Episodes)
Damian Lewis (Homeland)
David Tennant (yes, really)
Paul McGann (see above)
Andrew Scott (Sherlock’s Moriarty)
Colin Morgan (Merlin)
Hugh Laurie (House)
Martin Shaw (The Professionals, Inspector George Gently)
Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd)
Damien Moloney (Being Human)
Harry Lloyd (Human Nature)
John Hurt

Guessing who the new Doctor will be is, of course, next to impossible. Even with insider knowledge you can fail to second guess the casting decision, as proved in 2009, so unless the actor has already been chosen and cast (as many believe) we’re in for an interesting few months…

Who do you want you see helming the TARDIS? Is it time for an older actor, or a ginger Doctor? Will the Twelfth Doctor be a black or Asian actor?

Doctor Who?


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

197 Responses to So: Who Do You Want for Number 12?

  1. avatar David F says:

    Someone I’ve never (or barely) heard of, who makes me go, “Uh? Who?” when it’s announced. Someone who gets the job because of blowing the production team’s minds at audition. Not someone who gets mentioned by newspapers simply because he’s famous or has worked with the writers before.

    It’s worked out well in the past.

    • avatar David Lein says:

      I vote for Philip Glennister from Life on Mars or Helen Mirrin if they go with a female doctor

    • avatar lind says:

      what about kenneth brannagh or hugh grant – no americans that would ruin the doctor

      • avatar Samir Warudkar says:

        Now now, let’s be fair here. Americans have some good actors, some who would be spot on for the Doctor, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or, if we are not afraid of it, perhaps let us select some less mainstream choices such as a Jack O’Connell or a Scouser like dear Jason Isaacs (he’d have to be retrained to speak in his native dialect, of course). Or, perhaps even Michael Fassbender if we are being really adventurous (to bring another round of the magic we had with doctor 9). All I’m saying is, there are a number of possible choices, many of whom are in fact from the UK.

  2. Damian Lewis

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    They are going to be filming the Christmas special soon, so I imagine they have already cast the Doctor. But nevertheless we can have fun speculating/wishing. I would prefer a character actor rather than a consciously wacky individual. Also someone slightly older. As “Doctor Who” is about the only programme I watch live, I’m finding it hard to think of an actor that has not appeared in the show. David Thewlis perhaps?

    • avatar David F says:

      As a new Doctor would presumably appear for about five seconds at the end of the episode, they could film the entire thing now and tape the last bit months later after the announcement. Wouldn’t disrupt the rest of filming at all.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Possibly. I still think they already have the new Doctor in place though.

        • avatar vortexter says:

          I agree. He probably will be in the 50th special at the end.
          I would like David Warner, Bill Nighy, Nathan Fillion as an outside chance or even Paul McGann.

          • SIMON PEGG… and he’s a ginger

        • avatar Bob James says:

          Something in my gut tells me that’s the case, as well.

          • avatar Bob James says:

            That they have already cast someone, or at least know who will be cast, that is. I wouldn’t mind Damian Molony, though. I think it’s going to surprise us all who they actually choose, or have chosen.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      According to JL Coleman, the Xmas special films in September – it’s been put back because MS is in America filming. I suspect they have cast it, or at least have a good idea who it will be – but they’ve time yet. We may find out in Sept. In the case of Tennant, he filmed his first shot well after the end of Ecclestone’s final scene and they were edited together. So in theory, they could leave casting until, what, November, December? Depends on how much screen time they want him to have, I suppose. Anyone suspect it will be a 75 minute Xmas special this year?

      • avatar vortexter says:

        Yes hopefully. 80-90 mins for the 50th and a longer Xmas episode. I also think that it has been cast and that’s the reason why they announced Matt smith was doing next year to keep the regeneration a surprise on the night but chances are the story has been blown by the press and they know who it was hence the announcement last night.

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          Apparently just read that the reason for the announcement was because the BBC accidentally sent out an email re 2014′s season (which it says is 12 episodes long) and referring to “the new Doctor” – so they had no choice but to admit Smith was going. Hopes for a mega surprise once again dashed, just as in 2005!

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Can’t remember which is which, but either Davids Thewlis or Threlfall expressed an interest in the part years ago, when Ecclestone left. Apparently whichever one it was was a long term DW fan.

  4. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Older actor please!

  5. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:


    • avatar Bob James says:

      Dr Hula Hoop, have you been drinking the hard stuff again?

  6. avatar John Shandler says:

    Ben Richards is the name being mentioned. But so was Paterson Joseph last time. Sad to see Matt Smith go. The wrong man is leaving.

  7. avatar TonyS says:

    I wonder whether Eric Idle would be up for it? Orrrrrrrrrrr given a recent tweet, Sir Roger Moore

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Can I just clarify that the above comment was a joke?

  8. avatar David Raun says:

    The reveal of John Hurt as a hidden past history DR. Who = MIND BLOWN ( as I felt back in the 80′s he would have been an AMAZING addition to the line of Dr. Who actors when Peter Davidson finished his run )

    It’s time for an older Doctor… to give more room for a needed change in tone for the new series – in the way Tom Baker took over the series in the 1970′s, and the show went more horror / surreal adventure inspired. And…. to just do away with the silly Dr. Who Rom-Com aspect of the show that’s gotten tired…. ( the girls are cute and all but the Doctor being married and in love ???!!! ) Rom’s between companions.. that’s Ok… but the River Song stuff was a real low point in story telling of what’s been a stellar reinvention of the brand.

    • avatar Kaled says:

      I agree on most parts with you except the Riversong point of view. When the show orinally started 50 years ago the doctor had a granddaughter , so must have had a wife. So now we are shown a different side the doctor as a lover. Yes I know it’s a bit strange, but to my point of view it’s fleshed out the character of the doctor, also the sparkling banter between them has been fab.

    • avatar Colleen says:

      Why would an older Doctor negate the possibility of romance? The First Doctor did get engaged. :) But really, that’s hardly only the bally-wick of the young.

  9. avatar John Shandler says:

    Sorry, Ben Daniels, I meant to say! My son is called Richard and is on my lap as I write this!!!

  10. I’ve seen certain fans living in the past say “Bring Tennant back!” in regards to casting a new Doctor, a response which makes me shake my head. There’s no way in heck Tennant would get cast as the Doctor again, and McGann is equally unlikely. Let’s be realistic here.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Bring back McCoy, I say…

    • avatar Bob James says:

      I think they know that Mr Lilly, and they’re just venting the wishful thoughts. These changeovers can be very hard for some people.

    • Yet recasting McGann would give him his fair chance in the sun. How can we really claim him as one of the lives of Doctor when he had nothing but a TV special and many Americans never saw it. Most met 4 then got lost until 9 (if they were lucky) and many didn’t get meeting the Doctor again until 11.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Beginning to develop theory that Hurt will turn out to be aged 8th Doctor – the one who destroyed the Time Lords (“What I did I did out of peace and sanity”), hence his banishment to the dark recesses of the Doctor’s mind – also, no.8 was the only one we did not see even a glimpse of in the episode – unless I missed it?

        • avatar TonyS says:

          Just before Doc 2 ran past Clara in the sun she is jostled by Doc 8. I think. You get an impression of a velvet sleeve.

  11. avatar Jim Sutton says:

    I have three:

    1.) Naoko Mori – who played Toshiko in Torchwood
    2.) Lara Pulver – Who played Irene Adler in SherlocK
    3.) Eve Myles -

  12. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    A few years ago it was always Alan Davies (because of “Jonathan Creek”, which was basically DW without time travel), now it’s BC because of “Sherlock” – but realistically, would he want to play it – and if he did, he’d have to play it totally differently from Holmes anyway, so those who want him would be disappointed (as Davies pointed out re Creek).

    Damian Lewis is now big in the US after years of trying – so again, realistically, would he come back for DW? Any well known, already successful, name is unlikely. They come with too much baggage. Remember, Tennant was fairly low profile when he got Who – it made him the star he is.

    Old/older actors have long been ruled out (BBC ageism in action!) – if the new Dr is over 40 I’d be surprised. So John Hurt isn’t going to be no.12! (He’s The Valyard anyway) The name of Ben Daniels has been bouncing around the net for weeks but he’s almost 50, so I have my doubts.

    For the same reason my choice, Colin Salmon, would be ruled out. Which is a pity. I m hoping for an actor in their late 30s at least, rather than yet another youngster – if only for contrast. We’ll see.

  13. avatar Peter James says:

    John Noble for me. He was basically playing the Doctor in Fringe.

    • avatar Al says:

      And with Fringe now done, he’s available. But he’s Australian, not British. As long as the BBC remains rate-payer supported, they simply won’t be allowed to hire anyone who isn’t at least a UK citizen. That doesn’t disqualify non-Caucasians but it does leave Americans, Canadians, Australians and Mongolians out of the loop.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        “The Fall”, a massive critical and ratings success for the BBC features Gillian Anderson – who’s always turning up on BBC shows with her adopted English accent, so I doubt the BBC “won’t be allowed” to hire a non-Brit if they wanted – though I do think it unlikely they’d go down that road anyway.

  14. avatar Spider-pope says:

    Paterson Joseph. Same person i wanted when the debate was who should play 11.

    • avatar Al says:

      I said the following exact words back in 2009: I don’t get this fetish for Paterson Joseph. I only ever saw him as that whiney Dalek cannon fodder in Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. He have me absolutely no sign of being Doctor quality material, so I just don’t get this “fetish” (word used tongue-in-cheek) people have for the guy. If they decide to go with a black actor in my opinion there are plenty of better choices out there, ranging from Idris Elba (assuming Luther is cancelled) to Adrian Lester to even Noel Clarke.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        I think the calls for Paterson Joseph were based less on his appearance in Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways than for his role in Neverwehere (which was ages ago).

      • avatar Spider-pope says:

        Then you should check him out in ‘Neverwhere’, any one of a dozen dramas he’s appeared in, any of his turns on stage in with the RSC. Heck even his role in the sit-com ‘Peep Show’ is a great thing to see his range in.
        Just because you have not been fortunate to see enough of his work to witness his more than adequate ability to play the Doctor does not mean he’s unsuitable. Just means you’re missing out on a very talented man.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Joseph is a very good actor indeed – though not necessarily my first choice for the part (I’m in the Colin Salmon camp). He’s done everything from Shakespeare to Casualty!

        • avatar Spider-pope says:

          Salmon would be my first choice for Bond, not sure about him being The Doctor though.

  15. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    I’ve got to take you to task, Christian, for your ‘foaming at the mouth’ reactionary hyperbole about an actress ‘ripping the soul’ out of Doctor Who if cast as the Doctor. Seems a bit strong considering no announcement has been made and if so, so what? Really? Really?

    To say you prefer a male in the role is one thing but to say a woman in the lead would ruin the show just by dint of being a woman is sexist.

    But all this to one side Colin Salmon I’d like or Stephen Mangan after his Dirk Gently performance.

    Though really, I want Matt to stay….go for the ‘Baker 7′….it’s not too late…..!

    • avatar David F says:

      Where’s the “foaming at the mouth reactionary hyperbole”? I certainly can’t see it. Seemed like a pretty straight observation to me.

      Straight statement of fact: It won’t be a woman. The risks of alienating chunks of the audience would be too great. No production team would take the risk unless the show was dying and needed something desperate to shake it up. I think that’s all Christian was saying. But we’ve had thirty years of newspapers lining up Joanna Lumley, and I’m sure she’ll be mentioned again by people who don’t understand how drama works.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      You could argue that the soul was ripped out of it a long time ago. This last series in particularly has been pretty soulless. I know plenty of casual viewers who simply no longer enjoy it – and it’s first and primary objective is as entertainment, if it fails to do that for the general public, then it’s not working. Even as a long time fan I found much of this series to be dismal.

      But that’s an discussion for another day.

      A woman Doctor: I always liked RTD’s (of Moffat?) comment that he couldn’t cast a woman simply because he couldn’t face the talk to the small child fan where he would be asked where the Doctor’s willy had gone!!!

    • To say you prefer a male in the role is one thing but to say a woman in the lead would ruin the show just by dint of being a woman is sexist.

      Sorry, no. It’s not sexist, any more than me declaring that I don’t want to become a woman is sexist. James Bond will not become a woman. DCI Jane Tennyson will not become a man.

      This isn’t to do with sexism or prejudice. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the character and the show. Just because Time Lords *can* switch gender doesn’t mean that they *should*.

      • avatar J-Mill says:

        James Bond is an inherently sexual character, so his gender is important (beyond his inability to biologically change it). The Doctor, even with his romantic history, has never been a sexual character in the least, so there’s no reason to think a female 12th Doctor would become one – just like there’s no reason to think a male 12th Doctor would be a sexual figure either. Scarlett Johanson would be a bad choice for the same reason Ryan Gosling would be.

        The a traveler who uses his superior intellect and optimism to help anyone who needs it, along with his companions. THAT is the “soul of the show,” and nothing about that would have to change were a woman to fly the TARDIS.

        All that being said, my ideal choice would be James Callis.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Has it ever been definitely stated they can change sex – on the tv show? I can’t remember that being said.

        • The Doctors Wife.

          • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

            Missed that. Will have to rewatch it. Ironically, elsewhere I suggest Suranne Jones if we had a female Dr!

          • avatar lozzer says:

            The way I interpreted the comments in ‘The Doctors Wife’ it was more of a joke – trans-gender issues being the implication… Now there would be an interesting Doctor… At least that’s how I saw it. I don’t see the Doctor ever being a woman as I’d estimate over two-thirds of the audience (I’m happy for you to disagree with me here) are made up predominantly by boys (or men in our case), of course woman love the show, but I can’t see the toy line continuing to be as popular if little boys (or men) have to buy little dolls.

      • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

        Try making a comment like that in a professional environment – “a female bus driver will ruin this bus route because she isn’t male” and see how far you get.

        So in real life if someone undergoes gender reassignment they lose integrity as a human being?

        • Try making a comment like that in a professional environment – “a female bus driver will ruin this bus route because she isn’t male” and see how far you get.

          Absolutely NOT the same thing as you well know.

          So in real life if someone undergoes gender reassignment they lose integrity as a human being?

          The difference here, of course, is that Doctor Who is fiction. How dare you use my argument in this way? Are you unable to separate a fictional work and the demands of its audience and its cultural relevance with reality?

          Seriously, that is an unacceptable representation of my point of view. I cannot believe you posted it.

          Incidentally, there is no such thing as a “professional environment”, only one in which communication is restricted to a prescribed set of rules.

          • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

            But Christian, how dare you say by just casting a woman, that because of the actor’s gender (note actor is widely used to describe male and female performers in the 21st century) that this would “ruin” the show.

            Let’s be clear here.

            No casting announcement has been made. To assume a female would “ruin” a television show because of her gender before ant such announcement, purely speculatively – is sexist.

            Your argument about Doctor Who being fiction actually undermines what you are saying. Because it is fiction….hold on for this… can do anything you like because it is all made up .

            When I refer to professional environment I am thinking of employment and workplace regulations.

            I have no problem with you stating you prefer a man to be cast as the Doctor. To say a woman would ruin it because of her sexual characteristics is plain wrong.

            Your comment about there being no professional environment is nonsense. “Communication restricted to a prescribed set of rules” is tautological and vague. Discourse structures do not have ‘rules’, though you can argue there are tacitly agreed standards that are conformed to by participants for the most part.

            You refer to me using your argument in an unfair way. It is merely an analogy about people transitioning genders in real life. You may not think that saying a person’s gender would ruin something is sexist. I do.

            I personally would be surprised if the casting isn’t equal opportunities. It is 2013 after all.

          • An actor’s gender will not ruin Doctor Who. That isn’t even close to what I said.

            I said:

            It won’t be a woman, not unless Moffat and the Beeb are planning to rip the soul out of Doctor Who.

            This is a very simple argument and I’m surprised that we’re still talking about it. The points you make are absolutely fair enough but miss the point of what I’m saying. Would changing Batman into a female character work? No. Would making Popeye a girl change that fictional world? Yes. In both of these cases, creating new characters, stories and worlds would be the sensible thing to do.

            Now, you say:

            Because it is fiction….hold on for this… can do anything you like because it is all made up .

            This doesn’t undermine my argument. You are undermining the fiction and YOUR own argument because you are failing to recognise the importance of the internal narrative and the cultural relevance of the material. Just because you believe that Doctor Who would not be a disaster with a woman cast in the lead role doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. I’ve got 50 years of history backing me up, and a love for the show that I’m not prepared to throw away in a moment of stupid tokenism that, if it fails, will result in the lead being cast as a man again.

            Please consider what I’m actually saying when you reply, and not paint my points with some sort of picture in your head about who or what I am. You’ve made some disgraceful judgments so far.

      • avatar Al says:

        “James Bond will not become a woman. DCI Jane Tennyson will not become a man.

        This isn’t to do with sexism or prejudice. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the character and the show. Just because Time Lords *can* switch gender doesn’t mean that they *should*.”

        Well put. Not to mention Gaiman pretty much established in his backstory about the Corsair in the Brilliant Book that the Corsair is LGBT. All the “change genders” bit established is there is a transgendered element to the Time Lord species just as there is in humans. That doesn’t mean everyone does it. Plus, and I’ll keep saying this till I’m blue in the face, if you believe the Doctor should change genders then you need to accept that Romana, assuming she survived the Time War, might well have regenerated into “The Man with Chips” from The Bells of Saint John. And I’m going to start saying that John Hurt is actually playing The Rani. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? When they were casting for Man of Steel, I can guarantee you they didn’t look at any females for the role. If we want to see a female Time Lord in modern-day Doctor Who other than River Song then folks should lobby for Romana III to be introduced, or for the “Gallifreyan Clara” who helped the First Doctor to be brought back.

        • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

          Christian, let’s get a few things straight When you say:

          “An actor’s gender will not ruin Doctor Who. That isn’t even close to what I said.
          I said:
          It won’t be a woman, not unless Moffat and the Beeb are planning to rip the soul out of Doctor Who.”

          You must have a curious interpretation of what the metaphor “rip the soul” out of something. Yes I agree, it is a simple argument. You are saying that casting a woman would in effect destroy Doctor Who. You might think that but it’s a million miles away from a fact.

          “Would changing Batman into a female character work? No. ”

          Poppycock. DC and Marvel deliberately created fictional analogues to their male characters. Yes, partially to protect intellectual property to stop others from doing it. Yes they are separate characters, but Batgirl and Batwoman are still females who dress up as bats, like their male counterpart. Doctor Who happens to exist in a universe wherein the main character, unlike Batman or Superman could actually be their female analogue. The prototype for this is the second Romana, who, in Destiny of the Daleks even dresses in a pink version of the Tom Baker costume complete with long scarf. And very fetching it looks too.

          “Would making Popeye a girl change that fictional world? Yes”.

          Yes it would. But change isn’t necessarily bad. I can agree with you to a certain extent. Change for change’s sake isn’t necessarily the best way to go. Look at Season 7 though – it’s fantastic, but totally different to what came before (though the seeds were sown in the Troughton era, and even with Hartnell in the War Machines.)

          “In both of these cases, creating new characters, stories and worlds would be the sensible thing to do.”

          But Doctor Who doesn’t have to do that! This is one of the series’ strengths! J J Abrams had to destroy a Star Trek chronology of 40 odd years and recast characters played by iconic actors like Shatner and Spock. Watching those films you have to suspend disbelief, as for example, talente actor as Simon Pegg is he looks nothing like James Doohan. Doctor Who is free from all that. It can all be part of an ongoing story.

          “Because it is fiction….hold on for this… can do anything you like because it is all made up .
          This doesn’t undermine my argument. You are undermining the fiction and YOUR own argument because you are failing to recognise the importance of the internal narrative and the cultural relevance of the material.”

          You sound like one of Kane’s guards! No I am not undermining my argument. ‘Rules’ about narrative in fiction – particularly by fans is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s restrictive and counter to what art is. I take it you are again suggesting that casting a woman would undermine the cultural relevance of Doctor Who….err… Even if you loathed a Doctor because she lacked a penis and you believe this is as necessary as a Rassilon Imprimatur to fly a TARDIS then it wouldn’t remove the cultural relevance of the previous 50 years. Doctor Who’s cultural relevance, is to me, an argument to HAVE a female Doctor. You may have noticed that Western culture includes contributions from a fair few females. Surely Doctor Who can reflect it?

          Internal narrative in Doctor Who!? What a joke. If we followed that logic you wouldn’t have ‘The Deadly Assassin’ or countless other stories where production teams merrily flicked the Vs to continuity and struck gold. Discussions about canon seem so pretentious… is whatever the makers want it to be. Luckily Doctor Who copes with ‘canonical transgressions’ fairly deftly, just ignoring things like the Doctor being half human on his mother’s side and moving swiftly on. ‘Dimensions in Time’ was clearly intended to be canon by John Nathan Turner. Bobbins as it is, people dismiss it as not being ‘canon’. The BBC don’t even have an official canon policy, unlike Lucasfilm and Star Wars. They’ll be chucking all the old expanded universe stuff out of the window with the sequel trilogy. But this goes back to my earlier point. They can because it’s fiction and whoever makes these things can do what they want broadly speaking.

          “I’ve got 50 years of history backing me up,”

          Doctor Who Copyright Christian Cawley 1963?

          Even if you did, you ain’t got the next 50 years……

          ” and a love for the show that I’m not prepared to throw away in a moment of stupid tokenism that, if it fails, will result in the lead being cast as a man again.”

          You don’t run Doctor Who.

          “Please consider what I’m actually saying when you reply, and not paint my points with some sort of picture in your head about who or what I am. You’ve made some disgraceful judgments so far.”

          The only picture I have of you is the one you create with the words you choose. I mean no offence. You may not realise that when you say casting a woman will rip the soul out of Doctor Who, this is a needlessly emotive and discriminatory statement. It really is. I am happy to accept the fact you prefer a male in the lead. Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn’t like the female actor cast. Maybe it would be incredible. You have to be open minded. The kind of statement like ‘ripping the soul’ is prejudiced.

          Look Christian, let’s be clear about this. Nothing I’ve written has been in any way a personal attack on you, and neither is this. I have no problem with you not being keen on the idea of a female Doctor. I just have an issue with that phrase. I do not believe you are some kind of Bernard Manning type figure churning out hatred from behind your monitor.

          Think on this. If you change the word ‘woman’ in your sentence to a particular race or sexual orientation I doubt you would use it.

          “It won’t be a woman, not unless Moffat and the Beeb are planning to rip the soul out of Doctor Who.”

          This is not me distorting your words. I am trying to show you the effect of that kind of statement. Please understand this. All I would ask is that you avoid such phrases in the future.

          I feel very strongly about attitudes to women and women’s rights. Maybe it seems petty to you and you can’t believe we “still are talking about it”. Why would a time travelling alien who can change their body need to be male? Why?

          Of course they can. Doctor Who is a story.

          Look if they really are going to call it ‘Twelfth Night’ then there’s food for thought. Also the name of Shakespeare’s famous play that features ——gender switching………….

          • avatar zarbisupremo says:

            A female Popeye ? Now that’s something I’d like to see, along with Freda Flintstone.
            You had to suspend your disbelief watching the new Star Trek just because the actors didn’t look like the originals ? Oh, come on, at least Simon Pegg managed to do a convincing Scottish accent unlike Jimmy Doohan. Karl Urban looks nothing like DeForest Kelly, but he’s completely convincing as Bones. Do you have to suspend your disbelief as Zoe Saldana’s baps aren’t as big as Nichelle Nicholls, or because Chris Pine doesn’t wear a toupee like the Shat ?

    • avatar bonobobananas says:

      Oh dear. Please see Christian’s considered reply. The Doctor is a male Time Lord, end of story. If you’d like to see a version of The Doctor with a female lead, please feel free to write it and hopefully get it produced, Romana would be a good start (that’s a female Time Lord).

      • Or Jenny

  16. avatar TonyS says:

    Amanda Abbington has expressed interest. She could be good in the role.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      “expressed and interest” is one way of putting it! “I want to be the next doctor because I f****** love the show” was what she tweeted, more or less! Don’t know her work so can’t comment. A few years ago, when Tennant left, Michelle Gomez made a big noise about wanting the part – she’s a good comedian, but not sure if she has range. If we did have a female Doctor I’d go for Suranne Jones maybe.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Amanda Abbington is probably best known for the maltesers ads

  17. avatar Zoe says:

    How about benedict cumberbatch? But even better suggestion would be just to keep Matt!!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Not going to happen he is leaving. Benedict Cumberbatch is too well associated with Sherlock which is a) still running and b) too similar a role

  18. avatar sw says:

    As much as I love Matt Smith as the Doctor I think his time is up, they shouldn’t have lied about him returning for the 8th series one more with him would have been great and enough I think. One name I’ve wanted to see as the Doctor for some time now is the son of a former Doctor and I’m surprised his name never really get flung around much during these times of speculation ……..SEAN PERTWEE :)

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Doubt he’d want to play a role so strongly associated with his Dad – but yes, I’d like to see it. He did a Miss Marple a few years ago where he played against character, a bumbling, shy type. He has more range than his roles would suggest.

      Not sure what was going on with MS saying he was in it next year only a week ago. Maybe they wanted to keep his going a surprise but were forced to reveal it earlier than wanted? Maybe he was offered something great in the US while there and couldn’t turn it down?

      • avatar Bob James says:

        In the publication of a “lost” interview in DWM a few issues back, Jon himself wasn’t keen on the idea of Sean ever playing the role.

  19. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Bit mystified at the BBC’s reluctance to cast an older – and I mean 50s/60s – actor. The claim made by RTD is that the schedule is too intense and so they avoid anyone over 45 as “it would kill him”. But US shows are much bigger than ours, 22 plus episodes – and they often cast older actors. If RTD had been in charge of ST TNG we’d never have had Patrick Stewart!

    Frankly, a doctor who sits down and contemplates for a bit instead of running around shouting and waving their arms around would be nice! 10 and 11 were far too similar to one another for my liking and I’d really hope the next one is a real contrast.

    • avatar Dan Hallett says:

      I think Moffatt said they were thinking older before they cast Matt but he blew them away.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        At the time, the other main contender, Patterson Joseph would have been 44 I think I’m right in saying. Which is within the cut off age range. But some of the people mentioned now are 50 plus – so I’d say highly unlikely. At 48, sadly even Joseph may be considered too old.

    • avatar Claws-on says:

      Star Trek had a large ensemble cast so different characters could be the focus of different episodes allowing individual cast members breaks.

  20. avatar Mary Ogle says:

    Excuse me? Rip the soul out of Doctor Who? There’s absolutely no reason why a woman couldn’t play that character. This may come as a shock to you but women are actually well versed in wit, brilliance and the politics of power. I am not vested either way. I’m sure that whoever they choose will bring something new and thrilling to the role. To imply, however, that choosing a woman to play that part would somehow destroy the franchise is at best short-sighted. Open your eyes – there’s a whole world outside of those narrow little confines you’ve built.

    • Open your eyes – there’s a whole world outside of those narrow little confines you’ve built.

      Hi Mary.

      How exactly do you suppose any one can exist in the world without being aware that “women are actually well versed in wit, brilliance and the politics of power.” I can switch on my TV and see some amazing actresses and one or two remarkable politicians. At the same time, however, I can also spot females on MTV who are happy to take a dollar or million to flash their bits in the name of music. The point isn’t about gender, it’s about character and creative integrity, in remaining truthful to the text (which in fairness is ever developing) and trusting the audience enough to recognise that this is a strong, male role, one of very few on television (please, list the alternatives if you have any. I can name ten strong female roles to every one male role you can).

      But most pertinent is this: what would swapping the Doctor’s gender be, other than a gesture of extremely cynical tokenism? Because if such a risk fails (and after 50 years of establishing the Doctor as a male then yes it is a risk), the producers will be forced from many levels to back track.

      So please, open your eyes, and consider the actual ramifications to Doctor Who – if you truly consider yourself a fan – beyond those narrow little confines you’ve built.

      Oh, and I’ve previously said on these pages that I will happily be proved wrong. It just seems a very silly risk to take, imho.

      • avatar vortexter says:

        If they re-made Alien and re-cast the role of Ellen Ripley as a male then it would not work and I would be incensed as she is one of the strongest females in sci-fi. The character is female and that’s history. Same with the Doctor being male. I have nothing against the idea but I think it would be a massive fail.

      • avatar Koth says:

        Your comments are the exact reason why the Doctor will never be a woman. No braburners in the Beeb!

    • avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

      “but women are actually well versed in wit, brilliance and the politics of power”

      The what? What are the “politics of power”? I googled it and only get power politics.

      I agree with Christian, the stories would be terrible, imagine:

      “Dr Who does the cooking and cleaning”

      “Dr Who carries a load of laundry upstairs, folds it and puts it away”

      But, much more importantly, who would drive the Tardis for her?

      • avatar iank says:

        Brilliantly inflammatory! I salute you, sir ROFL!

  21. avatar James says:

    My choices
    Simon pegg
    Cumberbatch (though he’s got sherlock sown up)
    Chris addison
    Hugh laurie
    Eddie mcclintock (to appeal more to u.s. viewers)
    Saul rubinek

  22. I hope they don’t go for a big name actor; I wince each time there’s a high profile guest star as it is. If they’re going for an established but lesser known actor – like Matt Smith was – I’d like to see someone like Steven Miller (formerly Lenny Lyons in the BBC drama Casualty take on the role). Scottish, ginger and young enough to have that pin-up quality and a fine actor to boot – he could tick all the boxes.

  23. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Just had a flashback: Jason Flemying has more than once expressed the desire to play the Doctor – openly wanted it when Tennant got it (he ab libbed “nice to have you back Doctor” to Tennant in the live Quatermass – Tennant’s reference to a “ginger” Doctor in his debut was a payback). Maybe he’ll get his chance now.

    • I actually meant to include Flemyng. He’s always very good in whatever he does, and would be an excellent older choice who isn’t very well known.

      • avatar Dan Hallett says:

        He’d be a great choice. My main fear with a bugger name actor is that they are not likely to hang around very long.

        • avatar Dan Hallett says:

          Er bigger even.

          • avatar vortexter says:

            Jason Flemyng is a good call. We do need a ginger Doctor as Marc Platts Battlefield mentions the future Doctor who is known as Merlin is a Ginger! No offence to our fellow ginger fans! He would do it as well. The Man has a Dalek poster in his house for goodness sakes!

          • avatar Bob James says:

            I’m glad you corrected there. Any kind of “bugger name actor” would belong in an entirely different kind of television series.

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          His Dad directed the DW movies with Cushing, so it’s in his blood!

          • avatar vortexter says:

            Then its settled. We own him. It’s his duty to step on board the TARDIS.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      Good choice, he was the best thing about ‘Primeval’ on ITV.

  24. avatar Alex Sives says:

    How about Benedict Cumberbatch for the 12th Doctor.

  25. avatar lozzer says:

    Definitely would prefer an older Doctor this time around, someone with a bit of gravitas and depth who also has a ‘slightly’ silly side. I think the most important thing for Doctor Who right now is that it gets some stability. It’s been on shaky ground of late and a proper run of 13 episodes is well overdue, and much needed. I wouldn’t be surprised if series 7 was split into two to accommodate Matt, but if that was the case, then I’m disappointed, it was a very bad move and has, in my opinion, damaged the show slightly – nothing it won’t recover from, but it has left a scar. Hopefully we’ve got great times ahead and I trust that the next Doctor will be played by an incredible actor.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Agree there – breaking it in two – for whatever reason (and I don’t think it had anything to do with MS), didn’t work. Either broadcast it as one full season (which is the rumour it’ll return to) or as two separate seasons, not pretending they are one with a break. It was a s bad a decision as the “year of specials” we had back when Tennant was drawing to a close!

      I was also surprised to find myself missing the two parters, even though they are usually pretty poor – so bringing them back would be nice.

  26. Idris Elba, Amara Karan or Arabella Weir who allready played an awesome Doctor in the Unbound audio Exile.

  27. avatar Andrew G. Dick says:

    Rik Mayall. He looks very Hartnell-esque these days with long white hair. He can can play perfectly straight. I too want someone older, 50 is a good age for a Doctor actor.

    • avatar Jo says:

      YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  28. avatar authorman94 says:

    Personally, I’d have Patterson Joseph because he has a warmth to him that no other new series Doctor has had, not to mention he’s a great actor who deserves more recognition. If we do have a white male Doctor again (which is extremely likely at this point), then I’d have James Nesbitt because with him, there could be a more anti-hero edge that the Doctor could have, and he has excellent comic timing in things like Cold Feet that could suit the Doctor (and remember, Jon Pertwee was a comedy actor before he took the role, and look at how seriously he portrayed him).

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Patterson Joseph auditioned for it in 2010 and lost out to Smith.

      • avatar authorman94 says:

        Remember though, Jon Pertwee was considered to replace William Hartnell and lost out to Patrick Troughton, but then took the part at a later date. Not to mention how Patterson Joseph was Moffat’s no. 1 choice for the part until he saw Smith, so who’s to say he doesn’t go back to him?

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          Patterson would have been my first choice then as well – now I’d probably go for Colin Salmon! I just wonder if PJ would want to go for a part he’d previously lost out on – the moment may have passed. But if he did, definitely better than some of the names being bandied about!

          Although Pertwee was supposedly considered for replacing Hartnell, he never auditioned, of course. Ironically, he only got the job in the end because Ron Moody turned them down!

          • avatar authorman94 says:

            I’d imagine Patterson would consider giving it an audition since he’s got another chance at possibly landing the part, not to mention how he’s one of the actors most brought up as a possible candidate for the Twelfth Doctor.

            Ah, you’re right about Pertwee replacing Hartnell. Still though, they went back to him, and he’s considered one of the best Doctors of all time, so they made the right choice in going back to him (I recall Ron Moody saying that he really regretted turning down the part.

  29. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Seem to remember reading somewhere that Sam West has expressed a longstanding desire to play the part (he apparently told Tennant he’d give his right arm to play the part).

    • avatar Bob James says:

      No one would need fear a Sam West Doctor, as he’d be “armless”.

  30. avatar James Colvin says:

    Remember the cover of the last Doctor Who Magazine – the one with the ‘Who Is the Doctor?’ header and Matt Smith stood in front of all the past actors in the background. That prompted the thought: an enigma, obviously. But also – wouldn’t it be boring if the answer was just ‘some white guy’? More than that – isn’t the enigma being watered down by frequent repetition of the Doctor being a white, able-bodied, usually middle-class male?

    Forget any past ‘rules’ that have been established – only through repetition and fan fixation on them. Those are what makes a show stagnate, not risk-taking. Quite the reverse – Attack of the Cybermen/Colin Baker years – massive riffs on what had gone before and nothing else. Creative vacuum. Tom Baker era – hell, the first regeneration – nothing like that had been done before. And much more exciting and unpredictable as a result.

    Instead, take a broader look at the tradition of storytelling the show belongs to. The closest equivlaent to the Doctor is Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius – an ambiguous and polymorphous trickster, who challenges repressive authorities. Makes recurrent appearances in different forms – including more than once as a woman.

    All of which is by the by – the 12th Doctor is obviously going to be some young white male British actor. But that doesn’t mean we should close our minds to the idea of something different just because some television executives will be. Open-mindedness is a wonderful thing.

    • A compelling argument, James, thanks for sharing.

  31. avatar Barb says:

    Definitely an OLDER Doctor please (and less emphasis on the companions).

  32. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    Two names to play with. Colin Salmon, who was very good as Doctor Moon and the story could be angled that Doctor moon the computer programme was the Doctor all along.
    Another left field idea if we want a Doctor who is excentric how about Paul Kaye, know best for comedy but who has been in many drama’s over the years.

  33. avatar Carl says:

    Doug Bradley

    • avatar Bob James says:

      And a Doug Bradley Doctor would sure “raise some hell!”

  34. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    There was a lot of talk on American websites I believe that the next Doctor, whenever that happened, should be Matthew Gray Gubler – he’s in Criminal Minds for those who don’t know. His character is a big Doctor Who fan and even dresses up as Tom Baker in one episode!

    Maybe talking about women, black and asian DRs we are missing another possibility – a non-British one?

  35. avatar Peter Johnston says:

    Sean Pertwee!

  36. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    “we are missing another possibility – a non-British one?”

    See my comments from the top down and my thread in the forum.

    • avatar Bob James says:

      That suggestion of “a non British one” = “Someone just doesn’t get it”. I still remember Philip Segal, the producer of the TV Movie, relating a story about a conversation with Steven Spielberg that he once had. Back in the Nineties Segal was working for Amblin, which was a Spielberg production company, and Spielberg stopped Segal in a car park to tell him that David Hasselhoff had expressed interest in playing the Doctor. Wow, what a missed opportunity………

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        However, that suggests all American actors are Hasselhoffs. There are many that would make a good Doctor – and they could drop their accents (Tennant did, after all!) – Nathan Fillion is just one name that springs to mind. I’m not suggesting this is a road we should – and indeed ever will – go down, but really, why not? I’d rather a good American actor than a bad British one…

        • avatar zarbisupremo says:

          James Marsters would be pretty good if they went with an American.

  37. avatar Neu 75Neu75 says:

    I’m going to throw a couple of names into the pot;
    Oliver Lansley, who played Kenny Everett in the recent bio and Steven Robertson, who was in Being Human and Luther. Both have the necessary qualities I think in a Doctor…

  38. avatar Will Osman says:

    michael fassbender, hugh laurie, robert downey jr. (or for american version (summer glau as companion :D)), rupert grint, idris elba, tom hardy, damian lewis (though i hadnt thought of it before this article,) bill nighy, jeff bridges

  39. Rupert Grint. Let the Doctor remain his youthful course and finally be Ginger.

    • avatar iank says:

      God no, not him. He ruins every scene he’s in in Potter, let’s not have ruin Who too!

      • avatar Bob James says:

        Tony Blair……..

        • avatar zarbisupremo says:

          Blair’s not ginger though, although I always thought he had an Emperor Palpatine quality about him.

          If you want a red haired Doctor, give it 25-30 years and my son will be the right age, he’s 8 at the end of this month.

  40. avatar tomprisoner says:

    Paul Kaye.

  41. avatar Bluebell says:

    Richard Ayoade… if he would have a similar character than in IT Crewd as Moss, that would be so funny :)

  42. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    Thought about Paul Kaye, Tom, before I knew Matt was going, but reckon he’d make a better villain. There’s something never entirely likeable about him, creepy even, in other roles that’d make him work well as a guest baddie.

  43. Patterson Joseph if casting another man…Maxine Peake if casting a woman…

  44. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’ve LONG been an advocate for Hugh Laurie as the Doctor. He hated filming House in America as it took him away from family-problem solved. He’s still plenty young enough to run the corridors, definitely has an amazing range. and yeah, I think they *could* keep it a secret since they pulled it off with Catherine Tate in Runaway bride. In fact, I hope they do manage to pull it off considering that if they do announce it before hand, it’ll kind of take even more away from the 50th and that’s what they’re trying to hype up this year of all years.

    • avatar bonobobananas says:

      Yes I’d be happy with Hugh Laurie. He managed to make me forget his bumbling Bertie Wooster brilliantly with House and fits the ‘older actor’ theme that I like many others are hoping they go for.

      • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

        Apparently Laurie has recently turned down a series lead because he wants to concentrate on his music – so unlikely I think that he would opt for something as intensive as DW.

  45. I ranted about Matt Smith leaving…

  46. avatar Skylar says:

    I really want Benedict Cumberbatch as the doctor

    • avatar David F says:

      I was at university with Benedict Cumberbatch, and when I did my dissertation on Doctor Who, he mocked me for it (even though his mum had been in it). I had to defend myself for liking it. It would be too weird for me if he were the Doctor.

  47. avatar TonyS says:

    If I remember correctly, Sean Pertwee has been quoted as saying that he would like to play the Doctor. Another possible contender is Hugh Grant. He apparently was offered the role in 2005 (or before) and turned it down. He seems to have said that it was a massive mistake to say no.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      He put a bet on himself being the 11th Doctor the last time!

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Hugh or Sean?

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          Sean – £50 after he kept reading he was in the frame!

          • avatar TonyS says:

            Thanks. I didn’t know that.

  48. I would be pretty okay with them casting a woman. Other reasons beside:
    That’s something new. They didn’t do it yet.
    It’s pretty difficult to find something in a show that’s running half a century now. The first episode with the new female doctor would write itself, also there would be a great story idea around the controversial romana I to II regeneration that could be explored in more detail.
    Also, if the doctor wanted to keep a low profile like he’s telling everybody in the last two seasons, what better way would there be for him – who is known as “a MAN called the doctor / the best man I’d ever known / etc” on countless worlds – to become female for one or two regen cycles?

    But I agree, they wont do it, because they fear the reaction of the fans, even tho it would be canonical. “I know, they can change sex, but why must the doctor?” :/

    Also the changing of white dudes for white dudes kinda gets a bit stale in this day and age. Getting a ginger doctor would be the least in my oppinion.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      I’m against a female Doctor, solely because there are so few role models for boys these days that don’t solve their problems by beating the snot out of someone, or chase a ball round a field for a living while shagging anything that moves in the evening.

      The Doctor gives boys someone to look up to who uses his brain to solve problems instead of his fists. Who values science and not just physical prowess at sports.

      By all means give girls a similar role model, but create a new one for them instead of taking away someone elses.

      • Excellent point.

  49. avatar thedad says:

    Bill Nighy, or controversially, John Barrowman

  50. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Wouldn’t want a pretty boy like Hugh Grant. The Doctor should look odd and alien….

  51. avatar Paul Blume says:

    If not female or of colour, I nominate either Damien Maloney or Harry Lloyd…why not a suave, elegant, debonaire Doctor for a change? Preferably one with facial hair.

    • avatar Amber says:

      Those are my top choices too! I understand why some people would like an older Doctor but I don’t think it will happen- it would look like a strange backward step and they’d need to find somebody with tons of stamina as both DT & MS have frankly looked knackered towards the end of their respective tenures.

  52. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Ladbrokes have Rory Kinnear as their favourite apparently – which is interesting as I’ve not heard his name mentioned anywhere else! Do they know something we don’t?

    Just realised that no one has mentioned Rhys Ifans this time round – wonder why?

  53. avatar Spacephantom says:

    I was going to say that I would like to see Damian Lewis as the Doctor, even before I saw him on the list of favourites (mind you , being on the list probably rules him out).

    He would continue the run of great actors playing the Doctor though, and at last the Doctor would get his wish of being ginger ;-)

    Another possibility is that John Hurt isn’t the incarnation between the 8th and 9th afterall, and is actually the 12th. I would love it, if that were the case.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      I’m thinking now that Hurt will turn out to be … the old 8th Doctor – his comment about doing what he did out of “peace and sanity” could be a reference to what he did to end the Time War. We will see.

  54. avatar joesiegler says:

    Ben Whishaw
    Siddig El Fadil (Alexander Siddig – DS9′s Dr Bashir)
    Simon Pegg

    and despite the continuity problems it would cause.. John bloody Barrowman!

    But… one thing above all else. NO WOMEN. Character’s a male. Done.

    P.S. I’d also love Hugh Laurie & Rowan Atkinson, but both are probably too old, and TOO associated with other characters.

  55. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I don’t understand when people throw in names of former Doctors to come play it again. That wouldn’t be regeneration, it would be de-generation. You gotta move forward.

  56. avatar Gruff says:

    The chap playing Morse in Endeavour is rather good, but I would guess he would be contracted to the role for some time.

    I really wonder if they could have cast them already and have plans to use this as a smokescreen to keep the show talked about all year long while there is not a great deal actually happening for the big one. They could then use the time to get the first Series for 12 off to a good start and plan in some excellent episodes. So far under Moffat his best planned arc was Series 5 where he had significantly longer to plan it out. Before he was doing Sherlock too.

    For this reason I feel it more likely to be an up and coming rather than an established actor.

    I would have loved to see John Hurt or Idris Elba but can’t see that happening. My other favourite would be Dominic West.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      I am convinced the part is already cast. The Moff is flipping good at manipulating the media

      • avatar TimeChaser says:

        I would tend to agree. If the filming of the Christmas Special is imminent, and then they start work on Season 8 this fall, they are either in the casting process or they’ve already found their next Doctor.

        • avatar David F says:

          I suspect they haven’t. I think they like to do extensive and lengthy auditions, and that’s hard to do when Smith’s departure is secret. In fact, the timing of this announcement probably indicates that they’re about to start the audition process.

          • avatar TimeChaser says:

            Possibly, but they must have done the auditions for Eleven before Tennant announced his departure, since Matt was announced early in 2009 before any of the specials that year had aired. And who’s to say they are auditioning this time? Perhaps Moffat has someone clearly in mind, or someone else from the previous auditions that was impressive enough besides Matt to file away for the future.

          • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

            They were apparently forced into the announcement when the BBC let slip in an email that there would be a new Doctor in the 2014 series. Until then they were claiming Smith would be around for another year – so it is highly possible that they had everything in place already – auditions for the Doctor could easily be hidden by auditions for general shows, or they could just have offered it to someone (like Patterson Joseph, who had auditioned in 2010). The Xmas special films in September, with, presumably, the new series filming shortly afterwards.

  57. avatar TonyS says:

    I would like them to do what they did with Pat Troughton and Peter Davison- cast a character actor and work with them to build a character for the Doctor. Some (but obviously not all) commentators are calling for actors based on their perception of how they would play the part. Benedict Cumberbatch, for example, based on his performance in Sherlock. I would hope that whoever is cast makes the role his or her own. (Yes- alright, it is most likely going to be a man) For, to take the example, Benedict Cumberbatch to play the same role he plays in Sherlock is unlikely to be appealing to him or to us. For Paterson Joseph to play the Marquess of Carabas would be boring. Find the right actor and work with him to build the part. And despite a momentary wobble (all of season 6 and the first half of season 7) I trust Steven Moffat to do that.

  58. Ian McKellern – the doc is a very Gandalf person

    But I think the Moff set up for a black Doc when River (little girl in Day of the Moon) regenerated – she was in an alley with a black hobo and became Amy&Rory’s pal Melody. Perhaps Time Lords regenerate to match someone they are near to? Part of the Chameleon thing.

    Let’s have Meera Sayal – my wife knew her at school, so we’re biased

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Ian McKellen would be more viable if he hadn’t played the Great Intelligence so recently

    • avatar Gruff says:

      Haha just came back to the page to post Meera Sayal, though wasn’t she in an episode?
      How about her other half, don’t recall him appearing, would look him up but battery is on 4%…

      • avatar TonyS says:

        She currently sleeps with the Silurians. Sorry! Earth Reptiles.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Sanjeev Baskar?

  59. avatar TonyS says:

    Provoking a lot of comment this. Good isn;t it?

  60. avatar FourandElevenForever says:

    David Morrissey

  61. I think Julia Sawalha would make a great female Doctor and already knows just how to play Moffat’s dialogue.

    I think Ben Whishaw would be a brilliant Doctor but, sadly, I don’t think it would interest him at this stage of his career.

  62. avatar Shawn says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch!! That would be amazing!

  63. avatar David F says:

    Just a quick aside: Remember the video from a couple of weeks ago? I thought it a bit odd at the time.

    Smith: You gave me good advice.
    Tennant: Did I?
    Smith: Advice that I’d pass on.
    Tennant: Good.
    Smith: Not advice that I can repeat.
    Tennant: No, don’t repeat it . . .

    Watching it now makes me guess the advice was, “Do three seasons, and don’t be tempted to outstay your welcome.”

  64. avatar E says:

    Having a female Doctor would “rip the soul” out of the show? … misogynist.

  65. avatar InCyder says:

    Regeneration will take place in the 50th special! Doh Matt’s hair is not going to grow back in time to film xmas special, unless they have already shot the xmas special. Another lie to keep the regeneration a surprise.

    • a similar point is made in the new podKast…

      • avatar vortexter says:

        I have heard the title of the Xmas special is called ‘Twelfth Night’ which make me think Matt regenerates in the anniversary special setting up the twelfth Doctor for an episode of his own.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Or he could wear a wig.

  66. avatar Caity says:

    Sorry to let the feminist side down – but I would be horrified if it was a woman. I agree with Christian, in that it would change the dynamics of the show and would be too radical a move for the “casual” viewer who are not versed in all the minute details (as we fans are) and do not remember what was said in The Doctor’s Wife (and more importantly couldn’t give a damn).

    I want a more mature and less frenetic Doctor – someone like Joseph Paterson or Colin Salmon or Hugh Laurie (none of which I think will be considered), someone who has gravitas, not a endlessly running, windmilling, gurning fool.

  67. avatar Grufaine says:

    Kenneth. Branagh.

    Otherwise, I think Eddie Redmayne would be great, if only for his gravely voice. I’ve also thought David Harewood would be really good for more of a Davison-esque Doctor. Those are probably my top three choices.

  68. avatar kopicbloodaxe says:

    Hmmm… Left field choices…

    How about Eoin Macken who played Gwaine in Merlin? A rather handsome chap who can sport facial hair and still look good (I hate him for that…)

    If it were an american, I’d choose William Peterson, aka Grissom from the original CSI

    I’ve long been an advocate of Sean Pertwee taking on the role. I think he just has a great presence and the right gravitas for the role – along with a great voice.

  69. avatar Hyncharas says:

    People sometimes complain that Matt would do more, though I think you need the right mindset to do more than four years; for both David Tennant and Matt Smith, they started work on Doctor Who only to find themselves being scripted for other projects for their iconic presence in the show, thus this broadened their horizons and they departed to do other things. In contrast, Tom Baker filled The Doctor’s shoes for seven years, but only because he dedicated his time to that and didn’t do other roles when it wasn’t being broadcast.

    Another issue is, you can’t go five minutes without someone in the community whining about an actor being in the show for too long as The Doctor. They forget that Time Lords only have THIRTEEN LIVES, and the BBC have made it abundantly clear they have no desires to tarnish prior actors’ performances by making a reboot – that means once those lives are gone, that’s the end of the show and then they’ll bitch even more that it is!

    I think the community should just stay out of the selection process for The Doctor altogether.

    • avatar castellanspandrel says:

      I don’t think the community would ever be allowed to be involved, Hyncharas. No harm in speculating as to who will be cast, however, or giving opinions as to who it should be.

      As for the thirteen lives, rest assured that can be ignored or changed with an explanation if the series remains popular enough to stay on TV. The Master was offered a whole new cycle of regenerations by the Time Lords in The Five Doctors and also prolonged his life via other, more nefarious means. Clearly, the 13 lives isn’t a binding limit. The series has contradicted its own internal mythology several times. It’s fantasy/SF – anything can happen and probably will.

  70. avatar Colleen says:

    Two choices
    Emma THOMPSON – fab!!! or
    Hugh LAURIE if he’d take on another series

  71. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    Damien Moloney is near the top of my list, but has now been superseded by Rory Kinnear, who’s a charismatic character actor with an interesting face and presence and who would be utterly engrossing to watch as the Doctor.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Rory Kinnear has said he has no interest in the show or being the Doctor and can’t understand where the claims he will be the new Dr have come from – he says it is a decoy for the real actor who’s been cast! Of course, that could itself be a smokescreen and he could indeed be the next Doc. I know nothing much of him – apart from him being Roy Kinnear’s son – so can’t form an opinion as to whether he’d be a good Doctor or not!

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Doesn’t he play Tanner in “Skyfall”?

        • avatar James Sutton says:

          Yes he did.

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          I believe so – but haven’t seen it (can’t stand Daniel Craig!)

          • avatar TonyS says:

            Julius Bedford in The First Men In The Moon apparently

  72. Paul Bettany! Brilliant actor and he’s basically a ginger. The man would be perfect.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Paul Bettany IS a brilliant actor and I can see him making an excellent Doctor. But I really hope Andy Pryor is not trawling Spotlight for all ginger actors.

  73. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Although, when talking about a non-white Doctor, there have been plenty of names suggested – from Patterson Joseph to Colin Salmon – I don’t think anyone has put forward any Asian actors?

    So, my suggestion would be the excellent Navin Chowdhry. Good actor and great screen presence.

    • avatar Kopicbloodaxe says:

      My non-Caucasian choice would be Santiago Cabrera. Very good as Lancelot in Merlin and as the artist in first series of Heroes.

  74. avatar STLShawn says:

    Wow, I am not pouring through 167 comments (and growing).

  75. avatar callinton says:

    A horse maybe?

  76. If they really go female : Kate Beckinsale

    Older Male : Bill Nighy

    Return Regen: David Tennant.
    It is not established that Time Lord bodies do not repeat, ergo David could be the Grover Cleveland of Time Lords! Seriously, he could do a different personality, even speak with his own Scotts accent!

    Most probably : Someone the public barely knows!

  77. avatar callinton says:

    The David Tennant idea is pure fantasy. I can’t believe it’s given any consideration at all. I liked his Doctor but If he came back it would be like every one on the creative team were saying “sorry every one, sorry for the Matt Smith glitch. In fact sorry for all the other Doctors too. We realise now that the programme can only be good if David is playing The Doctor, all you fan girls were right.” Tennant loves and respects the show, he knows it’s bigger than the actor playing The Doctor (He’s said as much in interviews) And what of his own career? Is he just supposed to play The Doctor for the rest of his life? Also, having Tennant again (or any other past actor) goes against everything that is exiting about a regeneration.

  78. avatar zarbisupremo says:

    “There will never be a female Doctor Who as long as there’s a hole in my arse.” DCI Jeanette Hunt

  79. avatar B. Kelley says:

    My vote is for, now keep in mind I am a Yank from Texas, so this may shock the living daylights out of you, but my vote is for …. SIMON FARNABY. Yes, Simon Farnaby of Horrible Histories fame.

    I think he would be fantastic as the Doctor. His comedic timing is superb and his skills as an actor are excellent too. He reminds me of Collin Baker and Peter Davidson wrapped up into the same man. He can be as serious and gentle as Davidson’s doctor and yet be able to pull off the haughty and immodest Collin Baker’s doctor.

    He would also bring one other aspect to the doctor that has been lacking for a while. He works well with an ensemble cast. It would be nice to see more than two traveling companions in the Tardis again. That would include River Song. Farnaby would be able to match wits with her whereas Smith always seemed to be playing catch up with her.

    • Simon Farnaby! Good call :)

      Although, whenever anyone died I would expect him to start singing, “Stupid Death! Stupid Death!”

  80. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    I know why the 11th Dr regenerates


    The cloister bell is going full pelt inside the TARDIS, portending imminent doom and disaster. The Doctor goes to investigate the bell, and as he leans over to take a closer look it drops on his head like a ten-ton weight.

    • avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

      CHARLIE SHEEN for the Doctor, join the massive online group here…

  81. avatar Nick Garren says:

    Eddie Izzard.

  82. avatar Jo says:

    It’s time for an older Doctor. The last 3 were of similar style & age and the show needs a contrast. Rik Mayall comes to mind–he’s really out there & very entertaining.

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