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Published on June 30th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Missing Episodes Rumour Rumbles On…

That old “Doctor Who missing episodes have been found” rumour just refuses to die, doesn’t it?

Two Zygons from 1975's Terror of the ZygonsFollowing the apparent dismissal by the man believed to have uncovered lost episodes from the 1960s, Philip Morris comes a rehash of the “a trailer for lost episode X is set to appear on DVD Y!” story which has been around longer than Matt Smith, frankly.

This time, the DVD in question is September’s overdue release of The Terror of the Zygons, starring Tom Baker, Lis Sladen and Nicholas Courtney, just a couple of months before we see the return of the Zygons in the 50th anniversary special. Which serial/episode will be trailed? Well, naturally no one is saying, as a lot of Bleeding Cool’s coverage of this topic has been based on the same cycle of rumours that have been going around for months, even years in this case.

According to them:

The rumour stands that whoever hold the films wants the films to be properly treated, with full restoration, the use of vidFIRE and the like, while BBC Worldwide wanted to release them quickly in the format they arrived in. And that has caused the delay, in negotiation and release.


Caroline Skinner, the then-producer of Doctor Who was assigned as chief negotiator, considered a senior enough figure. Earlier this year, after a major public falling out between showrunner Steven Moffat and Skinner, Private Eye reporting Moffat shouting “you are erased from Doctor Who”, she left the show.


Russell T Davies’ first response to that news was, apparently, “who is going to negotiate  now?” Apparently Moffat is not in favour with whoever has these films, and initial demands involved Moffat’s departure from the show. Clearly this did not happen.


Contracts have, however, been agreed with all concerned parties for BBC Worldwide for the return and release of Marco Polo, Enemy Of The World and Web Of Fear missing episodes. This would account for seventeen missing episodes, verified and in releasable condition.

Some of this is verifiable. Other aspects of it are not, and some could be pure conjecture. If you’ve stumbled into the whole rumour/storm/nonsense late, we continue to advise our readers to take this all with a dimensionally transcendental pinch of salt…

(Via Bleeding Cool)


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21 Responses to Missing Episodes Rumour Rumbles On…

  1. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Grief, this story gets more like a bad fiction every time. I wonder if Trolling, which large aspects of these rumours smack of, should be classed as some kind of deficiency that requires judicial and/or medical intervention.

  2. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    If there is any truth to this then just let the BBC get on with things and we will get them when we get them. If there is no truth then we will be no worse off than what we are now.

  3. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Utter Utter Crap. Basically. Daily Star reporting. And perhaps its about time it was no longer repeated by others – you’re only encouraging them to keep this rubbish alive.

    • Perhaps. But we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t.

      Vicious circle…

  4. avatar joesiegler says:

    The BBC themselves ***STILL*** have not denied it. To me that’s the only way to truly stop it.

    • avatar Colin says:

      Sorry, Joe–it really wouldn’t stop the rumours. If the BBC denies it, those promoting the rumours will say that only proves there’s something to it. There’s no way to win–all you can do is ignore it. If missing episodes are announced, we’ll know it’s true. If not, then life (and Doctor Who) goes on.

      • avatar joesiegler says:

        Oh, I realize that. But a formal BBC denial would carry more weight than a denial by someone else.

  5. avatar Dave says:

    Aspects of this story don’t make sense. If you are going to get this windfall of TV history, agree to the vidfire and restoration for God’s sake. Of course just how greedy BBC Worldwide is going to be is unknown. I still see the story as too good to be true and unlikely.

  6. avatar Rob says:

    They are probably referring to The Moonbase which is being released later in the year – with the missing episodes animated!

  7. avatar Tom Joyce says:

    What’s verifiable??

  8. avatar Gareth says:

    There’s a Moonbase trailer that’s been passed on BBFC and that’s it. I think Bleeding Cool are becoming less credible with this missing episode saga thread.

    But is there a smoking gun?

    Why have we seen no pics of Moonbase animation?

    Why has the iterinary for the Excel event not been announced?

    Is there any truth in fall out in production team? They have not been productive recently. This claim from Moffat that Doctor Who is going to overtake this year is a bold one. Exactly how? With one special and a docu-soap? In 12 months from Xmas day 2007 to Dec 2008 Doctor Who and its spin offs overtook TV more than what we currently know for the 50th year line up.

    • avatar David F says:

      It depends on your definition of “take over TV”. You’re assuming it means “show loads of new episodes throughout the year”. To me, what Moffat meant was that Doctor Who will, during the week or so of its anniversary, be the only show anyone’s talking about, with actors on every talk show, Matt Smith on the front of every magazine, the origins drama, old-episode repeats and probably documentaries too, as well as the special itself. That’s what he meant by “taking over TV”. He never said anything about lots of new episodes.

      • avatar joesiegler says:

        Perhaps not, but.. There was a quote in 2012 that I wish I could find that said something like “..we’re about to enter a period where there will be more Doctor Who than ever”. (I’m paraphrasing, I forget the exact wording). The implication was that they were about to start filming a ton of material. Which of course turned out not to be true. :(

        • avatar Al says:

          No, the implication was that there would be more Doctor Who than ever. Add up the audios, anniversary novellas, the reissues, DVD releases of incomplete stories … I know some only consider the TV show, but for 50 years Doctor Who has been about a lot more than what’s on the telly. Frankly, though, I’m starting to want to see Doctor Who end now – cancel the 50th anniversary special and Christmas special and docudrama. When you start getting the fanbase infected with the cancer of delusion and paranoia – I mean, Moffat is going to end the series? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?????????? – then they don’t deserve it anymore. I saw Star Trek fandom dealt a near-mortal blow a decade ago by this same B.S. as people convinced themselves that Enterprise was some great conspiracy by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga to, uh, destroy the thing that was making them s–tloads of money. Yeah … OK… News flash: the BBC FIRED THE SIXTH DOCTOR. They also forced John Nathan Turner to stay on as producer for several years longer than he did. If any of this garbage about Moffat wanting to destroy the BBC’s main cash cow was true, we’d have had the announcement of a new showrunner by now. And reading that Private Eye thing alleging the supposed dust-up between Moffat and Skinner … I mean, has anyone actually READ what was supposedly said? This is the guy who gave us “Don’t Blink” and the best he could come up with was a “Bwah-ha-ha” moment like “You are erased from Doctor Who?” Give me a break and don’t waste my time. If Skinner and Moffat didn’t get along, and the earlier ones didn’t get along with him, that’s their problem. He’s the boss.

          • avatar Philip Bates says:

            If anyone leaves the series, it’s always the showrunner’s fault, according to rumours. I remember all the talk of Eccleston leaving; and Robert Shearman not writing another one; and Matt Jones – - I mean, it’s just nonsense. People have differences of opinion; that’s a given.

            But I thought Caroline Skinner’s job wasn’t solely on Who, but as Head of Drama at BBC Wales? Or am I just making that up? If so, I doubt Moffat could fire her from something like that!

            Regardless, Moffat wouldn’t be in the high position he is if he’s a nightmare to work with. If you’re branded “DOESN’T WORK WELL WITH OTHERS”, then you’re likely not going to be working with others in a position of power.

            Also, I know someone who spent an evening talking to him and his wife, and the feedback I got was that he’s a really nice, genuine and charming guy.

  9. avatar igorusq says:

    We will see Moffat destroy it just before Christmas. You’ll see. Buzz about new Doctor is smaller now so time for creating some new. But let’s just hope that departure of Moffat is a false one. He made it as mature as possible sustaining core of the show. Someone new would have to change it completly and start new era… Well, he said something about a huge change coming…

  10. avatar Glenn says:

    The rumour stands that whoever hold the films wants the films to be properly treated, with full restoration, the use of vidFIRE and the like, while BBC Worldwide wanted to release them quickly in the format they arrived in. And that has caused the delay, in negotiation and release.
    This alleged statement probably proves that the missing episodes rumour is false. The BBC would never want to release the episodes “as they are”. They would create a new marketing hype by slowly releasing the old, newly-discovered episodes in the usual vid-fired, cleaned up way that they’ve done with previous 60s stories. Pity really…

  11. avatar graham harman says:

    I dont like Moffat at all. I think if these episodes did exist why delay in coming out with it ? The pre orders and merchandise spinoff would bring in a lot of money. Just bullshit approaching the big 50 ! And it would of leaked out by someone by now ! Just animate all missing episodes until they are recovered ! I was sick and tired in the 80s of Tomb of the cybermen being found nearly every week !!!

  12. Never underestimate fandom’s ability to eat its own. Those missing episodes will trickle in, if they show up at all. No one is giving the BBC 90 episodes, despite Bleeding Cool’s claim today that members of the Doctor Who production team are saying it’s true. How do I know? Because they’re claiming several team members are saying this in private but reach team member is giving conflicting info about which episodes are found. This whole thing blew up in BC’s face and they don’t want to admit they’re wrong. They have shot their collective foot.

  13. avatar anonymous says:

    I really want to believe this rumor, but it just seems too good to be true…

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