John Ridgway draws Prisoners of Time #6

Illustrator John Ridgway Discusses Prisoners of Time

IDW’s Prisoners of Time series was launched  in January with some familiar names attached. Following a First Doctor story illustrated by Simon Fraser was a Second Doctor story drawn by Lee Sullivan (who we will be chatting to later today).

John Ridgway draws Prisoners of TIme #6

Meanwhile current DWM regular Mike Collins, Gary Erskine and Phillip Bond drew the Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctor stories, respectably, and bearing the responsibility of the Sixth Doctor is veteran John Ridgway, who recently spoke to Down The Tubes’ John Freeman about returning to the Doctor Who fold, as it were.

RIdgway, of course, was perhaps the most regular DWM comic strip artist in the 1980s, and spent a lot of time bringing Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor to print. John Freeman, meanwhile, is a former DWM editor.

We would heartily recommend reading the full piece, which reveals that Peri and Frobisher the shapeshifting penguin both feature in this installment of IDW’s 50th anniversary celebration, but one section in particular stood out – John’s solution to the challenge of creating a reasonable likeness to the actor concerned.

I had a lot of trouble capturing a likeness for a cover for one of the reprints I had drawn earlier. Fortunately, working on computer means that if a picture “goes wrong” the picture can be replaced with a fresh drawing. I had several attempts at drawing Colin Baker’s face from photographs – without much success. Eventually, I put the photograph on a layer and traced over it to produce a reasonable likeness.

The tricky part is getting the eyes right and getting flexibility to the line width (otherwise the picture looks too bland). From there, it’s fairly easy to alter the expression to suit what the script calls for.

John Ridgway draws Prisoners of Time #6

Ridgway is also quizzed as to whether he would like to illustrate a longer story.

Yes, I would like to draw another Doctor Who story. If I had to choose a monster I think it would be the Draconians, but I would rather work on some new monster (or creature). I’d like to do something with epic scope and grand scenery.

Read the full interview with John Ridgway at Down The Tubes.

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