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Published on June 30th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Convention Organizers Bash Colin Baker

Here’s an oddity for a Sunday morning: Starfury Events, who organize many conventions including this weekend’s Return to the Eleventh Hour, have remarkably alienated a huge swathe of their potential customers (and thereby put their business at risk) by inexplicably attacking former Doctor Who star Colin Baker on Friday.

We wouldn’t like to speculate on the atmosphere at this weekend;s event (which Colin was not involved with) in light of this:

Charming. To which the great man responded:

Really, this is a completely baffling and needless attack on Colin (he’s 70, for goodness sake!). We’re not really going to go to town on this and say: “oi, Kasterborites, boycott Starfury convention events” but we would suggest that before parting with your hard earned cash in this era of financial meltdowns that you seriously consider the reputation of the business you’re patronizing.

Make your feelings known to their Twitter account, @StarfuryEvents.


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43 Responses to Convention Organizers Bash Colin Baker

  1. avatar Jamie Armour says:

    Okay, Kasterborous may not wish to advocate a boybott of Starfury, but I will. What a sick bunch of idiotic losers. Whilst I was no fan of many of the stories Colin Baker was forced to appear in as the Doctor, the man himself has always appeared to be nothing less than friendly and charming. To blithely attack him for no reason is a disgusting showing. Boycott and bankrupt this hideous company of trolls.

  2. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Absolutely disgusting comment! I would suggest that other stars lined up to appear take a serious look at what kind of attitude the event organisers have towards their guests!

  3. avatar The Gentleman says:

    Why on earth would anybody say that? I know some people don’t like his portrayal of the Doctor but there’s no need to be like that! Honestly, after all poor Colin’s had to put up with, being fired by the BBC, coming in at a time of low viewing figures, it’s remarkable he’s remained so kind and gentlemanly (pun not intended) and has kept such love for Doctor Who fandom. I can’t think what possessed them to do this.

  4. avatar Paul says:

    Have never attended a Starfury event and now I never will. Colin has done more to promote DW than any organiser of this company and rather than turn his back on fandom which none could’ve understood after his treatment in the eighties, he has been arguably its finest ambassador… The sooner Starfury shuts down the better. It does not represent DW fandom and from today it will ever be considered an embarrassment.

    • avatar Paul says:

      *none = anyone… Oops

  5. avatar lozzer says:

    Colin, you’re a top bloke and my hot wife thinks you’re cute.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      Ha ha, this made me laugh! My wife is very attractive (and I’m not just saying that, she is!) and she also thinks that Season 22 Colin is quite hot. She also likes him in that photoshoot he did when he got the part but doesnt rate Season 23 Colin because apparently his hair is dodgy. Made us both laugh when he says exactly the same thing (about his hair not him being hot!) on the Attack of the Cybermen DVD.

      • avatar lozzer says:

        My wife isn’t that keen on the show, she’s never watched old Col classics, but as an avid reality tv fan and she thought he was a lovely man in I’m A Celebrity.

  6. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I wonder if the person who posted that thought they were being funny? Whether they did it out of misplaced humor or actual spite, they’re certainly shooting themselves in the foot by being so insulting for no reason.

  7. avatar Michelle Williams says:

    What a horrible thing to say about anyone. We love you Colin!

    • yes, yes. We love you Colin. The more I watch your episodes, the more I see what a wonderful actor you are. And the more I see you do your thing in public appearances, the more I see what a kind and considerate gentleman you are, qualities which I find wholly endearing and needful. Thank yo ufor being there for all us fans, and being such a nice and positive influence in the world of Who and elsewhere.

  8. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    BBC America ran the Sixth Doctor retrospective last night and I was reminded once again exactly why I absolutely loved the sixth incarnation. Loved everything about him and the sheer tour de force that Colin put forth in the role. I liked Davison but the sheer bombastic boldness of the sixth Doctor was just such a refreshing change of pace, I couldn’t get enough. To this day, I still maintain that series 22, Colin’s first full series rated right as maybe collectively right under Tom Baker’s first three years with Hinchcliffe. I’ve also been a harsh critic of JNT in the past but I think his creation of the sixth Doctor was, at the start, especially, the same type of bold and brazen move we saw when they came with the idea of regeneration itself, casting a totally different Doctor to Hartnell’s in Troughton and the bold move of exiling him to earth for the Pertwee era. I think the very notion of the controversial persona of the sixth Doctor was JNT’s finest move. And most importantly, Colin nailed the role perfectly.

  9. avatar Sue Thomson says:

    An awful thing to say about anyone. Offensive and insulting. Incredibly unfunny

  10. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    What a phenomenally out of touch, stupid, rude, insensitive, unprofessional thing to stay about a fantastic actor and gentleman.

    It’s one thing to criticize the Sixth Doctor’s persona and era – and I’ve found those that do usually are unaware of the behind the scenes problems and haven’t even seen all his episodes, but to attack one of the elder statesmen of Doctor Who in this way by an organisation that purports to be for fans…..disgusting.

    I’m a big fan of Colin and the Sixth Doctor and as far as I’m concerned Starfury can disappear down the black hole of Tartarus!

  11. avatar Bill Waldrow says:

    Someone needs to infest Starfury’s Twitter account.with computer-wrecking viruses.

  12. avatar Geoff says:

    Going off topic a bit but on the subject of Colin’s era, did anyone else spot Eric Sawards double playing acoustic guitar for the Stones at Glastonbury? Look it up on YouTube or I player or whatever. Made me giggle out loud and I couldn’t share the joke with anyone because no one else I know knows who he is. BTW re this topic. I think we all agree it’s a really nasty comment to make about a man who has never done any less than give 100% of his patience, time and generosity to us fans. Mind you I’ve heard that back in the day some supposed fans made some unsavoury comments about the tragic loss of Colin’s young son as well. It pathetic really that people can elevate their feelings about a TV show above compassion or simple good manners towards another human being.

    • avatar Chris says:

      Eric Saward does look a bit like Mick Taylor nowadays

  13. avatar STLShawn says:

    I don’t know who they are, but i will try and avoid anything to do with them.

    Colin has been nothing but delightful in every interview i have ever seen with him. There are so many Youtube vids of conventions i have seen where he really takes time to talk to children, talks to everyone… He’s just a wonderful man.

    What a horrible thing for someone at that place to say. Disgusting. One post, and hopefully it will end them forever. There will always be other production companies and event organizers come around as long as fans are out there.

  14. avatar Anthony says:

    Sir Colin, you are one of the best ambassadors the program has even had, and these gits at Starfury (that’s for sure) are just one plank short of a picnic table. Despite all you’ve had to put up with over the years you are a pillar of the Who family and you, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. I salute you, Doctor 6!

  15. avatar TonyS says:

    I completely agree with all the above comments. Colin Baker is a completely lovely chap and a great ambassador for the programme. But- has Starfury commented on this? Anyone on Twitter could claim to be Starfury and make those comments. And even if it is from a genuine Starfury account, it could have been hacked. Christian, do we have any further comment from anyone on Twitter. I got bored with Twitter and deleted my account.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      I see it was them. Then they should be ashamed of themselves!

  16. avatar Christine says:

    What exactly do these people aim to achieve by doing this? I thought the fandom was past this kind of disgusting person bashing (and yes, I have also read about that nasty incident with regard to the death of a young child). Long live Colin for his very correct response. And long live quite a few people on this page too, for opposing these awful people!

  17. avatar Francis Cave says:

    The problem with a commment like that is that no matter how much you apologise after the fact, what’s said has been said.

    Its like someone who is drunk making some racist or sexist comments then apologising afterwards. It doesnt change that what ever the person has said is clearly what they feel…..

    The really sad thing about this is that Colin seems to have taken the brunt of a lot of dislike of certain aspects of Who and often recall comments being made in the early 1990′s along the line of “Colin is my seventh favourite Doctor” followed by great guffaws of laughter.

    Colin is genuinely a lovely chap who did the very best in the role he was given.

    If anyone wants to give someone a kicking for that period of Who it is better directed at Mr Saward who seems to want to blame everyone except himself!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      I wouldn’t direct too much bile at Eric Saward. He said some harsh things back in the day but has mellowed over the years. I had heard that at the time of the (in)famous meltdown Eric Saward was having issues of his own. He certainly took the death of Robert Holmes very hard. Also, he is entitled to his opinions. We may disagree but shouldn’t calumnise. I think we should let what happened back then stay in the past.

  18. avatar Paul McGann's Cat says:

    Absolutely disgusting comment. I truly was incredulous at it’s random and uncalled for swipe at Colin. I have found him, along with the older Tom Baker, to be among the most amiable, down to earth and tolerant “celebrities” I have encountered, and I’ve met hundreds, both in and outside of the genre field. I cannot for a minute imagine why this nastiness is deserved and I can only put it down to some immature little fool who thought he was being clever. To think that he is in charge of these events is worrying indeed. I will not be attending any of their events in light of this.

  19. avatar igorusq says:

    They will have such fun when they see how it will turn on them – so unique way to go out of business – Darwin Business Award, one may say. Gr8 reply by Colin…. I admire you more now.

  20. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    Even though Colin has been made a scapegoat for anything that went wrong with the show in the 80′s, he has never once let this affect his love of the show and the fans. This company clearly has no respect for the show, its fans or its stars.

  21. avatar Chris says:

    As a convention organzier who had a jealous competitor pose as me and actually call guests to tell them my show had been cancelled, i would err on the side of caution and confirm this was, in fact, the organizers posting.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      That is sort of what I was suggesting earlier. But the Twitter account does SEEM genuine and the account holder has tweeted a sort of apology.

      • avatar 13thavenger says:

        He said it, he admitted it, this is not the 1st time he has inserted his foot in his mouth.

  22. avatar Doobledoo says:

    Butt wipes.

  23. Quite simply, it doesn’t matter whether it was the organiser at Starfury Events who made the obnoxious comment or a Facebook page admin. The individual in question should have realised he/she was representing Starfury Events, period. Regardless of who made the actual post, the organisers at Starfury, whether it be one person or committee, are ultimately responsible.

  24. avatar Dan Clement says:

    Colin has always been one of the most accommodating and friendly Who actors I’ve had the privilege to meet in person. Sounds like a bunch of immature, egotistical whelps who run Starfury Events. Colin endured one of the more troubled eras of Doctor Who, he shouldn’t have to put up with attacks such as this or any other disparaging remarks. His devotion to the fans will shine long after these ingrates are forgotten!

  25. avatar KevinCV says:

    I had the glorious privilege to meet Colin at a local comic con here in Michigan back in May. He was a very sweet and funny man. He was even touched when I told him that stories his Doctor and Paul McGann’s are the ones I most look forward to from Big Finish. Damn shame he has these people are saying shit about him. Shame on them.

  26. avatar authorman94 says:

    Poor Colin Baker. :( I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person (hope to do so in November), but in all of his interviews, he comes across as a very nice and very kind person with a lot of love for the show and is a great ambassador for the show. I’m really let down by Starfury Events’ attitude towards Baker and think they should really make a public apology towards him, because the comments they made were simply horrible and not called for in any way, shape or form.

  27. avatar montagfire says:

    Colin is a very nice chap indeed. This person’s comment sounds like a drunken mess about gone wrong. If you are part of an event organisation that last thing you would do is write this, especially if you of sound mind. I feel sorry for the idiot that wrote this now. He will be out of convention work forever. Silly silly person. Colin you rock – ignore any haters.

  28. avatar Phil B. says:

    Wow. I suspect someone at Starfury was drunk, or they’re allowing a twelve year old to run their Twitter account. Either way, that comment was totally unacceptable and both Colin and the fans deserve an immediate apology.

    • avatar The Gentleman says:

      That’s a little unfair on twelve year olds. I do wonder if their account was hacked but it seems genuine according to others.

  29. avatar Lorna Bergin says:

    You know what, my hubby is fat and even though he needs to lose a little weight for health reasons, I love him the way he is. Size is not everything. People should always think before they click on the post message button. I am not always good with my words but I often check messages before sending them and even when making the odd spelling mistake or such I would never dream of posting something like the above, especially when its about someone who is so nice and friendly and approachable.

  30. avatar gudspud says:

    I met Colin at another convention, he was there signing autographs, having his photograph taken etc. for 70 he was active all day, engage and a true gentleman.

  31. avatar adamo1989 says:

    With over 30 autographs of Colin in my collection, both Doctor Who and non-Doctor Who related, I’m a huge fan!
    How can Starfury say something like this about him .. I met Colin on September 1st at Cardiff Comic-Con. He’d been at the Lincoln Doctor Who Convention the day before for hours on end, and was still full of life and smiling his head off. The man is a convention trooper. I’m going to Invasion Earth 2 in November to meet him again. Screw you, Starfury. Colin Baker is my hero.

  32. avatar Daveyboy says:

    Are Starfury even a legal business as I can’t find any details anywhere about them being registered.

  33. avatar 13thavenger says:

    What do you expect from a Promoter who allows a fame wh*re to harass guests ? I’ve seen him in living colour on more than one occasion at more than one of his events & because of this & a few other comments he will not be lining his pockets with my funds.

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