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Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Big Announcement to Come, We Can’t Say What

At midnight tonight, this planet will be turned inside-out. There will be nothing le-. Oh, sorry. What I meant to say is that at midnight tonight, an embargo on a BBC press release will be lifted, and we will know…

The 11th Doctor with sonic

Well, we can’t actually tell you yet, but rest assured if you haven’t managed to catch a glimpse of the front pages of the Sunday papers on Sky News by then, you’re looking at (perhaps) one of the following:

  • Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who
  • Steven Moffat is leaving his role as Executive Producer
  • A Doctor Who movie has been green lit
  • Doctor Who is moving production to Manchester/London
  • David Tennant is returning for Series 8

Now, even if we were 100% sure – and we’re not – we wouldn’t really be able to say. But most of fandom – if Twitter is any indication – seems to be resigned to the first.

Could we be approaching the time of the Twelfth Doctor?

We’ll know in a few hours time…

In the meantime, check out this Bleeding Cool article, in which they speculate:

According to our sources, the BBC are tonight going to announce that Matt Smith is leaving the show and that we’ll get a new Doctor as of August next year. They’ll also be announcing how many new episodes we’ll get, and it won’t be one of those cut-in-two seasons like we’ve just been through. In fact, we’ve heard talk that it’s going to run right up to a finale that is also the Christmas special.

We’ll be back at midnight – hope to see you then.

Update: More to think about…

Here are a couple of intriguing tweets. Or teases.

There is, of course, every chance that the news will be leaked early by one of the fansites or by a larger corporate entity. That’s if the Sunday paper previews don’t do it first…



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27 Responses to Big Announcement to Come, We Can’t Say What

  1. avatar louise says:

    nooooo!!!! he cant leave yet, should have at least one more year. he will be missed

  2. avatar bonobobananas says:

    I do hope it’s Matt leaving. He has been class however I think it’s time before he outstays his welcome. AN OLD GEEZER NEXT please. ( Please please not a woman, there’s just no need, if you want a strong female character make a series of Romana)

    • avatar louise says:

      i agree, not a female doctor either.would be a change if it was an older doctor, but in this day and age, eye candy is also needed

    • and u call yourselves whovians…. first off the doctor will never regen as an old geezer. he gets younger with each regeneration.. which i might happen to add is partly why they only had 12 to begin with… not sure how the master or the timelords got around that one to give all Time War Doctors More regenerations, but they did.. 2ndly the doctor is a survivor of the time war and it has already been stated that ALL Time Lords were given a new set of regens at the beginning of the time war. so if you think about it that means matt smith is actually the 11th/12th doctor, but is also only the 4th regeneration this time around, counting john hurt. but i also hope matt smith is leaving, he is flippy. Tom Baker was crazy but a good kind of crazy.. matts just weird.. Id like to suggest Wil Wheaton for the next incarnation of the doctor

      • Time War Lords Not Doctors Stupid auto correct on my phone

        • and you call yourself a Whovian…?

          • avatar David F says:

            Yeah, call yourselves Whovians? Everyone knows Time Lords get younger with each incarnation. It was quite clearly stated by the Slarg of Mexos in the classic Richard Hurndell story, Terror of the Zygotes.

            And we all remember that classic scene in The Deadly Assassin, where the Master has regenerated into a second-trimester embryo, and is driven crazy by his inability to grow a goatee.

            That’s why thirty-year-old Matt Smith should be replaced by forty-year-old Wil Wheaton, who was a child actor in something about twenty-five years ago and hasn’t been heard of since.

      • He doesn’t necessarily get younger with every regeneration. Five and Six looked much younger than Seven.

  3. avatar Ian says:

    Oh god, Im nervous :( I don’t want Matt to leave yet.

    • avatar louise says:

      me neither, matt has at least one more year.but if hes going on to even better projects, then i wish him well

    • avatar louise says:

      me neither, he will be missed :(

  4. According to the rumors it will be that older, blonde dude sitting next to martha jones:
    But who knows where that’s from and how acurate a prediction that is.

  5. avatar John Shandler says:

    Rory Kinnear? Joe Gilgun?
    Please let Moffat be leaving as well!!!

  6. avatar authorman94 says:

    I imagine it’s that Matt AND Moffat are going by the end of Series 8, but then again, interesting to see what it will be. Hell, it could be that the previous Doctors ARE returning in the anniversary special, but I do doubt it. Hopefully not the show being cancelled to make way for something else.

    • avatar Faeriemama says:

      That’s the best theory yet. Saying as though Matt’s signed a contract AND stated in several interviews he’s committed to Doctor Who through season 8, I don’t think he’d leave before that.

  7. avatar John Shandler says:

    And I would rather Matt Smith stay, but he will be following the Troughton Rule. He’s a young actor, he does need to move on to avoid being typecast.

  8. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    As much as I love Smith, it’s ok, as hey, he’s been in the role for almost 4 years now—blame the BBC for only giving us 3 seasons in that time—so he’s keen to move on and I can’t blame him. He stayed as long as one could expect. Although that would mean he’s regenerating THIS CHRISTMAS, right? If he’s regenerating at Christmas 2014, heck, that gives us 4 full seasons plus specials, five years total, so that would be even better.

    • avatar louise says:

      i am a massive matt smith fan, but the whole point of doctor who is about regeneration, so he has to go some time. hoped he would have one more year but, its better for him as an actor, to get out while he’s at the top of his game. the show must go on

  9. avatar Faeriemama says:

    Matt Smith signed his contract through season 8. If he leaves, it will probably be at the end of that. I’m leaning more toward Moffat leaving. He has said he’s “nearer to the end than the beginning” of his time on Doctor Who.

  10. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I doubt it will be Matt leaving, and if it is then it would be either in or at the end of Season 8 as he has already said in the press that he’s on board for it.

  11. avatar Maria says:

    I’m confused. I thought Matt was staying for Series 8. I don’t mind it if he does 1 more round but if he’s leaving I’m gonna be sad.

  12. avatar Timegirl says:

    As much as I have enjoyed Matt there has been no real chemistry or story since we said good bye to the ponds , So maybe a new doctor would do us well ?

  13. avatar evilrobert says:

    Probably time to update with the “Allons-y Matt”. ;) Never again shall a Fez be stylish.

  14. avatar Geoff says:

    So now its out. I’ll be very sorry to see him go, he has turned out to be an inspired choice. He has that quality Barry Letts said about Tom Baker: even if you aren’t interested in what’s going on he’s still interesting. A great actor with gravitas beyond his years. I really do believe he is the 1000 year old Doctor when I watch him. Excellent comic timing and physicality as well. Whoever comes next has an awesome pair of shoes to fill, just as Matt did himself. I wish luck to whoever he, or she is!

  15. avatar vortexter says:

    Great actor, great Doctor. I just wish we had one last season but never mind.
    So…who will be next? Do we think John Hurt or a new actor? I would like an older actor this time. Maybe we could finally get David Warner?

  16. avatar Marc Vinci says:

    @ Robert Myrick: YOU call YOURSELF a Whovian?? The Doctor hasn’t always gotten younger with each successive regeneration. Think Davison to Baker to McCoy. For a while he actually got progressively older. Check your facts before taking the piss out of anyone else!!

  17. avatar drvwho says:

    can i just say dr who needed a shake up it’s become the same old stuff
    i agree matt should do one more series but moffat should go.
    steven moffatt is a great writer and has done wonderful things not just with dr who but he has taken too much on and he should step back and let another take over the job of dr who possibly a whovian who knows the doctors history a little better.

    i would like to see a series done with john hurt even if its a mini one showning in detail of why he did wht he has to do rather than rush it and leave holes in it.

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