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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Your Thoughts On Leakgate

The story goes that The Name of the Doctor has been seen first by fans in the USA after the BBC America Shop accidentally dispatched Blu-ray and DVD boxsets early – but did it really happen like this?

Doctor Who Series 7: The Name of the Doctor

We’ve discussed this fascinating topic at length in the past week, and while it seems likely that discs were leaked, the lack of torrents or even screenshots from the episode turning up online has been astonishing – Doctor Who fans are either complete technophobes (not true) or else are the nicest fans in the world (true).

However, we were intrigued as to what our readers thought of the leak. Was it real? Could it have been a marketing ploy to generate some finale buzz? We ran a poll to find out what you thought…

We asked:

Was “The Name of the Doctor” really leaked?

Our esteemed readers (perhaps including you) responded as follows:

  • Of course it was!  41.83%  (215 votes)
  • No, it’s a cynical marketing exercise!  58.17%  (299 votes)

As you can see, almost 60% of you thought that this was a cynical plot to get more attention for the season finale!

So did it work? We’ll know tomorrow, but until then, it’s time to prepare for The Name of the Doctor – in just 60 minute’s time!



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9 Responses to Your Thoughts On Leakgate

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Does it really matter? Just a few minutes to go until it airs on BBC1 and what unfolds over the next 45 minutes is all that matters to me (and I’m guessing the vast majority of fans). I hope for the best!!!

  2. avatar Gary says:

    I agree: who cares? It was a great episode, and it will be good no matter how many times anyone sees it.

    • Well clearly almost 60% of respondents cared…


      • avatar TonyS says:

        Well the leak didn’t happen, so we’ve had nothing else to comment on for a week :p

      • Oh and the 900 people who have read this post so far… ;)

        • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          I read every post on Kasterborous because I love your site. It’s the best one out there. It doesn’t mean I care about every post. At the most I viewed this page out of mild curiosity. And you know us Doctor Who fans.There’s nothing we like more than facts, stats and polls!

  3. avatar Shadowfather says:

    I think what was most fun about that episode was the title was highlighting The Doctor’s reputation; his actual given name was never really an issue.

    Of course, we all know what that “other” Doctor means… The Valeyard!

  4. avatar Tony Sobol says:

    I saw Josiah Rowe mention on GB that he’d got discs early; he’s a legitimate enough person for me to believe the leak was genuine. Plus the original bloke who revealed he’d got the discs posted the final caption (in code) there last Sunday, too!

  5. avatar STLShawn says:

    I would love to believe it was a ploy, but i heard the disc was floating with the comic book crowd in my hometown. There is even one local that i trust who said we could go watch it if we just gave someone a call.

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