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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

John Simm Angered by “Tesco” Story

You probably caught our earlier report on some things John Simm said about shopping in Tesco and looking forward to putting Doctor Who behind him.

So angered by the reports in the mainstream press this morning, Simm took to Twitter to set the record straight.

He goes on:

So, how do we know for sure? Well, as Simm points out:

We’re more inclined to believe John Simm than not, and he’s hardly likely to make such a faux pas and then go to such lengths to deny it. He’s just never come across as that type of guy.

So if he is being straight on Twitter, that’s a pretty shoddy piece of journalism.

(Thanks to everyone who highlighted John’s response.)


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8 Responses to John Simm Angered by “Tesco” Story

  1. avatar Bob James says:

    This is yet another lesson for all of us to carefully check the veracity of any published alleged comments or “statements” by actors, showrunners, etc., before we go off thinking the worst. The actors, showrunners, etc. know that this, unfortunately, comes with the territory of “celebrity”, and that there’s many a “publication” that will spread any nonsense, old or new, to sell their product. Thankfully, we have things like Twitter now, so that the nonsense generated can be cleared up. It’s the same here in the US as it is in the UK, and if everyone misquoted, slandered, or outright lied about attempted to legally redress these sort of slights they’d have no time to see to having a career. John Simm has been open enough on more than one occasion about his being willing to reprise his role as the Master. Fans in general should always show respect when encountering those they admire doing “normal” things, and living “normal” lives, because these folks have lives too.

  2. avatar vortexter says:

    I would have been more angered at the quality of the scripts I was given to work with. He should feel grateful the fans recognise his wide-eyed loony impression of the Master officially at all.

  3. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    They need their heads examined to try and take on the Master. Some journos better watch out for blasts from the TCE….

    • avatar Gareth Kavanagh says:

      He’s fantastic as the Master IMHO. A great nuanced performance, greatly influenced by John Hurt’s Caligula in I Claudius….

      • avatar STLShawn says:

        completely agree with Gareth. DW needed a wild enemy with no real boundaries at that point. He seemed so smart, powerful, and bonkers, really a frightening combination that a lesser actor could not have pulled off..

      • avatar PACW says:

        Or by his own Caligula performance in Nero?

  4. avatar Geoff says:

    I work in a business where things I’ve said and done are deliberately and manipulatively taken out of context, misrepresented or sometimes downright lied about all the time. I’ve been accused of being racist, a homophobe, a bleeding heart socialist, a nazi and much more, and you know the only thing I’ve learnt? It’s all BS and there’s no point bitching and whinging about it, get on with your work and ultimately you will stand or fall by your own achievements… so a journalist misquoted you? That’s what they do! Get over it and stop moaning.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      He has the right to speak out and refute any false statements, or statements taken out of context. You’re absolutely correct that this sort of thing happens, as I had also said above. But it shows he’s concerned enough to do what he can to set the record straight, and direct anyone interested to where they could get a much more accurate account of statements he might make.

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