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Published on April 17th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Underground Toys Release Remote Control Flying TARDIS

Aside from drifting through space and being catapulted through time, it’s rare that we see the TARDIS actually fly. The last occurrence as far as I can recall was in Partners in Crime (2008), which was somewhat foreshadowed in 2006’s The Runaway Bride. But you’ll soon be able to make the dimensionally transcendental Type 40 whizz through the air, thanks to Underground Toys.


The toy company unveiled the flying TARDIS on their Facebook page, and I think you’ll agree the actual blue box looks pretty cool. I’d love to see it gliding through the sky… but what do you think of the rotors that sit on top of the Police Box – the mechanism which will enable it to fly.

They’re hardly stylish time rotors, are they?

Saying that, it’s still a very cool product, expected in shops stateside in June 2013. Don’t panic, UK fans; most of Underground Toys’ ranges make their way over to the UK, sooner or later.

The manufacturers were founded in 2001 and have established themselves as the go-to company for media-related toys and gizmos. Other upcoming Doctor Who-related products include a plush Eleventh Doctor, a ceramic TARDIS teapot and a bag emblazoned with the art of Kasterborous co-founder, Anthony Dry.

The Remote-Control Flying TARDIS is out in June and you can keep up-to-date by ‘liking’ Underground Toys’ Facebook profile.

(Thanks to the Doctor Who Merchandise Guide.)


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3 Responses to Underground Toys Release Remote Control Flying TARDIS

  1. avatar the ginger doctor says:

    it flew in a crashing sort of way in the eleventh hour…

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Ah yes; that’s true.

      You see the TARDIS flying through time quite often, thinking about it, and powering through space, like in The Doctor’s Wife etc etc… But it’s quite rare to see it flying-flying, like a spaceship, as in The Runaway Bride. That was odd, didn’t you think…? :)

  2. avatar Spencer Fonzie says:

    It’s not supposed to do that much flying, (as the doctor himself said). Also, though it might look awesome flying, the TARDIS anti-gravs are not toys and the tardis is not a airplane it’s a highly sophisticated space and time ship which is dimensionally transendant. (LOL yup)!

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