Doctor Who News The Ice Warriors return in Cold War!

Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

The Cold War Preview & Gallery!

We’re just five days away from Cold War, the hotly-anticipated third episode in the current run of Doctor Who which features the long-awaited return of the Ice Warriors!

It’s difficult for younger or newer fans to appreciate just how exciting this is for some of us without squeeing everywhere (something that really isn’t my style), but for many of us the Ice Warriors – Doctor Who‘s Martians are as important to the series’ lore as the Daleks and Cybermen, and were key to the Second Doctor’s era, the so-called “Monster Era”. It can be no coincidence that both Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors have been seen in the 50th anniversary year as foes for a Doctor that isn’t so unlike the second incarnation.

But enough of this – what’s the episode about?

The Doctor and Clara land on a damaged Russian Submarine in 1983 as it spirals out of control into the ocean depths.

An alien creature is loose on board, having escaped from a block of Arctic ice. With tempers flaring and a cargo of nuclear weapons on board, it’s not just the crew but the whole of humanity at stake!

Executive produced by Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner, Cold War is written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. Marcus Wilson is the producer.

And now, the main feature: the Cold War gallery, courtesy of the BBC!

A hi-res collection of the images above can be found on the Kasterborous Facebook page.

Cold War airs Saturday, 13th April at 6pm on BBC One/HD and 8 ET on BBC America. We’ll have a preview of the episode in a couple of day’s time.


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6 Responses to The Cold War Preview & Gallery!

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    A gallery that makes me all the more eager to watch the episode. And its nice to add David Warner to the list of actors who’ve done work for Doctor Who audios that finally get to be in the TV series as well, like Anthony Head and Derek Jacobi.

  2. avatar STLShawn says:

    This is such a wonderful season! I can’t wait to see the next episode.

    I’m dancin’ like a monkey!

  3. avatar Caitlyn Drinkwater says:

    So David Warner is in this one… add that to Richard E Grant and that’s two alternative doctors that have shown up this season…. not to mention Arabella Weir showing up in the 2011 christmas special

    I’d love it if that was leading up to something but it probably isn’t, can’t wait to see “Cold War”!

  4. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    This has got to be better than The Ringpiece of Akhaten…..looking forward to it muchly….

  5. avatar Spiderpope says:

    Ice Warriors AND David Warner? Brilliant.

  6. well, i keep wondering if they are gonna do a reverse War Games on the Doctor and make HIM lose his memory, judging by how:

    Matt Smith’s fave Doctor is Troughton’s Doctor
    A lot of stuff from Troughton’s Doctor is featuring so heavily recently
    Clara keeps telling him to RUN CLEVER BOY and REMEMBER.

    Also, WHERE’s ROMANA? -sigh-

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