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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Fourth Doctor Event in Chicago

Who would’ve thought that Chicago’s favourite Doctor is the Fourth?


The Ultimate-TV is Chicago’s Alternative Entertainment Source.  The local entertainment program is hosted by Rachell Montgomery, graduate of Columbia College Chicago and former executive producer of Randy Jackson’s Hitlist, nationally syndicated programs on Westwood One and The Michael Baisden Show.

They’ve decided to celebrate the wonder that is the Fourth Doctor with a special screening of The Ark In Space, we’re talking about the newly restored version that some of you are yet to see!

Arranged by The Ultimate-TV, BBC Home Entertainment, and Columbia College Chicago, you and your friends are invited to The Ultimate Doctor Who Screenings on Saturday March 30th to celebrate Chicago’s favourite Doctor, British actor Tom Baker!

Amongst the fun there will also be a Q&A session and prize giveaway courtesy of BBC Home Entertainment, more than enough for the American Doctor Who fan to have fun with!

For more information, Francine Barron, Director of Media Relations at 773-349-7911 (if you’re outside of the USA, please remember that international dialling applies!).

Everyone loves the Fourth Doctor; this is a wonderful and brilliant way to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Many of us in the UK will be unable to attend this event but if you’re lucky enough to live stateside then try your very best to attend!


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  1. avatar Bob James says:

    While the majority of Chicago fandom may favor the Fourth Doctor, possibly due to the fact that when Doctor Who was syndicated here in the eighties, we saw a LOT of Tom, and a little of Jon Pertwee at the very start, please don’t generalize. At one time I didn’t know that ANY other actors had portrayed the Doctor, and was even unjustly resistant to the great Peter Davison for a time. Everyone has his/her tastes, and a favorite Doctor, but I’m here in Chicago, and Tom, while greatly appreciated, is NOT my favorite.

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