We meet the Cybermen for the first time in The Tenth Planet

Animated The Tenth Planet Previewed at Whovention!

Fans at this weekend’s Whovention:Gold con were treated to a world exclusive sneak preview of the animated fourth episode of the forthcoming The Tenth Planet DVD.

The Tenth Planet

Receiving a round of warm, enthusiastic applause fans were treated to an assortment of clips including the famous William Hartnell regeneration scene during separate panels hosted by Dan Hall (Pup Ltd and commissioning editor of the Doctor Who DVD range) and Austen Atkinson (Australian based animation company Planet 55 Studios).

Fans also reacted favourable to Hall’s suggestion of further missing episodes being brought back to life via animation – although he was quick to note that the BBC Worldwide DVD release model did not allow more than two episodes to be animated.

He also went on to say that he hoped future options for allowing more animated material to be released may become feasible in the future.

Also featured on the panel were Planet 55 Studios animators Colin Bennett, Josh Campbell & Chris Chapman who discussed the painstaking work required to recreate the missing episode of The Tenth Planet as well as the two animated episodes from the newly restored Reign of Terror DVD.

Austen Atkinson confirmed that work on The Tenth Planet was due to be completed in the next month with the DVD release planned for the second half of 2013.

Dan Hall also confirmed that an announcement would be made shortly on whether the missing episodes of the forthcoming The Ice Warriors DVD would also be animated.

Video of the animated fourth episode of the forthcoming The Tenth Planet will be made available via doctorwho.tv next week.

(via Doctor Who News)

Doctor Who News: Australian fans preview animated The Tenth Planet.

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