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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Beyond the 50th – What’s Happening in 2014?

You may or may not have heard them, but there are rumours going around concerning Doctor Who and 2014. There is, they say, a chance that the show won’t be returning for several months after the 2013 anniversary special (or the Christmas episode) and that even episodes in 2014 are optimistic.

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But before we get carried away – or before you do – let’s have a dose of reality.

Doctor Who is 50 this year. It’s popularity is increasing considerably overseas. It is more well-known than it ever was in the 1960s, the 1970s and when Russell T Davies was in change.

In short, the BBC isn’t going to axe Doctor Who.

However, it seems that rumours on other websites are taking on a life of their own, so much so that we’ve been asked about them. Our answer is, of course, that we don’t know. However, it is extremely unlikely that 2014 will end without a single new Doctor Who episode being broadcast, even if the BBC were concerned about the show overstaying its welcome during its 50th anniversary (one only has to look at the BBC’s 2009 Christmas on BBC One campaign featuring the Tenth Doctor and lots of snow to see how fickle people can be about Doctor Who. One moment he’s there; the next, people can’t wait to see the back of David Tennant).

Fortunately, Doctor Who’s brand manager Edward Russell has piped up on Twitter (@edwardrussell) to allay concerns.

So there you have it. Nothing to be worried about at all. Just a wee 2009-style breather at the very worst.

Time to stop fretting and enjoy 2013, we think!


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

11 Responses to Beyond the 50th – What’s Happening in 2014?

  1. avatar Ian says:

    The future is bright, its WHO. We got some great looking episodes to come in a few months, the anniversary special and who knows what other goodies there are to come?
    In the words of Corporal Jones in Dads army “Don’t panic Mr Mannering” :)

  2. avatar Philip Bates says:

    I wonder if we’ll get any sort of celebration in 2015 for 10 years of ‘NuWho’… Unlikely, I know, but it’d be nice for them to mark it somehow – after all, it’ll also mark 10 years since many became fans (myself included!).

  3. avatar Solonor says:

    Not panicking about 2014, but I’m still disappointed that it seems like “all” we’re getting for the 50th year is a handful of episodes that are technically last year’s finish and an anniversary special in November. I was really hoping that the 50th anniversary season (like at least a short run of 6 or 7 episodes if not a full 13) would culminate in an anniversary episode…not be limited to a single one. And I’m soooo tired of these gaps. Much as I like what Moffat is turning out, It feels like I haven’t gotten a proper series of Doctor Who since 2010 and 2008. (End whiny baby mode).

  4. avatar leo says:

    The usual stuff and nonsense which will turn out to be just that. I know which site you mean, I have seen the thread, I am remember, but keep out of many of the debates these day’s.

    I think its fair to say that because DW is not the ‘it Girl’ in the UK at the moment with the media (ie being hyped up right left and centre-see the Tennant era, or the more deserving Baker/Sladen/Hinchcliffe/Holmes dream team era which was far more natural in terms of success ), but then again, it moves along nicely, still get’s great viewing figures generally in very good shape without any media hype. All is well I would say.

    I reserve judgement on what we get for the 50th. I would rather have one wonderful episode than a run of bad ones-yes Miracle Day I am looking at you……

  5. avatar Doc Whom says:

    I’m hearing that the Savile scandal has caused the cancellation of the 2014 run. It was planned to have a whole series arc with the Doctor trappped in a time loop which kept jumping him back five mins into the past every time he reached the present. Very promising but, apparently, BBC lawyers were put off by the working title of “Now…Then…Now…Then…”

  6. avatar Shadowfather says:

    In an earlier interview, Matt Smith said something about him being under contract until 2014; however, his position may have changed since then. In any case the “Fields of Trenzalore” are believed to be his last story before the 12th Doctor arises.

    More than likely 2014 will be one of the most spectacular seasons ever. It’s not fund for fans if a small number always want to know what’s going on.

    • In any case the “Fields of Trenzalore” are believed to be his last story before the 12th Doctor arises.

      “believed” being the operative word – no one has stated this, it’s merely something fans have taken from the dialogue, just like the knocking four times of the Master.

      And that turned out to be Wilf!

      It’s far too early to to try and second guess Steven Moffat :)

  7. avatar James says:

    I think Moffat’s 2nd series was so dire, with silly ideas like marrying off the Doctor and poorly written scripts like Gareth Roberts’s ruining of the Cybermen, that the BBC decided at that point to divide up the third series and space it out over two years and quietly sideline the whole show. True, the 50th anniversary is a bit of a blip for them to get over but, hey, it wont be an anniversary after this year and so they’ll probably let the whole thing mercifully sink into oblivion after that.

    • “quietly sideline the whole show” by opening a permanent exhibition?
      “quietly sideline the whole show” with its growing international fanbase?
      “quietly sideline the whole show” by cancelling the toy line (oh, no, they didn’t bother with that, did they?)
      “quietly sideline the whole show” by releasing another video game?
      “quietly sideline the whole show” to please you? Ah, yes, now we’re getting somewhere.

      Look, really, don’t take this personally, but you need to start posting constructively. This isn’t a home for cynicism and whinging – there are plenty of other places you can go online where those attitudes are welcome. If you feel more comfortable visiting them, please do!

  8. avatar Mike Hickman says:

    You are spot on, Christian – this anxiety over Who being cancelled (even from those who pretend they are delighted at the idea because they don’t like the current version of the programme) all seems to stem from what happened in 1989 (and 1986, for those of us able to remember it…). But we know, don’t we, that we can’t rush the BBC into announcing things just because we stir up a Panic and don’t we also know that when and if Doctor Who ends in its current form it will be back one day…possibly even the very next day via books, internet, audio etc. etc. Maybe I’m just too old for this now, but people really should just enjoy what they have while they have it – and when they stop enjoying it, it’s rather nice if they don’t spoil other people’s fun by banging on all the time about how it should all end NOW because they demand it. There – that’s out of my system. Keep up the good work, guys.

  9. matt smith told radio times he will be doing his 4th series in 2014… we’re safe <3 lol

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