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Published on November 6th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Live+7 Proves Who’s a Ratings Success!

The final ratings are in, the count is final, Doctor Who is still a major ratings winner for the BBC and one of the most popular shows on British television!

There were some that were worried; every time the overnight viewing figures were released for the 2012 episodes of Doctor Who, heavy sighs were let out at the sight of less than seven million viewers but as Kasterborous and many others kept saying, the final count wasn’t in.

Live+7 figures are now available for everyone to bask in: these are basically the total number of viewing figures for an episode of a television show over a week including initial transmission, repeat transmission, PVR recordings and BBC iPlayer viewings. On average, Doctor Who saw a 52% increase in its ratings from the initial overnight figures with, for example, the season opener Asylum of the Daleks jumping from 6.39 million viewers on its Saturday showing on BBC One to 9.65 million at the end of the week.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship went from 5.43 million to 8.64; A Town Called Mercy jumped from 6.49 million to 9.22; The Power of Three grew from 5.59 million to 8.68; and The Angels Take Manhattan ballooned from 5.86 million all the way up to 8.92. In other words, put that in your pipe and smoke it, X Factor.

Doctor Who saw the second largest average increase in Drama for 2012, beaten only buy one other show on television… Sherlock! Somewhere, Steven Moffat is being handed a key to BBC City.

All these lovely figures prove that Doctor Who still packs a punch for television 49 years, Eleven Doctors and countless Daleks later. Let’s all stop fretting if the initial ratings start off at a ‘low’ level in 2013!


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    Great news! But i think all us fans (and indeed the BBC) knew this all along! But i suppose the initial overnight figures give the tabloids something to talk about as they don’t appear to fill their pages with much in the way of real news.

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