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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Eccleston “not even thought about” 50th Anniversary

It’s always exciting when ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston mentions Doctor Who, and even more exciting when it’s about the 50th anniversary. So does his interview with Red Carpet News TV give us any clues as to his involvement?

Well, not particularly, but he did have a few words to say…

Staying as frustratingly enigmatic as ever, he was quizzed as to whether he’d like to be in the 50th anniversary celebrations:

Would I like to be involved? If I told you that I’d have to shoot you.

Seems promising, right? But then after being asked what he’d like to see in the show next year, he replies:

I’ve not even thought about it. It’s so long ago for me that I haven’t even thought about it.

His stint as the Doctor was, indeed, a while back – but he’s surely many people’s first Doctor (myself included), so it’d be great to see him return, also considering he only got 13 episodes-worth of screen-time.

As Malekith in Thor 2

Eccleston respects the current-Doctor, Matt Smith, though, saying:

I’ve seen Matt on stage – I’ve not seen him as the Doctor, but I’ve seen him on stage; he’s an excellent actor.

So maybe this is all smokescreen – or maybe he really hasn’t even thought about it. In a previous interview, of course, he famously said:

Never bathe in the same river twice.

Maybe he’s not softened to Doctor Who yet, or maybe he’s simply too busy filming Thor 2: The Dark World to even consider it… but if he doesn’t turn up for the 50th anniversary, how about the 10th anniversary of ‘nuWho’ in 2015…?

Get excited as the man himself tells all below…


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7 Responses to Eccleston “not even thought about” 50th Anniversary

  1. avatar James Baxter says:

    His hair, man! Look at his hair!!! (Note to self, must not get excited. Remember the Dark Time. Remember Dimensions In Time)…

    • Good point, James. It does have that look about it, doesn’t it.

      Oh if only we knew… still, let’s get Christmas out of the way ;)

  2. avatar Richard Bowes says:

    Let’s look at the facts:

    Christopher Eccleston is being coy and has his hair like his time in the role (make of that what you will).
    David Tennant is keeping mum.
    Paul McGann has recently changed his costume.
    Colin Baker is attempting to lose weight.

    Now, Colin Baker was probably losing weight for his health (understandably!) but it would also help to minimise the difference in his appearance. Paul McGann was very uncomfortable in his costume from the TV Movie so his new outfit for Big Finish (signed off by the BBC) would make returning more appealing (even though his new outfit is very Eccleston). I think we can safely assume that Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy will return, and Tom Baker is in one of his pro-Doctor Who phases.

    I think it’s looking good…..

  3. avatar Richard Bowes says:

    McCoy and Davison would return, not will, sorry!

  4. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    I’m not that confident that Eccleston would seriously consider taking part in any 50th anniversary Who. He’s notoriously principled about what he will or won’t do, and he clearly wasn’t happy with certain aspects of the production, citing this as a reason for leaving the role early. A pity if so, because you’d think a lot of the problems that beset Who filming early on would have been fixed by now and that he’d find it easier this time round.

    He also isn’t just being coy in this interview, in my opinion. He really isn’t that interested in doing it. I felt a bit sorry for him here, actually – he’d probably rather talk about the film he’s there to see or what he’s doing than about something he did a long (for him) time ago.

    Was he one of my favourite Doctors?No.

    Would I have him in the 50th anniversary? In a heartbeat, yes. He’d add another dimension to it completely, and without him it may feel as though something’s missing, so I hope I’m wrong about the above.

  5. Rewatch the interview: those answers (preceded by a repeat of the question) are those of a man working very hard not to say anything he shouldn’t. By repeating the question first he is focusing on the exact wording rather than letting his answer go wandering.

    He’s in, I’m certain of it ;)

  6. avatar stlshawn says:

    Ahhhh every time i see an article about eccy, I am so split. I remember how good he was in the role, how upset i was with him when i heard he was leaving with no reason at the time, how he never did commentary on the dvd’s,

    At first, his lack of interview time seemed so mysterious and alien, but then it seemed he was being an overly dramatic artist. Maybe it’s because he did Lennon, but he seemed at the time like he was too “artistic” to do Doctor Who anymore. That is how i saw him for years, until he hinted in an interview that he was unhappy with people’s treatment by the management at the time. If he would have mentioned that to begin with, then every time someone mentioned Eccelston for the years after his departure, i would not have cringed quite so much.

    His comments on seeing Matt Smith on stage, not on television seems to only confirm my deeply held feelings that he feels he is somehow above Doctor Who. Just once, i’d like to see him say something nice about the show, or the fans of the show.

    Just my opinion.

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