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Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Amy Won’t Be Back, Says Moff

One of the latest and juiciest rumours doing the rounds at the moment is that Karen Gillan will be returning to Doctor Who for the fiftieth anniversary alongside Billie Piper and Carole Ann Ford.

Flesh and Stone - the (later) Eleventh Doctor and Amy PondRed top newspapers as well as online gossip has got everyone excited about the prospect of the Eleventh Doctor’s favourite Scottish redhead returning for his big birthday next year. But alas, the rumours are unfounded and sadly not true as Mr Steven Moffat confirmed recently.

Speaking at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, he confirmed what many had feared

Heaven knows if they will appear in some flashback – I have no plans – but the story of Amy and Rory is over.

But don’t worry, this is a good thing. Why on earth would we want to make such a song and dance about the departure of the Ponds, as we all have this year, only to bring them back eight or nine months later for a special? It would damage all dramatic licence that Doctor Who has built up over the recent years it has been back. Even Russell T Davies gave it two years before bringing back Captain Jack or Rose!

It would be lovely for the Ponds to get a mention in the fiftieth anniversary special but let’s hope that the plans for next year go a little deeper then bringing back the shows most recent companions. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for someone different, someone who would link the show all the way back to the beginning… someone like Carole Ann Ford, for instance.


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3 Responses to Amy Won’t Be Back, Says Moff

  1. avatar BOJAY says:

    I think it’s an imperative that they stay gone. A remembrance of some sort, a wistful mention would be fine, but to just bring them back would undermine the validity and impact of their departure. The suspension of disbelief for the audience would be destroyed, as there would be no finality in the Who universe. The prospect of any sort of “real” finality keeps the wonderful “fantasy” accessible to the imagination of the viewer. With no risk for anything or anyone at stake it would be difficult to keep it interesting.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I am glad the Ponds won’t be returning. Look how many times Rose came back. I agree someone like Carole Ann Ford would be perfect to return, even William Russell.

  3. avatar Doc Whom says:

    I think it would be bad for the Ponds to get a mention in the 50th anniversary special. If it’s marking 50 years of Doctor Who, it would be spectacularly parochial to focus on a couple of companions who’ve only just left. Amy and Rory aren’t especially special in the 50 year run of the show.

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