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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

A Big Who Presence In Broadchurch

Tenth Doctor Who David TennantSome new pictures of David Tennant filming Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch have come to the attention of the Internet.

Taken on location in Clevedon (that’s in Somerset, geography bods!), the pictures show Tennant looking a bit dishevelled when you compare them to how he looked as the Tenth Doctor. They have previously worked together on 2011′s United, as well as all the way back in 2007, in the marmite episode 42.

For the uninitiated, Broadchurch is about a police investigation into the death of an 11 year old, whose death has shaken up the town in which he lived as each of them could be a suspect.

Also starring in the drama are Arthur Darvill and Olivia Colman, who you may remember as the female incarnation of Prisoner Zero in The Eleventh Hour.

The series will be shown on ITV1 in early 2013.

(Sources: Clevedon People and Tennant News)


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4 Responses to A Big Who Presence In Broadchurch

  1. avatar ECG says:

    You may want to double-check your facts, as they’ve worked together more recently than 2007. (Plus try to remain unbiased if posting a news story. ;) ) Chibnall also wrote United, which David starred in the other year, which was also directed by Strong, like Broadchurch.

    • Ah, nuts. I’d edit it m’self but I don’t have those kind of access rights.
      Think this is one for Christian.

    • Well spotted ECG, thanks.

      However, we’ve never approached news without bias on Kasterborous (the Doctor Who News Page does that very well) and we’re not about to start now ;)

  2. avatar len says:

    Another Who family addition to “Broadchurch” — I read recently that Euros Lyn was directing at least one ep. Yay!!

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