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Published on August 18th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

The Daleks Want What?!

The BBC has today released a fascinating teaser trailer for Doctor Who‘s Series 7 opener Asylum of the Daleks – and the demands of the thousands of Daleks that you saw in the screenshots and previous trailers will come as something of a surprise to you…

We still don’t know for definite when Doctor Who Series 7 will kick off on TV, but those of you lucky enough to be attending the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival next weekend will at least get the chance to see it before anyone else…


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3 Responses to The Daleks Want What?!

  1. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    Actually what the Daleks wanted came as no surprise at all… nobody really knows what happened to Davros at the conclusion of Journey’s End, even though it is assumed he perished on the Crucible when it exploded.

    I think it’s more likely the Dalek Progenitors judged him too dangerous to be trusted but, being their creators, kept him around as the only way to prevent their extinction in case of a problem. Nobody knows who The Silence are either, although their timeship resembled a “DARDIS” (Dalek-TARDIS) internally. But, since he wouldn’t destroy reality like they wanted, he crafted The Silence or something else so he could escape his confinement.

    • since he wouldn’t destroy reality like they wanted

      Couldn’t, more like. Not like he had a chance when Doctor-Donna perked up. A flawed reasoning, I fear.

  2. avatar Francis Cave says:

    I think what has happened is that the Daleks have been hit by the recession like everyone else and they are looking for the doctors help to get out of debt…

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