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Published on August 9th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

I Always Dress for the Occasion!

Women – buy these. Men – brace yourselves.

Black Milk has released two Doctor Who-related items for the dedicated followers of fashion (and fandom). Though both are described merely as having ‘Police Box’ designs, it’s obviously the TARDIS.

The TARDIS mini-dress is available for £67, while the leggings are £51. Now, that might seem a lot, but they’re very cool, and, frankly, very sexy. Especially with hip, faux-geeky glasses.

Designed by James Lillis, and made in Australia, both use polyester primarily. The dress is also made of Lycra, and the leggings, spandex (the stuff of superheroes!); the former is already out-of-stock in two sizes – small and large – but more are being made. And you can show them off by sharing your pictures on Facebook or Twitter by including #bmpoliceboxdress and #bmpoliceboxlegs in your tweets.

Both look pretty good with boots that have silvery soles. It’s futuristic, y’see.

Now, we don’t actively encourage smutty jokes in the comments, but then again, we don’t really stop you, either…


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3 Responses to I Always Dress for the Occasion!

  1. avatar daniel says:

    bigger on the inside than the outside?

  2. avatar daniel says:

    Thats one blue box i wouldnt mind riding in!

  3. avatar Tom says:

    Is it me or is it getting rather hot in here?

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