Rupert Graves is set to appear in Doctor Who

Big Game Hunting with Rupert Graves

Rupert Graves is set to appear in Doctor Who

Rupert Graves as Sherlock's Inspector Lestrade

It’s not a new reality show created as an answer to Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing – rather, Rupert Graves has been cast in Doctor Who Series 7!

The Sherlock regular (he plays Inspector Lestrade) – has revealed in an interview on his website that he is appearing in the next series of Doctor Who.

As far as we know from the interview (the relevant section of which is displayed below) Graves plays Riddell, “a big game hunter” in Africa, “some kind of history behind him and the Doctor”.

It’s a teasing description, and the conversation proves interesting as Graves reveals he has absolutely no ambitions to take on the Time Lord role at any point in the future.

PB – Speaking of modes of travel, you are of course appearing as a guest star in the new “Doctor Who” ?
RG – Yes, I am.
PB – Your character “Riddell”….
RG – Yeah, he’s umm… he’s a, he’s a big game hunter … he’s in Africa, and there’s umm, some kind of history behind him and the doctor, although it’s never fully explained what … he’s there to help the doctor.
PB – He’s there to help the doctor, or is it a bit of both, you helping the doctor, and him helping you?
RG – I’m going to help the doctor.
PB – Right.. so, is there a possibility you may be returning?
RG – I’ve no idea, no I don’t think there is actually.
PB – Would you like to?
RG – Umm, I dunno … I’d have to see what they would be thinking of doing with the character.
PB – Would you like to be Doctor Who?
RG – No … no.
PB – Really?
RG – No, I wouldn’t like to be Doctor Who.
PB – Never crossed your mind?
RG – No, I really wouldn’t like to be in that kind of character at all.
PB – It is a bit full on?
RG – It is, but as we were talking about this sort of thing up in Newcastle, once you get attached to one character in such a way, you never get any bloody peace then.

Now of course we’re wondering if there is likely to be any more cross-pollination from Sherlock

The full interview is worth a read, actually, and can be found at

(Thanks to Pertwee)

Christian Cawley


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