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Published on May 28th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat Collects Special Award

Doctor Who chief writer Steven MoffatAs reported last week, Steven Moffat has been awarded Bafta’s special award, and last night attended the ceremony alongside his wife and work partner Sue Vertue, Doctor Who and Sherlock co-writer Mark Gatiss and the stars of both shows.

It was a mixed evening but a good chance to take a look at the evolution of Moffat’s career from Press Gang via Joking Apart and Coupling – there was even a glance at Chalk – all the way through to Doctor Who from his 2005 episodes to date, and Moffat was presented with his award by Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch.

However: his speech of acceptance has raised a few eyebrows across the country and the web, having as it did a tone that has been described as particularly smug. Whether it was the editing or the event itself, Moffat’s opening lines appeared to leave the viewing audience at the ceremony… cold.

For more details on the event, head over to Cult Britannia.


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7 Responses to Moffat Collects Special Award

  1. avatar Athena007 says:

    *not directed at the article writer* WTF people! Thinking Steven Moffat’s BAFTA speech was smug. It’s called humour, you clearly humourless humans. That’s why Moffat won, not you.

  2. avatar Steve Andrew says:

    Wow, this is news to me. I switched over to BBC1 just as he was being presented his award by Cumberbatch & Smith (and don’t those two look good on screen together?), so I stuck around for his speech. He didn’t come across as remotely smug, just very happy and proud. He geeked out about being given an award by the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes and then just thanked everyone he knew. As he’d known about it beforehand, he had prepared a speech and so was very well-spoken and not at all flustered (unlike a lot of gushing BAFTA-recipients).

    Good for him, I thought, a very greatly deserved award. :-)

    The conspiratorial part of my brain thought that Cumberbatch really seemed to over-emphasise the word “Master” in his bit beforehand…

    • Steve, I thought exactly the same as you!

  3. avatar AndrewDB says:

    I saw the speech via Youtube.
    It didn’t seem smug to me either. And I didn’t detect any shock or recoil from the audience.

    • avatar AndrewDB says:

      Maybe people didn’t appreciate that in describing Gattis and Sue Vertue as the best of humanity, etc., he was referencing Doyle’s description of Watson? Maybe?

  4. avatar Victor says:

    What? I just watched it on Youtube for the first time, and…err…what are the moaners moaning about? Exactly?? All i see is a man being happy at being given such a big award. The Moffat detractors really are clutching at any old straw now aren’t they? Rather pathetic.

  5. avatar Jon says:

    I didn’t find the BAFTA speech remotely smug. I think it’s further evidence that Kasterborous is becoming a slightly bad minded Dr Who fan site. Which is a shame. I’m used to Andrew Whoever’s tone, I know to skip his scribblings and attempts at humour but hate to see Christian jump aboard. Sorry, I never comment and will still keep Kasterborous as my favourite covert read when I’m meant to be working.

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