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Published on April 16th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

The Ultimate Fan Film?

Fans of Doctor Who with an interest in the classic episodes will probably know that the Power of the Daleks serial – the first to feature the Second Doctor right after his regeneration – is largely lost, with only a few clips known to exist.

As a result of this, and in an effort to raise money, fan Nick Scovell has produced various stage versions of the serial, featuring an ever-developing revision to make the story more suitable for the new medium.

Over the past couple of years, production has moved to the medium of video, with what could quite possibly be the ultimate Doctor Who fan film now almost complete. Starring Scovell as the Doctor and with a cast that features Barnaby Edwards (appearing in the flesh), Nick Briggs (providing Dalek voices) and Lisa Bowerman (Survival, Bernice Summerfield).

Moving the action from the Vulcan colony planet to a Vulcan Corporation base in the Falkland islands, the new version sees a Doctor without companions thrust into the thick of the action…

This is just the first part – a second installment is available from July, but be aware that these are not the finished pieces. Post production work continues, in order to complete a final full big screen version in HD in time for the Power Reimagined Convention on Saturday, 1st September where guests will include Anneke Wills (Polly in the original serial) and Patrick Troughton’s actor/writer son Michael Troughton. More details can be found at

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4 Responses to The Ultimate Fan Film?

  1. avatar Warren Howarth says:

    What a cracking first episode. Looking forward to the others.

  2. avatar Don Krouskop says:

    This really was a fantastic first episode, but is anyone else bothered by the fact that this version of “Power” is so different from the original? I really hate to be a naysayer when these guys have done such an amazing job making what this article fairly calls the ultimate fan film, but part of me really has a hard time accepting this as the loving and awareness-raising tribute it purports to be when it deviates so significantly from the source material. Scovill and company are to be commended for their work, to be sure. As a fan who considers the original “Power” one of the greatest sci-fi tales in the history of the TV medium, however, I can’t help but wish they’d put all of this love and effort into recreating the original as faithfully as humanly possible. If there’s one WHO tales which could hold up to modernization without much fine-tuning, it’s “Power of the Daleks”.

  3. avatar Matt Badham says:

    That’s rather good!

  4. avatar Kris Nelson says:

    I agree – this is fantastic, but it could be an episode on it’s own with little reference to the original to which it claims to be an homage. Fantastic work all around. (And the Doctor could be a little quirkier, but all in all not really anything critical to say at all!)

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