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Published on March 12th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Moffat: Companions Shouldn’t Die

Been wondering just how Amy Pond might leave the TARDIS in Doctor Who Series 7?

One thing seems likely – she won’t die. Steven Moffat has told The University Observer that he’s writing Rory and Amy’s finale now, stating that “they’ll be gone forever.”

Though he has previously promised it will be heartbreaking, he further explained:

“Heartbreaking doesn’t mean unhappy. Wait and see. I mean, it’s parting. It’s parting from someone and that’s always very hard.”

Steven Moffat, writer of Doctor Who and SherlockBut will he kill the popular pair off?

“I’m not very good at killing people. I don’t like it! I didn’t even know that about myself until Russell pointed out that I’d written six episodes of Doctor Who for him and I hadn’t killed anybody. Literally hadn’t killed anybody.

“No one dies in The Empty Child,’ no one dies in Girl in the Fireplace, except the person who was dead already. I have killed a few but… I haven’t killed any main characters. I don’t think the Doctor’s companions should die; I think that spoils the fairytale a bit. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t, of course!”

Of course, as we know, rule one is that “The Grand Moff lies”. You will have to make your mind up on whether the showrunner – who took over Doctor Who in 2010 after being a regular writer for the series since its return in 2005 – is being entirely honest. Recalling taking the job, Moffat says:

“I remember sitting down for the first time and thinking, ‘bloody hell, I’m actually writing Doctor Who’. That never completely wears off, to be honest; I’m always very excited about writing Doctor Who but it’s now harder for me to recapture the feeling of it being entirely a novelty.”

He has also previously said that the next series will be completely different in its approach from series 6. But he still intends to carry on the tradition of an arc:

“There’ll always be and always are things that run through it, but I suppose it will be slightly less big than it was last year. Last year was the most we’ll ever do, I think. It got a lot of attention and caused a lot of controversy, and it got a much bigger American audience because it kind of gave them a reason to keep watching. But I think we have to keep changing Doctor Who or else it feels rather stale.”

The series has just commenced filming, but even Moffat doesn’t know when it’ll air, exactly, reporting that

“I’m pretty sure it will be the autumn. Pretty certain.”

It’s going to be a long wait, folks…


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10 Responses to Moffat: Companions Shouldn’t Die

  1. avatar Krumstets says:

    Lets have more blood in the show and give Amy and Rory a death to be proud of.

    • avatar KevinCV says:

      You want more blood in the Whoniverse? Watch “Torchwood”. That’ll quench your thirst. “Doctor Who” is a family show, so the level of violence isn’t gonna be ramped up to that level simply because of your demands. Deal with it.

      • avatar Krumstets says:

        Just because it is a family show doesn’t mean we should be treated like children . This is the 21st century . People do not need molly coddling and shielded from the real world.

        Doctor Who has had more violent episodes in the past . As long as violence is shown for what it is then it’s OK.

        Blood and the death of loved ones happens, deal with it….

        • avatar KevinCV says:

          I don’t think Moffat is molly-coddling at all. Hell, in “The Time of Angels” people are getting their necks snapped! You don’t see it, but you can certainly hear it, so the implication is still there. Frankly, I find that to be a lot more terrifying for a kit than just showing the dude really getting his neck snapped.

          Plus, RTD quite rightly said that Doctor Who has always been about the shadows and darkness, not violence and blood. Hence my suggestion that you watch “Torchwood”. Then again, if you’re one of those RTD haters, then you can just take my suggestion with a grain of salt for all I care.

          • avatar Krumstets says:

            Just because RTD says something don’t mean it’s true.

            Why do you think I am a RTD hater? Where did that come from ?

            I just think Dr Who could improve it’s lot by being less timid and being a bit more real when it comes to violence and blood.

          • Hi Kevin

            Would be great if you could keep the discussion on topic and civil – your last post came across a little brusque!


  2. avatar Si says:

    He killed River Song off in her first story!!

  3. avatar Don Krouskop says:

    Yes, Si. Then he brought her right back at the end of the same episode, inside the computer’s mainframe.

  4. avatar daniel says:

    In a good way, if the Moff said it was sunny, id get my umberella…

  5. avatar KevinCV says:

    @Krumstets Sorry, some people just strike me as people who blindly hate on RTD, and it really bothers me. I’m sorry.

    @Christian Cawley I’m sorry that I came across as a bit rude. I just don’t think bloody violence belongs in “Doctor Who” these days. I just think Krumstets should be pretty grateful the show gets away with people getting their necks snapped and other such things despite being considered a family show.

    If a show with that kind of demographic here in the States had that level of violence -despite being off-screen- the moral guardians here would be flipping their lids, not unlike the UK’s Mary Whitehouse when the show was on the air in the 80s.

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