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Published on March 27th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

A Doctor Who Movie? Really? Still?

You know those moments that you sometimes have, where someone asks you if you did something and you know that you definitely, utterly, did not do it?

But then they don’t think you’re telling the truth so they keep accusing you of doing it until a little voice at the back of your head says to you “is it possible? Did this happen and I’ve forgotten?” Well that seems to be the scenario that is evolving with news on the rumoured Doctor Who movie.

In an interview regarding his latest film The Pirates!, David Tennant was questioned about the possibility of a Doctor Who movie directed by Harry Potter helmer David Yates. Tennant rightly praised Yates’ directional talent but also mentioned that the quality should remain high.

“Something of good quality will always triumph. I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion but David Yates is a very talented man.”

All fair enough. But website Digital Spy seems to believe that the Doctor Who movie is going ahead and that Yates will be the Director.

But didn’t we have Steven Moffat quash this rumour many weeks ago? Didn’t the Doctor Who show runner go on record saying that if there were to be a movie, it would be linked directly to the current series rather than a side step with a different production team? Surely the BBC would want that?

Maybe there is a movie and it’s part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary. Maybe Yates is lined up to direct a feature length episode for the BBC. Or maybe this is all a rumour that has got out of hand (although if you read what Yates has been saying, he seems to have other ideas).

Basically, don’t give in to that little voice at the back of your head asking “is this actually happening?” because the chances are that if Steven Moffat hasn’t mentioned anything then it’s not happening.

We’ll just have to wait!


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2 Responses to A Doctor Who Movie? Really? Still?

  1. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Ah but don’t we know that the Moff can lie?

    Also, I seem to recall that he said that the reason for the season six split was so that viewers would only ever be a few months away from a new episode but then thats turned out not to be the case for the next season.

    At the end of the day he is an employee of the Beeb like everyone else and if the organisation holding the purse strings says we want a Dr Who movie then thats what we will get..

  2. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    I think it’s because there is always this three-way split; some people a jackasses and hear what only they want to hear, some want to profit on it by placing bets at a Bookie to earn some money, and then there are people like us… TRUE FANS that are interested in the show!

    People need to remember that David Yates is just a director (granted a Harry Potter-director), and he does not own the rights to Doctor Who. The BBC does and it’s up to them, not the morons in the community, whether a DW movie gets made.

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