Merchandise Jon Pertwee stars in 1974's Death to the Daleks

Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Death to the Daleks on DVD?

Jon Pertwee stars in 1974's Death to the Daleks

Coming soon to DVD is Death to the Daleks, and while details of extras and packaging remain sparse-to-non-existent, it seems that Amazon are happy for buyers to get their orders in early!

Broadcast back in 1974, Death to the Daleks is the third story to feature Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and features humans, TARDIS travellers and Daleks stranded without power on Exxilon, a distant planet with a city that drains the power of passing craft.

While not the strongest Dalek story it nevertheless puts Skaro’s meanest in a new situation, one of survival. Without their usual radiation weapons the Daleks are powerless, resorting eventually to projectile guns rather than beams. It’s scary to consider just how resourceful they are… and interesting to see that in this case they are driven by psychokinetic power, thereby enabling them to avoid the power drain!

Starring Jon Pertwee and Lis Sladen, Death to the Daleks is apparently slated for release on June 18th for £14.99.

Interested? Head over to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Death to the Daleks on DVD!

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One Response to Death to the Daleks on DVD?

  1. avatar Greg_TN_USA says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m waiting patiently on the last two Classic WHO Sarah Jane stories yet to be released on DVD: DEATH TO THE DALEKS and TERROR OF THE ZYGONS. SO glad to hear that DTTD is soon to arrive!

    I’ve always been surprised at the poor rating given to DTTD in original reviews. Having seen it several times now, DTTD is actually a very good Pertwee-story. Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen make one of the best WHO TARDIS teams of all time, almost as good as “Tom and Lis”!

    Personally consider Season 11 and Season 7 as Pertwee’s best and also two of WHO’s best, and the DVD’s released have confirmed that to me. I think because Season 11 was taking Pertwee and WHO off in new directions that it was not as well received at the time. Now, in 2012 we can look back and appreciate the courage of the great Letts-Dicks production team in heading WHO into new territory, and forgive some of the small flaws that the technology of their time could not quite overcome.

    Thanks again for the update on DTTD. It is VERY welcome news.

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