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Published on December 14th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Reinventing the Actor

What happens to an actor after they’re done playing the Doctor for a long period of time?

Sometimes they have a rich and varied career, sometimes they stick to smaller roles or shy away from acting for a while until the dust settles and they’re no longer seen as “the Doctor”.
Matt Smith reckons that the best way to move forward once he finally finishes playing the Eleventh Doctor is to completely reinvent himself as an actor and move forward from there:

“Any actor worth his salt can reinvent himself. In 10 years time I’ll be playing very different parts.”

Smith certainly has the character and personality to change the way he tackles television or film roles, you do get the feeling that he could play so much more than just the Doctor, it would certainly be interesting to see what other characters or parts he would take on once he becomes “post-Who”.

But how long will that be exactly until we say goodbye to the eleventh Doctor? Well, no one can tell for sure, Smith as ever remains coy about how long he’ll remain playing the part. The actor is certainly taking it year by year until he decides to move on.

Until then, we’ll just have to make the most of the character and the actor for as long as we’re lucky!


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9 Responses to Reinventing the Actor

  1. avatar farsighted99 says:

    The first thing people start thinking about when a new Doctor gets the role, is when is he going to leave? Geesh. We know the average length of stay in the role is about 3 years, give or take. But there were rumors about Matt leaving before he finished his first year of filming.

    Hope he says for a couple more years… he’s a fantastic Doctor.

    • avatar Cosmic Hobo says:

      The BEEB should have taken out a five year option with Matt Smith just like the Yanks would have.Unfortunately Moffat is just as short-sighted as RTD was with Eccleston(who used Who to restart his career)and David Tennant would surely have signed a five year deal in 2005.Smith who’s a brilliant Doctor will leave with the 50th anniversary special with the delusion of moving to L.A. and making it big in the movies(yawn!).

      • avatar Rick Lundeen says:

        The Beeb signed smith for 3 years with a pick up option for a fourth and fifth year, so I think that’s a smart enough commitment. They had no guarantee that he’d work out yet they did a solid 3 year and now we’ll see if he goes for the option beyond the 50th anniversary.

        Tennant stayed four years total as you have to count the year of specials. As far as screen time, he placed just behind Troughton and Pertwee so I’d say he stayed a good length of time, certainly above the average.

        Eccleston only signed on for the first season *because* of RTD’s writing and had no intention of staying beyond, since he basically quit before the show even premiered. I saw no evidence that his career was ever in need of a “restart” before that though.

        • avatar Gareth Thomas says:

          I agree re Eccleston, his career was not in need of any reboot, it was DW that needed a new reboot and Eccleston is a good friend of RTD so helped him out. It would of been good for him to have played a bit longer, but he didn’t want too and still gave the role his all. I thought DW wouldn’t be able to find a Doctor as good as Tennant but they have in Matt Smith and i hope he at least does 2 more ‘proper’ series before moving on, however, that all depends on how long a proper series would take to get filmed these days! so maybe we will have to be happy with the next load of specials and 1 more series from him.

        • avatar Cosmic Hobo says:

          If Smith regenerates after 3 years,in 2013 we will be looking at the fourth Doctor in eight years.”Eccleston had no intention of staying beyond?”Eccleston is on record as saying he considered staying longer,but didn’t like the “atmosphere” on the show.(Reported in several newspapers as well as on the BBC itself)Moreover he said this not when he left but in a publicity interview for Lennon Naked.Eccleston was an aquaintance of RTD not his best mate.He contacted Davies,not the other way round and said he wanted to be considered for the role.When Eccleston decided to leave after just one series he was thinking about his career not Doctor Who.If his replacement hadn’t been as skilled or as popular as David Tennant proved to be the newly reborn show could have been finished after just 2 series and possibly faced another couple of decades in hybernation.As for Smith,I’ll say it again,the BBC should have taken out the option,that if Matt was a success then he would stay for 5 years.

      • Cosmic Hobo said:

        … RTD was with Eccleston(who used Who to restart his career)

        Perhaps making such short-sighted comments you should at least do some research, at most back up such ridiculous comments with proof?

        • avatar Cosmic Hobo says:

          I have to say I found your comments not only short-sighted and ridiculous but also ridiculous and short-sighted.Rick Lundeen disagreed with me but at least did it with intelligent and thoughtful opinion.

          • Indeed, Rick did respond thoughtfully, but the question was aimed at you and you still haven’t answered! CE didn’t use DW to restart his career as it hadn’t stalled; it didn’t need restarting.

            Your attitude about this is puzzling, as if you have some sort of personal gripe with the actor for moving on when he did.

            So again, I ask you to back up such an odd comment with proof. How – in your opinion – had Eccleston’s career stalled?

  2. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Hey Matt! Why not spend ten years in the role? :)

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