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Published on December 21st, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Moffat Quits…or Not

Perhaps a familiar figure whispered just five words into The Mirror’s ear: “Oh, doesn’t he look tired?” and that was it?

Moffat quits! Doctor Who will kill me says boss! More to follow…

Doctor Who won't kill The Grand Moff. But what about this Dalek?

…Or less depending on whether or not you just think its Moffat admitting that he’s human or like  The Mirror, who have reported and since been rebuffed by the shows head honcho, whom it quoted as saying was going to die of a Who related stress disorder unless he quit the show, you’re just going to run with it anyway.

While no one is denying that stress would be a major factor in leaving a show like Doctor Who – Moffat himself has often spoke of toll taken by the ‘relentless’ schedule and the baffling death threats he has received from moronic non fans of the show – it seems that The Mirror have just ran riot with this and previous quotes from Moffat about his workload.

The most opened ended (and therefore most important) quote in The Mirror’s article is this:

“I haven’t got a plan but I am definitely going to be handing it to someone else.”

Which is like saying: “When I leave the bus someone will have my seat.”  It isn’t a statement of intent – it’s just plain fact. One day he will leave and then someone else will replace him. It doesn’t mean the moment has been prepared for (so to speak).
Moffat has even taken to Twitter to rebuff the claims offering a one worded response (not that word!) to a fans tweet about the rumours that he’s soon to leave:


Well, at least that’s all sorted now!

Hopefully that moment won’t be too soon – after all, he’s never lacked any ambition or ideas when it comes to writing the show and, like any lifelong fan in such a privileged position; who wouldn’t want to put those into action for the fiftieth anniversary regardless of the noise that comes with the job?


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

8 Responses to Moffat Quits…or Not

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    There’s no doubt he’ll stick around for the anniversary but after that….

  2. avatar Nic Ford says:

    Actually,saying “I haven’t got a plan but I am definitely going to be handing it to someone else” is a lot more than saying “When I leave the bus someone will have my seat”. It says that he’s planning for the show to continue after him – which, blasphemous as this may be to the not-not-we, is not necessarily a done deal.

  3. avatar daniel says:

    Bear in mind plans were made re DT, RTD, JG and PC back in late 2006 when the last of them didnt leave till May 2009 its very deasible that plans are being made now.

    I am sure Mark Gatiss will be the new Head Honcho…

  4. avatar ChrisL says:

    I would be really disappointed if Mark Gatiss took control of the show.
    His track record so far is not good… in fact to call his episodes ” not good” is being kind, the episodes he’s written over the past couple of years were awful. To give him overall control of the show would be a disaster if he produced an entire series to the same low standard.

    And yes, before you ask, I have read his Doctor Who novels. They are average at best and certainly don’t offer any more hope for the future than his television episodes do.

    • ChrisL: are you forgetting League of Gentlemen and Sherlock?

      • avatar gavinio says:

        Neither of which are Doctor Who, so I don’t really understand the point you’re trying to make Christian…

        • Would you prefer references to other shows that he has written as illustrations of his ability, or an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of the writer-director relationship?

          It’s a very simplistic view to blame the writer for an episode not turning out to the best of the viewer’s wishes when the writer has little to do with the material after submitting it.

          Directors, art departments and designers, cameramen and directors of cinematography, special effects people, script editors and the actors themselves all have the opportunity to make the best of the material, as seen in The Unquiet Dead (a virtually flawless production that few complained about on broadcast) or the worst of the material, as seen in The Idiot’s Lantern (a very good script which is let down by flat direction and bad casting). As for Victory of the Daleks, some tighter script editing and post-production would have sorted out any problems in the narrative.

          There seems to be some frankly ludicrous idea that the writer is involved at every stage, which isn’t the case.

          The soon people understand this, the better because this nonsense about Gatiss not being up to the job is tired, meaningless and ultimately unhelpful to everyone.

          • avatar gavinio says:

            There’s a difference between writing for other shows though and Doctor Who. The history of the show is littered with people who have written other things but struggled when it comes to writing for Who. Of Gatiss’ scripts, it is only The Unquiet Dead that I would say he came anywhere near a good script for the show. He is quite clearly a telented writer based on his other non-Who related output but his Who scripts have not been anything to sing about.

            I have no doubt of his love and affection for the show but like others would question him being a capable show runner if he was expected to write as many episodes per series as RTD and Moff have. If he was going to be a show runner who handed out the writing duties to other hands then he may not be a poor choice after all.

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