Don’t We Have a Movie Already?

Well there may or may not be a Doctor Who big screen outing on the way. And the Valeyard may or may not be starring in it.

Talk of a movie will always force a reaction from fans of a certain age. Over the years the made for TV movie (TVM) starring Paul McGann has been a bit of a marmite topic for Who fans.

I’ve always been a fan myself.

The Doctor Who Reprint Society are as well, unsurprising given their love of the McGann books. And as such they’ve just launched a poll to see if fans would like to see the TVM on the silver screen.

So, if you fancy seeing the Doctor in canon and on screen then have a wonder over and vote with your mouse. If significant interest is shown you never know where the DWRS might take this idea.

Stranger things have happened after all…


Alasdair Shaw dabbled in Who throughout the 80s, but didn’t really get into it properly until 1989. His sense of timing has not improved over the years. He’s a third generation Who fan as well as a father of three. When not working as a lab technician or writing for Kasterborous Alasdair runs the Doctor Who Reprint Society for which he writes In Print and Dangling Threads. He’s a big fan of the Valeyard, but that’s neither here nor there. He has never worked for UNIT and is not related to Dr Liz Shaw.

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