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Published on October 26th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Tate Returns to The Office

Letting its tenuous grip on the realities of an actual American office slip even further the US version of The Office has decide to buck downsizing and hire another worker in lovely form of Donna Noble herself Catherine Tate who’ll be reprising her role Nellie Bertram, the misguided special projects manager.

Let hilarity ensue!

Tate was first seen in The Office at the end of what should have been its last series as one of the candidates looking to replace outgoing manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

In an exciting series of credibility robbing celebrity guest shots events Scott was eventually replaced by Robert California (James Spader) who – as we’re promised by executive producer Paul Lieberstein – will be sharing a ‘less than professional’ relationship with Bertram (wooooo!)

“Catherine is hysterical”

…commented Lieberstein hysterically.

I suppose the only hope now is that this is all some sort of Doctor Who cross over where Tate and the Tenth Doctor land the TARDIS at Dunder Mifflin and reveal that it’s actually a clever virtual reality thought experiment designed to cater to audiences core beliefs in worthwhile comedy before cruelly hobbling their ‘faith’ with celebrity guests and tired office romances.


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

4 Responses to Tate Returns to The Office

  1. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Ok I am obviously missing something here.

    The Office, a US comedy series, will now feature Catherine Tate, a well established UK comedy actress, in it’s cast.

    That is seen as being wrong because?…


  2. avatar Alex says:

    @ Francis. There’s a fairly large number of people who feel The Office should have ended when Steve Carrel left last season, and that any attempt at continuing it is just keeping the show alive by artificial means. (To use a US analogy, the feeling is the series was M*A*S*H under Carrel and became AfterM*A*S*H when he left.) So it really doesn’t matter if they’d cast Angelina Jolie, the reaction would have been the same.

    Also, Tate’s appearance in last season’s finale didn’t exactly knock the critic’s socks off. Though personally I hope it just means history repeating itself: everyone seemed to hate Catherine in The Runaway Bride, but when she came back after a hiatus and became a regular, everyone loved her. Fingers crossed that’ll be the case here, since this marks the first time an ongoing Doctor Who companion actor has gone on to take on a major ongoing role in a US series and I’d like to see this as a potential door-opener for the likes of Billie Piper and Karen Gillan to expand their post-Who (or post-Diary of a Call Girl in Billie’s case) careers.

  3. avatar Mr Brak says:

    Alex, you’re saying the show should have ended when the actor playing main character left, and you’re saying it on which website?! Go and stand on the naughty step for 10 minutes and consider yourself told off…

  4. avatar Kate says:

    Hey, I still like “The Office” – I’m at least willing to give it a chance. Maybe “Doctor Who” should have ended when David Tennant left – or when Hartnell had to leave.

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