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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Xmas in the 1900s?

Christmas is coming, and sooner than you might be expecting! Although we’re yet to enjoy the pleasures of The God Complex, Closing Time and The Wedding of River Song, shooting has commenced on the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special!

Snapped earlier were Matt Smith and Outnumbered‘s Claire Skinner (not Maxine Peake as Wales Online are claiming) both in costume disembarking from a nice Mercedes, with the Eleventh Doctor actor clutching a thick script…

What is most interesting about this, however, is Skinner’s outfit, apparently Edwardian England attire, which we hope dates the episode as taking place in one of the typical Christmas nostalgia eras. We’ve already had the present day throughout the Russell T Davies era as well as the snowbound Victoriana of The Next Doctor and Steven Moffat’s tribute to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol set in the steampunk world of Sardicktown… so what could be next?

Far be it from us to speculate but with Skinner’s prior experience of acting with unruly children and Moffat’s previous Christmas adventure being a new take on a season staple, could we be about to see the Doctor encounter a Whoniverse version of Mary Poppins?

After all, Matt has the perfect physique for a roof top dance…

Schtep in time!



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4 Responses to Xmas in the 1900s?

  1. avatar Jonathan says:

    That’s not Edwardian attire she’s wearing. It’s circa. 1940s – 1950s.

  2. avatar Nick says:

    I would still put a £1 on (a variation of) the Little Match Girl as a long shot.

    No one says the Little Match Girl has to be young. Claire Skinner has a certain vulnerabilty about her. The costume emphasises, acceptable for an adult but has echos of the coat and hat and shoes a young girl may wear at that time. Shades of (muted) red in the costume are not only seasonal but with the brassy yellowy blonde wash-in colourant added to her hair could thematically denote fire.

    Do you like how I’ve made a whole theory out of… not very much? :)

    Yes, essentially the core themes of “The Little Match Girl” have been done to death before – which is exactly why I’m suggesting!.

  3. avatar Nick says:

    One more thing.

    Note the prominence Costuming has given to the Locket Claire is wearing. Sentimental keepsake of a relative?.

  4. avatar Nick says:

    Mind you…

    Location reports of a “mechanical bear”?…

    Are we talking a lifesize toy, a period “fairground” attraction or some other fur covered mechanical construction that “looks” bear-like.

    This couldn’t resolve the mystery behind Peter McKinsky’s concept art for a revamped Yeti in 2010 – could it?

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