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Published on September 5th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

What’s the Moff Watching?

If you’re Whovian enough to read news blogs like Kasterborous, chances are you’re also Whovian enough to occasionally trawl through the internet’s quality video streaming websites, and YouTube, to see what brilliant (or sometimes not-so-brilliant) Who-related audiovisual creations the fandom has to offer.  Therefore you’ll no doubt be aware that 97.3% of the time, said creations end up looking something like this:

Certainly not bad, but definitely not something that hasn’t been done before. However, that fact isn’t stopping Doctor Who‘s fearless leader Steven Moffat from sending some quick praise in the direction of YouTube user frabjousfilms via Twitter.  After watching the above humansong, the Grand Moff linked to it with three words of internet birdsong: “Made my day!”

No doubt Steven’s delight had something to do with the number of Moff-isms found in the video:

  • Wibbly wobbly
  • Timey-wimey
  • Geronimo
  • “I wear fezzes now. Fezzes are cool.”
  • The physical fez itself (paper? really?)
  • “Always bring a banana to a party.”
  • The Moff-era theme tune

Video creator Dan Rider evidently realized that he’d just been given the thumbs-up from the Big Man himself (possibly due to what was likely an extreme increase in video traffic), and wrote Sir Moffat a reply in the video’s description:

“Wow! Thanks to everybody for your lovely, lovely comments! Thanks especially to you, Steven Moffat- you make my day EVERY day. (Incidentally, if there’s ever an episode where the Doctor fights an alien who sings in four-part harmony, hit me up! I’m an actor!)”

Best of luck with that, Dan – but if you’re going to be on Doctor Who, you need to get a real bow tie.


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  1. avatar Krumstets says:

    Awwww. That’s sweet.

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