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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Dear Steven Moffat…

Dear Steven “The Grand Moff” Moffat, @steven_moffat

I like you, really I do, and I’m so delighted that you are the current Doctor Who showrunner. I’ve been enjoying your work since I was at school with Press Gang, since my late teens/early twenties with Joking Apart (one of the few shows I could enjoy with my sister) and throughout the reborn Doctor Who.

(I scratched my head at Chalk, however, and didn’t really “get” Coupling, but loved Curse of the Fatal Death, so I’m sure we can come to some agreement here.)

Over the past few days and weeks it has become increasingly clear that you are doing a massive disservice, not just to the legion of Doctor Who fans out there but to fans of the amazing all-round entertainer, singer, dancer, actor, presenter John Barrowman.

To be honest, I’m over-stating things there slightly. I’m only describing him as I hear his fans do. To me he’s Captain Jack Harkness and that bloke who suddenly left Live & Kicking, and I can’t bear the oceans of cheese I find myself swimming in when he starts to sing.

However, he’s clearly desperate to appear in the 2013 Doctor Who 50th anniversary special as his endless touting on TV, radio and video clips on websites over the past couple of weeks demonstrates.

Here at Kasterborous we love Captain Jack, particularly the version of him that you introduced us to in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. His Torchwood persona might be a little dark and there may be some accusations that he hasn’t been well used in Doctor Who since becoming immortal (except perhaps in Utopia) but Barrowman clearly wants to be a part of whatever you have planned.

So we would like to ask you, website to Moff: would you let Barrowman know, one way or the other? We’d like him to appear, as we say, but a “no” is fine, just as long as he SHUTS UP GOING ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT NOT BEING ASKED!


As I was saying, it would be best all round if John Barrowman finds out sooner rather than later so he can at least arrange yet another album…


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

16 Responses to Dear Steven Moffat…

  1. avatar Paul May says:

    Dear Grand Moff,
    Please disregard this silly letter above and don’t feel obligated to litter up the anniversary cast with past characters for fans sake. The re-hash of old characters for nostalgia / anniversary celebration has only worked well in 1973 and a few other sparse occasions. John Nathan Turner ruined the show listening to the whims of the fan base on these types of matters. Stay the course and continue making what will be considered in a few years to come a “classic” era of the greatest show ever.

  2. avatar Warren Howarth says:

    Seconded! Just get him asked already!

  3. avatar Simon says:

    I really do sympathise with the Kasterborous team, but if Moffat was to do that 1) John Barrowman wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it, and 2) fans everywhere (the spoiler-whores, in particular) would want to have a full transcript of everything that was said!

    In most cases, the newspapers don’t hold a candle to the element of surprise inherent in Whovian storytelling.

  4. avatar Francis Cave says:

    for the last time its “THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH!!!” where is everyone getting this garbled version of the title from??

    • If we’re going to be pedantic, Francis, I think you meant to say:

      For the last time: it’s “THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH!!!” Where is everyone getting this garbled version of the title from??

      There’s something perplexing about someone taking the time to comment on a grammatical era while making grammatical errors…

  5. avatar Ian O'Brien says:

    No not another album!

  6. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Ian – don’t be a smart arse! The point was valid, the fact that I missed two capitals and a semi-colon is hardly the end of the world is it?

    • It was actually me, Christian, not Ian.

      And no, the point wasn’t valid. You made grammatical errors AND you got the title wrong too. It’s actually officially called: Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death.

  7. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Sorry for the name error.

    I have the VHS edition in front of me and it says, “Doctor Who The Curse of Fatal Death”

    On Wikipedia it refers to “Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death (commonly shortened to The Curse of Fatal Death”

    So does anyone know if the title acutally the title appears anywhere in the episode itself?

    Yes I made grammatical errors but hey I’ve had a bloody stressful day so how’s about a tiny bit of slack eh?

  8. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Also, checking on the BBC’s own DW site they also refer to it as The Curse of Fatal Death..

  9. avatar Mab says:

    Oh my God just tell John Barrowman to shut up, that his character was a terrible idea at the time, and that no, john, you’re not coming back.
    His arrogance at bascially requesting a spot is remarkable, plus he cant act.

  10. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Yeah, I’m fine with Jack coming back and specifically, the Moff should bring him back from the “dark time”, that 2 year period that he doesn’t remember. Give us “evil” Jack. a Jack that’s not at all likable and who isn’t immortal either. I wonder if the Moff even remembers that throwaway line in Doctor Dances? It would be a great reason to bring him back.

    • Also a good way to have a version of the character that is evil that the Doctor cannot let die

  11. avatar Gary R says:

    By all means bring back Captain Jack. Then kill him off for good.

    The guy may be fine in musical theatre (never seen him, so couldn’t say), but he’s NOT a dramatic TV actor. He ruined Children of Earth – his reaction to killing his grandson to save the Earth was tantamount to someone wondering if they’d remembered to put the cat out before going to bed.

    If we’re going to have a celebration, then let’s have summat new rather then an hour/90 mins of Moff just pulling old characters and actors on screen for fans to squee at.

  12. avatar SJ says:

    I wish he would bring Barrowman back for more than the anniversary. The show could use the eye candy.

  13. avatar clara27 says:

    He must come back for the anniversary! How can he not. Jack Harkness is vital to the Doctor Who mythology. Plus, he´s sexy! Please bring him back Moffatt!

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