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Published on July 14th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

We Gather for the End!

That’s a wrap! Filming has finished on the current series of Doctor Who. The final scenes have been filmed and the incredible journey that the cast, crew and characters of the show have been on since 2010 has reached its peak.

Maybe this explains part of the reason that the series has been split in two. Obviously in a dramatic sense, there was the huge cliff-hanger that needed to be left for a few months to draw in more viewers but in the past, certain people involved in the making of Doctor Who (since it returned in 2005) have commented that the filming schedule can be gruelling number of months to work day after day.

Perhaps splitting the series into two has given the Doctor Who team a bit of a well-deserved rest for a month or so in order to relax and tackle other projects. Just a thought…

The last scenes to be shot for Series 6 have been described as “one of the most memorable sequences of the current series and typically for Doctor Who, it’s a mixture of drama, humour and action.” This may not necessarily be aimed at the season finale however, as Doctor Who episodes are usually filmed out of sequence.

But with the latest series in the can, work has most probably started on the new series for 2012-2013, which as we all know will run up to the series’ fiftieth anniversary. Exciting things are in the ether for Doctor Who, it’s a real “watch this space” time.

Direct from set, Karen Gillan commented on her last day of filming:

“It’s quite sad to be saying goodbye to the boys…but we’ll be re-united again very soon!”

So all you Amy Pond fans rejoice! Contrary to rumours, she’s not leaving, and will be back for a third round of adventures!


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3 Responses to We Gather for the End!

  1. avatar Rick says:

    I’m guessing as either guest stars at some point like when they brought rose back.

  2. avatar 23skidoo says:

    I can’t help wonder if the second half might have an Amy-lite or Amy-free episode. I thought they finished production several months ago, especially when Karen went off to New York to shoot a movie. If filming was still under way, could she be disappearing from the series for a bit?

    Still, nice to hear she isn’t going away, as she’s one of my favorite companions of the revival era. Still no word as to the future of Arthur Darvill with the show – but if it’s production hiatus is only beginning now, there time for him to do the play and come back for the show; a lot of folks had said his involvement in a play this summer suggested he was leaving…

  3. avatar BJAMES says:

    Perhaps she is referring to the upcoming Christmas Special. But since no one(other than Catherine Tate, who wasn’t yet a recurring companion),has ever left in a Christmas Special, it seems to imply involvement in the forthcoming season. I would love to see Karen stay on, and Arthur as well…………

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