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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

OtaKing and the Missing Episodes!

A user on website Deviant art, a website for people to upload their artistic offerings has put up a very interesting post regarding a new BBC job that they have just been employed to do…

The user’s name is MightyOtaking, some of you may know this moniker from a thirteen minute Doctor Who anime that appeared on YouTube or through some very special artwork.

But all that has suddenly disappeared from the web. Gone, like it was never there. Almost like it slipped into a mysterious crack in time…

Of course, the real reason for the work being taken away is that MightyOtaking has been contracted for some Doctor Who related animation projects! Is this part of the restoration project that includes the animated missing episodes of The Crusade? Nothing is confirmed but since Big Finish is also involved…

This appeared as part of the announcement recently posted:

“I am now contracted to work with Theta-Sigma, in partnership with Big Finish, on some secret BBC animation projects for 2entertain. This is very exciting news and, though I can’t say anything about it, there is an absolutely top class team assembled, and the recreation of some extremely long awaited lost stories is now going to become a reality for a very large number of people who’ve been waiting for them for many, many years.”

Notice the use of the word “projects”, plural rather than singular. It looks like we may be getting to see the rest of the missing stories released on DVD finally, completed as much as they can be.

Looks like we can see 2entertain’s next business strategy after they finish releasing all the complete Doctor Who serials in 2013…

Congratulations to Paul “OtaKing” Johnson for a much-deserved career move!


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3 Responses to OtaKing and the Missing Episodes!

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I hadn’t heard about The Crusades being finished via animation, only Reign of Terror. Regardless, I really wish they’d focus on the Tenth Planet!

    I also hope that they aren’t all done in that anime style and that Otaking has some range. Not everyone likes anime…and the team that’s doing Reign look to be doing a nice job. If that’s Otaking, more power to him!

    • avatar Meredith Burdett says:

      Yes. Sorry, you’re completely right-it’s The Reign of Terror that’s being worked on. Whoops!

  2. avatar Dave Bateman says:

    No matter what we get, or how many this is really positive news!

    I’ll second Rick Lundeen’s comment above. It would be good, while keeping to the tone of the original serials, to have some variation in the animation style.

    Is it too much to hope that they’ll do all of the missing episodes in the end?

    It would be a dream come true. Let’s hope that 2entertain can get the business model right.

    Fingers crossed, then.

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