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Published on July 25th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

David Tennant OK for Reunion

He might be busy starring in Hollywood horror franchise reboots and Doctor Who DVD extras, but former Doctor Who star David Tennant still loves the show enough to drop everything when the 50th anniversary comes around…

The man we call Ten was chatting to Total Film recently and revealed that although he’s ready to make a return to Doctor Who for any upcoming anniversaries, he hasn’t yet been asked. Not officially, anyway.

“People keep telling me that they’ve read online that I’m coming back – but believe me, if that happens I’ll be the first to tell everyone. I’ll be shouting about it very loudly.”

Despite what some fans might think about the way he’s distanced himself from the show in the last couple of years, David remains proud of his years in the TARDIS.

“I’m very proud of the show and I’m fully aware it casts a long shadow professionally, but I’m quite happy about that. It’s a shadow wearing a very cool, long coat.”

Incidentally, new sitcom This is Jinsy, whose pilot debuted on BBC Three but has a full series heading to Sky Atlantic later in the year features David Tennant as “a camp wedding organiser” in “gold trousers and a hairpiece.”

“He’s very camp and he looks extraordinary. We didn’t realise how skinny David Tennant’s legs were but we got him some gold trousers and the most extraordinary hairpiece you’ve ever seen – you won’t recognise him, it’s just unbelievable.”

Other Whovian guest stars in the series will include Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) and Simon Callow (Charles Dickens).



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5 Responses to David Tennant OK for Reunion

  1. avatar Francis cave says:

    In what way has David “distanced himself from the role in the last few years”? By working like any jobbing actor? In any interview I have seen him in the last two years he has been more than happy to talk about his time in the role and for goodness sake he even presented a DVD documentary on the davison years! How is that distancing himself from the role ?

  2. avatar Frunz says:

    Guys what do you think, is it possible David to return in lead role?

  3. avatar Andrew says:

    All praise to David Tennant, unlike his stuck up and arrogant predecessor he’s willing to both recognise and give back to the fans.

  4. avatar pamela says:

    Yes it is possible for David Tennant to come back as the Tenth Dcotor – anything is possible in the world of sci fi. I have not seen one of Matt Smiths episodes as following his regeneration felt he was totally unsuited for the role and the writings of Stephen Moffat’s have added, in my opinion, to the decline of Doctor Who.

  5. avatar Matt says:

    So Pamela, if you haven’t watched any episodes how did you manage to form your opinion?
    It’s unusual for someone to flaunt their ignorance so proudly.

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