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Published on June 29th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Torchwood: Wales To Return

By now you’ll have heard this over and over again… Torchwood isn’t abandoning Cardiff, it will always have its Welsh roots, it’s still the same show despite being in America, and the list goes on.  To take all that redundancy and throw in a dash of new information, we can now tell you that not only will Torchwood always feel like the Welsh show it’s always been, it will physically return to the Welsh place it’s always been.

We’ve all known for months about Miracle Day‘s impending quick hop over to the British Isles from America to pick up Gwen, Rhys, and possibly Jack.  But it’s easy to assume that once the show lands in California, it’s there for good.  Not so, says executive producer Russell T. Davies:

“It starts in Wales, they go on the run across the United States, but they come back to Wales. I don’t want people to think we’ve abandoned the homeland.”

Looking back on things, this is just what happened in Children of Earth, but on a smaller scale; the surviving members of the team left Cardiff for London, dealt with the alien threat, and (sort of) returned after it was all over.  Does this mean that Miracle Day will be the only series that takes place in America?  This remains to be seen, but at least it’s now been more or less confirmed that it won’t be the last season to feature scenes in Wales.

And to anyone who still needs convincing that the next season won’t be the same Torchwood we’ve grown to love, Captain Jack Harkness actor John Barrowman has a few words to say to you:

“Loyal fans will recognize it in the first second.”

If, even after that small snippet of nice-sounding words, you continue to believe that old Torchwood is definitely gone forever, you might be a hopeless case.

Episode 1 of Miracle Day, The New World, premieres Friday, July 8th at 10 PM ET/PT on Starz in the US and Thursday, July 14th at 9PM on BBC One in the UK.


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One Response to Torchwood: Wales To Return

  1. avatar STLShawn says:

    I for one hope they do make it a bit more “Welsh centric” on the next ride.

    I don’t think Julie Gardner or Russell Davies realizes how “exotic” a location places like Wales, Scotland, Ireland can be to an American viewer,,,,, even if most Americans can’t find them on a map. The architecture, the landscape, the fashions (not so much nowadays), the lilt in the dialect, the cars, the general demeanor of the people,,, it’s all strange to us, but familiar to us as well.

    Watching Dr. Who and Torchwood is (to many of us) like watching something from a parallel universe. And,,,, i’ll go ahead and say it on behalf of many US fans,,,, It’s a universe that seems a bit better than ours. It’s not as plastic, not as fake. Actors and actresses look like real people,, not overly made up ultra tan mannequins with painted white teeth and helmets of synthetic hair.

    It’s a strange thing,, Hollywood, and the US entertainment industry as a whole. Take one of my favorite examples of this, Katy Perry. Many of us liked the girl that couldn’t sing but put so much gumption into her songs, that we couldn’t help but like here. She was pale, a bit out of shape, and looked like some girl you may see in the local shopping center. She gets a bit of success, and she’s suddenly all tone, tanned, and looks like a completely different person. (See for reference Jewel and her transformation).

    I have this theory that once you get a bit of success in Hollywood or the US entertainment industry,, you are taken off and held captive in a vessel,,, then they create a “flesh” copy of you, paint it up, do a bunch of plastic surgery, put in standard ultra white teeth, a few gallons of silicon in the right places and BOOM,,,, an actor/actress/musician. Some where out there, probably in a bunker under rodeo drive is a giant storage silo with Katy, Jewel, and many others in suspended animation. Some day, we need to rescue them.
    But i digress.

    Ummmmm,, Yeah,,, so ummm,, Keep it real, Keep it Welsh.

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