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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

New Torchwood Novels

Torchwood Miracle Day prequels

Plot synopses and cover art for the next three Torchwood reads have been unveiled by BBC books, who will release these prequels to Torchwood: Miracle Day starting this summer, a couple of weeks after the first episode of the upcoming ten-part run is scheduled to air in America.

First Born by James Goss follows fugitives Gwen, Rhys, and their newborn daughter as they hide out in a caravan in a village cheerfully named Rawbone.  Apparently some of the townspeople take “an unhealthy interest” in the baby.  And of course, this being a Torchwood story, there will no doubt be something to do with aliens in there somewhere.  You can find out for yourself on July 21st.

The second story, Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough, which takes place in jolly ol’ Cardiff, seems to feature very few familiar characters, as it centers around a fellow named Tom Cutler, who watches intently as the government excavates the remains of the Torchwood Hub.  It also looks like we may be hearing from one Suzie Costello again… Interesting indeed.  This one will be out on August 4th.

Finally, The Men Who Sold The World by Guy Adams tells the pre-Miracle Day story of CIA agent Rex Matheson experience one of his first encounters with “experimental tech” in the form of imported British cargo marked ‘Torchwood’ that’s been linked to a squad from the CIA Special Activities Division turning rogue and a number of unusual deaths.  Release date: August 18th.

When you try to compare what Torchwood novels have been in the past – the further adventures of an agency “outside the government and beyond the police” – to this lineup, the differences are striking.  These seem to mostly be one-offs with individuals rather than a whole team, and even more intriguingly, there’s no sign of Captain Jack Harkness anywhere.  Without this occasional companion to the Doctor in the mix, it does get a little bit easier to argue that Torchwood is less Doctor Who spinoff and more its own thing these days.

Still, these sound like interesting tales for any of you TorchWhovians out there, and you can pre-order any of the three books from Amazon at their respective links in the paragraphs above for a mere £4.12 (RRP £6.99)!


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2 Responses to New Torchwood Novels

  1. avatar Hyncharas says:

    I’m not entirely sure that the statement you’ve made is true. To me, it sounds as though each of the novels apply to a series of individual, yet interconnected stories tied up with Miracle Day. “Long Time Dead”, especially, could mean either that Suzie is the undead individual in the miniseries or (possibly), Owen Harper if the events of “Exit Wounds” at the Nuclear Plant didn’t kill him.

    It’s also likely that we’re dealing with two distinct sub-plots in the trilogy – the first being fleeting moments throughout each book that point to Jack being around, but not as a central character…

    The second is the possibility that Miracle Day is the continuation of the storyline for a vicious nomadic race called Cell 114.

    • You may well be right, and I’m not saying that Jack isn’t going to be in there, I was just noticing that there wasn’t a single mention of him at all in the full synopses you’ll find by clicking the link in the first paragraph :)

      Also, I say “one-offs” but as you say, there might be more arc-style plotting or connections in some way… I was just trying to point out (while being a bit too tired to think straight) the fact that each of these three books each seem to revolve around different characters, rather than just the single Torchwood team that we’ve been used to in the books up to this point.

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