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Published on June 1st, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Mid Season Finale Gallery

So, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come – the mid-season finale is almost upon us, and the machinations of the evil Madame Kovarian will finally become clear…

If you haven’t yet seen The Almost People, don’t read anymore of this article. We’d hate for you to be spoilered as this looks set to be one of the most spellbinding Doctor Who adventures yet.

The rest of this article features images, synposes and speculation as to what might occur in A Good Man Goes to War, so steer clear of causing yourself any spoiler-related horrors and be patient.

Ok, with that out of the way, the official BBC episode synopsis:

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and the Doctor is raising an army to rescue her as the drama continues. But as he and Rory race across galaxies, calling in long-held debts and solemnly given promises, his enemies are laying a carefully concealed trap.

In her cell in Stormcage, River Song sadly acknowledges that the time has come at last – today will mark the Battle of Demons Run and the Doctor’s darkest hour. Both sides will make their sacrifices and River Song must finally reveal her most closely guarded secret to the Doctor.

The episode kicks off at 6.40 pm on BBC One and BBC HD on Saturday, 4th June, and a week later on BBC America and SPACE in Canada. That’s a 50 minute time-slot, so we reckon things are likely to build up to a big cliffhanger.

First off, image-wise, the obligatory “Rory and the Cybermen” image. Notice the lack of Cybus logos!

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

With Amy kidnapped and pregnant – possible with a child in possession of a “time head”, possibly not – the Doctor and Rory are on their way to find her at the end of The Almost People. We reckon it doesn’t take them too long as most of these images (supplied by the BBC) seem to be taken from the same set…

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Hey, it’s the blue guy again! And a young lady, who may or may not have a familiar name.

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Blimey, he almost blends in with the TARDIS!

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Frances Barber as Madame Kovarian. She’s slightly deranged, we suspect, or certainly bereft of any moral fibre.

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Rory, with a sword, a gun and a Sontaran. So, who is using who?

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Kovarian. Goons. Not sure what the emblems on their caps is…

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Interesting headrest design on the cot. Fit for a time tot?

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

And a spacy-wacy, timey-wimey cot mobile.

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

She must be bad, she has an eye-patch and a thing for thick black attire. Like leather, but not quite.

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Silurians? A future setting perhaps?

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

If the cliffhanger to The Almost People wasn’t mad enough, this one is set to be set in stone for years to come, we reckon. Don’t miss it!



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  1. avatar 23skidoo says:

    There’s another picture circulating showing the “samurai girl” with a Silurian we’ve seen before – also, oddly, armed with a similar sword. This is looking to be a very interesting episode. My only concern is how are they going to fit everything into just 50 minutes?

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