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Published on April 18th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

The Final Curtain Preview

The Classic Whovians at the BBC and 2|entertain have released a few preview clips from The Final Curtain, a DVD extra to accompany the Third Doctor finale Planet of the Spiders, available today.

First, a look at all the factors that led to Jon Pertwee’s departure, featuring discussion from script editor Terrance Dicks and Mike Yates actor Richard Franklin, and posthumous interviews with showrunner Barry Letts and Pertwee himself…

The other two clips see modern Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss relate his experiences as a youngster watching Planet of the Spiders on its first broadcast, and the third one includes insight from Dicks and Pertwee on the emotions running behind the scenes, especially from Pertwee:

Watch the rest of this documentary, and Planet of the Spiders itself by purchasing the DVD on Amazon for just £12.93 (RRP £19.99)!  If you still need a little persuasion, our sterling reviewer James Whittington recently gave his full take on the story and the extras.


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