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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

‘In Print’ Sneak Peek

If you’re not aware that Doctor Who will be back on Saturday, you’ve likely never seen the show, and ended up on this website thanks to some crazy anomaly involving the Master infecting your computer with viruses and spyware and locking you on this page.

But you may not have heard that in addition to the television series, a new Doctor Who webcomic launches this weekend…

In Print, as we’ve previously reported, is a regular three-or-so-panel strip revealing what happens when the Seventh and Eighth Doctors somehow end up crossing timelines and meeting each other that’s been in development over the past few months by the Doctor Who Reprint Society, which incidentally just celebrated its first anniversary.

As the DWRS relates on its website, In Print is unique to the world of Doctor Who webcomics, and webcomics in general, in that it has a purpose other than simply entertaining you; it’s designed to help raise awareness of classic Doctor Who novels and hopefully see them re-released at an affordable price, which is the ultimate goal of the DWRS in all its media.

If you’d like to read a little bit of In Print now and see what it’s all about, you’re in luck – the DWRS has officially published the prelude to the comic!  This is an excellent opportunity to get a sneak peek before its official launch!  Check it out below…

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See what happens next at the DWRS website on Sunday, April 24th, the day after the Doctor Who premiere!

In Print is a joint effort between DWRS founder and writer Alasdair Shaw, and artist Jim Wilkins, who happens to have started a new blog that you should check out!

(thanks to Al)


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