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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

If We Had Time Machines…

One of BBC America’s many methods of promoting Doctor Who Series 6 has been to post online videos of the cast and crew discussing where & when they would go if they had a means of travelling through time.  We showed you Karen Gillan’s response earlier this week, and now we’ve got three more to show you from the production staff…

Steven Moffat, or as we like to refer to him, the Grand Moff, known for his timey-wimey writing, gave a not-very-timey-wimey-at-all answer…

Don’t forget to tell us your time travelling destination!


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Patrick is a temporal hitchhiker who spends most of his time in the future. His favourite Doctor is the Fourteenth. If you're especially lucky, you might even hear him tweet to all you merry folk in the past @10PatrickRiley.

3 Responses to If We Had Time Machines…

  1. The other two clips I mentioned are coming soon!

  2. avatar Carn says:

    I’m still a bit concerned about what the viewing figures will be like. With this weather that plenty other people seem to enjoy being outside in (not me, I frickin’ well hate it and the trouble it’s causing me) and that it’s easter with a lot of people gone away on holiday, will the media take that into account if they start slagging off any lower than usual ratings?

    • The media in general? Doubt it. The BBC? I’m sure they will.

      You’re right, the ratings in general will probably be lower than normal over the next seven episodes, especially if this 6PM broadcast thing keeps up, but watch them soar again when we finally get Doctor Who in the fall again later this year!

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