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Published on March 28th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Neil Gaiman Episode Title (SPOILER)

The title of the Doctor Who episode by fantasy author Neil Gaiman has been revealed – and its pretty cool…

However if you want to remain safe from spoilers – and it’s quite a spoilerific title – you should probably go and play Angry Birds or something.

Revealed on the SFX website, the episode features Suranne Jones (formerly seen in The Sarah Jane Adventures back in 2009) playing a lady called Idris, while renowned actor Michael Sheen also lends his voice.

OK, here’s the bit you want to see/avoid.

Neil Gaiman’s episode is called The Doctor’s Wife.

No obviously that’s quite a title. We’re not going to offer you any hope or dismissal of this – it comes straight from the horse’s mouth (not to suggest that Mr Gaiman is in anyway tractator-like) and as soon as it airs, mor than likely fourth in the series, it will become fact.

So there’s no point you screaming your head off and heading onto a mongboard to type “Doctor Who died for me today” – it’s done, it’s real, it’s enticing and interesting and you know damn well that you’re going to watch it!

(Via SFX)


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4 Responses to Neil Gaiman Episode Title (SPOILER)

  1. avatar Rick says:

    There are times I try to stay away from spoilers but something like this—an actual episode title—would be impossible to stay away from. Besides, we know well, that “The Doctors’ Daughter” wasn’t quite what we expected either so I’ll take the spoiler significance with a grain of salt. I’ll bet it’s a red herring to divert us away from River in some fashion. And if it turns out that it’s his actual past or first wife from his own early days, that’s cool too.

    Also, if it had anything to do with River, the Moff would be writing something so significant.

  2. It’s a fair point, Rick, which is why I haven’t covered it with the usual spoiler stuff :)

  3. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    Thanks for the warning, but it wasn’t too spoilerific.

    Surely this Idris character is River Song, somehow? Or maybe that’s what we’re meant to think.

  4. avatar Leosw4 says:

    I think it could be a ‘thing’ we already know as oppossed to a ‘person’.
    This is shaping up to be a cracking episode and I cant wait.Great writer, great support cast (and great cast as well of course).

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