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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Comic Relief Radio!

We’ve got a LOAD of non-series news to get through today, but one of them (this one) is more important than the others. It’s comic relief week, and people around the country are fundraising to help those less well off than ourselves.

One such person is Cameron McKewan, best known to online fans as Blogtor Who, who will be hosting Aberdeen Student Radio’s online show The Big Mix Grill this evening from 5-7 pm UK time. We’re expecting there to be a tiny bit of a Doctor Who theme to proceedings!

Done in a good cause, for the two hours they’re on air Blogtor and his co~host aim to raise as much money as possible for Comic Relief through the JustGiving page.

Remember that Comic Relief doesn’t just help schemes abroad in third world countries – they also fund good causes in the United Kingdom, something that might become ever more relevant in the coming years as goverment cutbacks lead to the culling of vital services.

You don’t really have an excuse not to listen to at least part of the show, which you will be able to pickup online at or view on You can also show your support by joining the FaceBook page.

Best of luck to Blogtor for this evening, hope it all goes well!


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3 Responses to Comic Relief Radio!

  1. avatar 23skidoo says:

    At the risk of sparking a tangent, has there been any discussion over in the UK about Comic Relief raising funds for Japan? Remember it used to be a fund-raiser for famine relief in Africa, so it wouldn’t be the first time it was aimed at international efforts. The timing is perfect and I’d imagine we’ll be hearing about “concerts for Japan”-style events before long.

  2. avatar 23skidoo says:

    ^ I just realized part of what I just wrote might sound a bit clueless. I’m aware that Comic Relief has always had an international fund-raising element. It just seems recently the image that has been given off is that it’s mostly for the UK (like Children in Need). The point I was making is will Comic Relief’s international funding be channeled in the direction of Japan this year?

  3. Nothing I have heard, although obviously there is a lot of attention being paid to the worst hit areas. I would be surprised if CR didn’t fund cleanup efforts or make cash available to those stranded in some way.

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