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Published on January 21st, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Excerpt – First Eleventh Doc IDW Comic

No, it’s not Time Leech; it’s a different kind of web comic… a story about the physical manifestation of the internet that you can actually hold in your hand!

The upcoming first-ever Doctor Who comic book starring Matt Smith as the Doctor (or at least it would, could Smith turn himself into a cartoon and act silly) sees the eleventh incarnation of a certain PhD-toting Time Lord and his trusty sidekicks Amy and Rory stranded on a planet completely devoid of life but swarming with internet memes.  Entering a cyber-esque world in a science fiction story may sound a bit Tron, but really, it’s not.  But don’t take our word for it; read this eight-page excerpt for yourself!

Upon clicking the above link, you may encounter neglected Facebook invites, holographic spam e-mail, and the Doctor as he gains a new follower.  Yes, in the Twitter sense.  There’s also a superb cliffhanger that may involve a monster or two.

From what we’ve gathered, this story is more than adequate for a comic book – in fact, we wouldn’t mind seeing it televised!

Writer Tony Lee:

“There’s no Norton AntiVirus for the TARDIS.  So the spam e-mails take physical form … people offering amazing offers from far-off kingdoms who just need a chapo like yourself to help them — oh, and your account details of course…. And if it’s destroying your inbox … well, you really shouldn’t be joining those sorts of websites now, should you?”

In other words, watch out for phishing as well.  May not be what you expect, but Rory’ll pick up on it fairly quick, so you’ll be fine!

The 32-page Doctor Who #1 from IDW is available this month, priced $3.99 (about £2.51).


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2 Responses to Excerpt – First Eleventh Doc IDW Comic

  1. avatar Rick says:

    That’s actually a nice DW comic. The writing and art are a notch above the usual you find in the IDW comic as well as DWM. Clear and concise, good storytelling. This is one that I’d actually read.

  2. avatar Carn says:

    Yeah, very nice art with good likenesses. I’m having to order mine online cos I no longer live near a comic shop.

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