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Published on October 23rd, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Torchwood Character Updates

Remember that one show, Torchwood?  It’s easy to forget about these days, what with the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures and the buildup to the next Doctor Who Christmas special and season.  But next summer is closer than we think, and we shouldn’t forget that somewhere in North America, a writers’ room captained by Russell T. Davies continues to construct a blueprint for what may be the grandest Torchwood serial yet!

And Doctor Who Magazine has managed to extract details about the new characters from this mysterious “room.”

You may have already known that Torchwood: The New World will introduce CIA partners Rex Matheson and Esther Katusi, as well as convicted murderer/paedophile Oswald Jones.  But did you know that Oswald is “dangerous and clever,” according to DWM, and will seem to show remorse about his dark past and find himself in the middle of potentially catastrophic happenings?  Did you know that Esther is an optimist and a Christian who has a thing for Rex?  And did you know that Rex is not your lawyer?

Also, word has reached our ears of another new character among the many – Dr. Vera Juarez will become involved, for good or ill, with whatever Jack and Gwen are trying to accomplish.

So go ahead, watch that Death of the Doctor and that Christmas special and that outing with Neil Gaiman, but keep in the back of your mind that this summer, something wicked amazing this way comes in the form of Torchwood: The New World to BBC One or Starz if you live in the UK or the US.

(Via Digital Spy)


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